How can some be so strong?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Peter_The_great, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Peter_The_great Elder

    Hi all! I'm a new player and I got a Paladin lvl 71 with full Elegant set and maxed my AA (350)
    Critical hit and armor, agility.

    I use buffs.

    Yet I die by lower level monster starting at lvl61..

    I see some players at lower lvl ~65 beating higher lvl 71+ monsters as nothing..alone!

    So is the cap that big between good classes and really bad classes.. Is it worth to trash Paladin and start over as a Necro or Ranger?
  2. forbes77 Elder

    Hi are you killing undeads? or normal trash? i dont play pally but know they strong against undeads :)
  3. forbes77 Elder

    take a look here second post down :)
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  5. Peter_The_great Elder

    I'm in Arcstone, but a restless spirit kills me with 2-3 hits..and my lvl 71 ''undead killing spell'' takes like 1% och their HP's..

    I also uses the Silver weapon spell-thing.. my girlfriends Beastlord at lvl 70 kills undead better then my Paladin..fells kinda ''meh'' that a Paladin is that weak in this game..

    Its a fun game, but I want to enjoy the play not die all the time :D
  6. forbes77 Elder

    what kind of class do you like? and sorry to keep posting when i could post on one go, do a search for (everquest paladin undead leveling guide) and do a lot of reading :) personally when i play a new toon i do all the research reading i can befor playing the class :)
  7. Peter_The_great Elder

    I like those classes that can take a beating and deliver good damage, I thought the Paladin should be a perfect class for me.. not a full tanker but can still stand ground, heal and recover fast.. fast weapon speed and dodge hits.

    As I see it a Cleric is a better pic than a Paladin, both in fighting and as a healer.

    For me if I choose to start over it stand between,

    Necro <--Good caster and tank pets
    Mage <--Best tank pets and highest dps deliver.
    Ranger <---its just cool..I read they can HS (Headshoot)
  8. forbes77 Elder

    i hear from others that a necro/bst combo can work well :)
  9. Quill Augur

    You need real gear starting around 70. Elegant doesn't cut the mustard. You need to get the early TBM quest done so you can buy level appropriate gear with Remnants of Tranquility(which you can buy in the Bazaar), J5 merc open if you haven't already, and you can also use Gribbles missions to get currency to buy gear with. Focus on weaponry first, then start filling in slots.

    If you're trying to play this game with one character, just cancel the sub. You'll need at least two to be effective up through 100, and likely a third to be effective through 110.

    Second box should likely be a Bard so you can slow/mez the mobs and enhance your melee while giving you mana.
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  10. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Please. I see at least 6 classes soloing through 100.

    Necro, Mage, Shaman, Beastlord, Shadow Knight, Enchanter.

    BST + Mage would be unstoppable with Mercs. Could complete most progression through RoS.

    Paladin is widely considered one of the weakest classes in EQ right now, but they offer a lot of utility when geared and played skillfully.
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  11. p8aa Elder

    Weakest class in EQ atm ? lol no. As every class, if you know how to play your class you aren't a weak class, it includes paladins.
  12. Fluid Augur

    Against the grain, you should be OK, something else is going on. Can you go to an older zone so I can get a feel for the problem? Try Splitpaw/Infected Paw in SK. I'm pretty sure I've run a various duo groups in there at about your level and not had a problem. Older zone that was created a while ago so even if you are short on AA's you should do OK even w/o Mercs. Just stay on the top levels as there are a lot of wandering MOBs below. If you can't survive and thrive there, you probably have the AA's in the wrong spots or something.
  13. Monkman Augur

    OP said 350 AA, I have a feeling he’s silver. At 70+ most classes should be breaking 1000 (my fabled rogue has ~2k from auto grant at 75)
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  14. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    Ok so on previous posts you mentioned you were buying one month subscription. That must be how you got 350 AA cause a normal free would only get 250AA.

    So did you earn those AA or did you auto grant? The reason I ask is if you have not auto granted you many want to do that during your paid time as you will keep all the AA you get every time you level. Even if you go back to free.

    Next thing - Have you done the daily from Franklin Teek in POK? I see level 65 is Dunder Fortress of Zek and level 70 is the Hive. Or your server may be different. Get them both and try the level 65 one first and see how you do. Then go do the Hive if you want to although I think I remember something about the Hive having problems on the daily hot zones. These zones give you bonus experience some armor and plat and you might find the hot zone aug. You can do them every day and get bonus exp. Even in the zones a little lower than you are.

    By level 70 many of us have completed the first tier of Dragons of Norrath Progression, which allows all stat caps to increase by 10. There are some other progression tasks which also raise your stats. Iirc Omens? MPG? Those are some zones you may want to check out also. But we did them with groups.

    Don't forget LDON - most people only do those for the hunter /ach but I always run my lower guys thru those - good exp and they will scale to your group - just need 3 - you + a merc + one more or one more and another merc.

    Speaking of mercs - which kind are you using? Healer/tank/caster?

    Keep in mind that at level 75 the game offers a quest to get a J5 merc if your a paid account. This version has to have a group and the mobs are very hard but it is in level 75 zones. So just because the zone says its your level doesn't mean you can solo it.

    The higher version is level 85 again a paid account.

    My pally also sucked around that level. Slowly he got better. Just like ranger headshot is so lame until around level 85 and then it just annihilates the mobs.

    Don't get discouraged - your entering a hell level and don't be ashamed to hunt in a lower zone - just /anon like I do so know one knows my level:D
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  15. Newbasaurus Journeyman

    Hey Peter_the_great,

    What server are you playing on?
  16. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Wouldn't it be great if pallies could buy a "convert to SK" token at the daybreak store? :D
  17. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I don't think any class in EQ is weak. I said widely considered. Part of knowing anything or doing anything in life is knowing. You can make trillions by knowing. Or work a dead end job by not knowing.

    In EQ, knowing how to play a class is fundamental to success. Not knowing results in stagnating at level 71 as a Paladin.

    Ask in General what class is weakest. I predict the most common answer will be Paladins.
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  18. Fluid Augur

    FWIW; I ran a 67 Ranger into Infected Paw with a J1 Tank Merc. The Ranger was on AA auto grant so ~1,000 AAs. The Ranger is pretty much one of my most neglected characters, still wearing Acrylia Armor in about half their slots. This armor was circa the Lucin expansion maybe 15+ years ago! No problems running in Infected Paw killing Blue to Yellow cons with both bow and melee using taunt to hold aggro away from tank. Ranger using DOTs with weapon had no trouble keeping up with healing as all MOBs died before Merc or Ranger got below ~70% health so just healed between fights. The 1,000 AAs in this case just means a lot of stuff a Paladin doesn't need like bow skills are in there which inflates the number a bit.

    It really should be an order of magnitude better for a 71 Paladin wearing the latest, greatest, armor and a real life Shaman healing, buffing, and applying spells to the MOB.
  19. Chaosflux Augur

    If you are dying to single fallen spirits in Arcstone at level 71, you are doing something wrong or not doing something right.

    You say you are maxed AA @ 350, my 70 paladin on Ragefire has 1490.

    Are you missing tanking or healing AA?

    Using Ward of Tunare spell line? This needs to be up all the time.

    Any AC augs? If not you are missing out on a large portion of your ability to solo at these levels effectively, since paladin soloing is largely dependent on sheer resilience.

    If you are on a live server, get the TBM vendor pants and sleeves, preferably a neck and range too. The focus are critical for survival and dps (and you are probably lacking sorely in both those areas)
  20. Quill Augur

    'Seeing' is not the same thing as doing. And even then you're talking simply getting 100(which even then can be sketchy), when in all likelihood you would want both gear and AA to expedite the levelling process, neither of which you're going to effectively solo as you aren't going to be solo'ing HA's, and would need a ton of help getting through Into The Fire (b) so you could buy gear.

    Up through 70, solo'ing is a snap. 70-100 you really need HA's, which ideally means you have a second box. 100+, you could use the third box to be completely stable and generate decent dps.

    Well... No . Almost like someone said you could get along nicely in two box. Even then.. post-100 and up through 110, you can use all the damage you can get, so unless you're pushing it for bragging rights.. I highly suggest a third character.

    But the point was the issues going it solo with one character. If you want to do that, you should go bathe in acid as a way to get clean. Makes as much sense.