How do you gear after Defiant?

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Thomasmgp, May 9, 2019.

  1. Thomasmgp Elder

    Even though Im on FV Im finding it hard to find gear for my 80 SK. I was able to get a full set of Solteris Armor at 75 but now I need to start replacing that. Whats the normal gear progression like level 80+? I missed all the expansions from lvls 80-95 so Im extremely lost and no idea where to get gear without just spending a few million in the bazaar.
  2. Chaosflux Augur

    Theres the heros journey stuff, SOD gear, UF gear, or HOT gear, or you can go the TBM route.

    Are you trying to acquire things through the bazaar or get out and get it?

    Each of those requires some kind of progression, depending you may still be able to buy remnants of tranquility in the baz, or you can do the scaled down TBM has for them.

    Theres also doing COTF HAs for Mark's of valor, and then buying gear as you progress through the levels

    Are you doing this with a box team? I havent done anything pre 85 in awhile, but I'd probably just for ease of access lean towards the HA based gearing path myself.
  3. Qbert Gallifreyan

    In addition to the more specific advice above, some general tips that should corral you and others into knowing where to go:

    1a.) Open the map; click zone guide, sort by level - decide where you are in that scheme and attempt zones appropriate to your level range. This same zone guide will also tell you how to get there should the locations be unfamiliar to you.

    1b.) Open the achievement window. The expansions are listed in order on the left margin of that window, which should give you an idea of where to go when you've completed expansion X to your level of interest. Additionally, if you look in the exploration sub-category of the achievement section, the zones are listed in the order you are generally expected to see them/play in them. You can compare and contrast this with the zone guide to see the level ranges for each expansion, if that is not something you already know.

    Most of the gear drops that require you to take additional steps (the eight visible slots) will give you some information on how to do that when you inspect the item and read the lore tab thereon. As noted in the prior post, Call of the Forsaken and The Broken Mirror have some gearing options that cover more level ranges than the limited windows they were released within (non-level cap raising 100 and 105 expansions, respectively).
  4. Alarya Elder

    I would suggest the TBM stuff since it will grow with you until 105 and it's easy enough to collect without spending millions! I too am on the FV server so shoot me a tell sometime and I will help when I can! =)
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  5. Thomasmgp Elder

    Whats the TBM stuff? I hope you arent talking about the Crypt Hunter stuff for 2 reasons. First of all it will be 1000000% impossible for me to acquire even with a 6 box setup as according to ZAM the raw pieces all drop off lvl 105+ Named. Secondly I tried searching in the bazaar for the stuff and found 2 pieces of raw for sale and zero pieces of the SK version for sale. Dont really see how this is an option for gearing as I dont have anyone high enough to get the drops for myself nor is any of it for sale.
  6. Alarya Elder

    Indeed I am, those pieces should be pretty easy to find.... I probably have a set or 2 in my banks somewhere!
  7. Conq Augur

    T1 TBM armor and augments are purchased from vendors using Remnants of Tranquility. Check the bazaar for those. Maybe higher tier armor too, I forget...
  8. Thomasmgp Elder

    Id be willing to buy a set, or 6 lol.
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  9. Alarya Elder

    hmu on FV sometime, I do afk a lot because I have a toddler... however, I will reply when I can! =)
  10. Protagonist Tank

    This is the correct answer. Crypt-Hunter armor will carry you to 105 without issue as long as you update augs, and it's cheap.
  11. Scorrpio Augur

    There is a froglok in PoTranquility next to Quellious, selling base non-class specific TBM armor/jewelry/weapons. Prices are like 5-9 remnants each and items are lvl 70 required/75 recommended. Stats about par with Elegant Defiant, but focus effect are valid to lvl 110.
    These pieces all have type 9, 5 and 6(weapons) aug slots.

    You need to do a quick couple of non-combat quests, and then find a group that can taskadd you to an 'Into the Temple'. A fairly quick and easy one for lvl 110s. After that you can buy augments from vendors near PoHealth center.
    There is also slightly better base TBM gear available for remnants for those who grind faction in Hate or Fear Revisited, but you need a group there. It carries same names as old original planar gear. It carries class specific bonuses.
    And there is crypt-hunter gear that drops off TBM named and in HA chests. A lot of folks camp TBM zones for augs, and usually leave Raw Crypt-Hunter to rot. This stuff is slightly bettter than the above 'new planar'.
    Well, at least its up for grabs on regular servers. I guess in FV you look for it on bazaar.
  12. Protagonist Tank

    Just as a note, if you can't find someone to help - some classes can manage to molo this. It's a fair bit bumpy, but do-able.
  13. Whulfgar Augur

    When I am leveling up another toon. I do not take them put of defiant until 100 then re gear then at 110 as I farm them appropriate augs