How can I change AA settings

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-ixebundy13, May 15, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-ixebundy13 Guest

    I just have reached level 51 and I was wondering how you can adjust the % that goes into aa. Can it be done?
  2. ARCHIVED-BaldBob Guest

    Open your inventory screen, then select the AA tab at bottom, Once in the AA screen, look in upper right corner for a slider bar to set the percentage of experiance you want to go to AA.
  3. ARCHIVED-Zenlatin Guest

    That or press the "V" button.
  4. ARCHIVED-rtenny Guest

    Most people I spoke to found the lvl 51-61 the hardest/longest. So I will wait with AA till I am 61. After I switched to AA when I got lvl 51, nothing happend with my level exp and I would never get out of the 50s.
  5. ARCHIVED-rhugan Guest

    Its not an all or nothing deal. You could set your aaxp to 10% and still earn 90% to your level. I think your on the right track though by waiting untill your 60's. There is a huge difference in how fast you earn aaxp at 60+ compared to 51.
  6. ARCHIVED-Nolrog Guest

    That's true, however, there are some AAs that are extremely valuable, and should be gotten ASAP. If you are a caster, then Mnemonic Retention (9th spell gem) is one that's really useful (costs 3 AAs and has a level 55 requirement.)
    There are also some that are really class defining, that should be considered. One that comes to mind is Endless Quiver for rangers, which allows you to use the best arrows and never run out. There are others for other classes of course.
    There are also some that give you a large boost in power for a relatively small costs. Radiant Cure is an example.
    And of course, the ever popular run 3 AA, because SOW has a tendency to wear off at just the wrong time.
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  7. ARCHIVED-Shortmid Guest

    But to get endless quiver, you'll need 27 AAs
    6 AAs in general
    12 AAs in Archtype
    9 AAs in class
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  8. ARCHIVED-Nolrog Guest

    True. Expensive, but well worth it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Wolvestooth Guest

    If you can afford it, get the Tolan's Bracer that summons arrows. That way (for Rangers) you can work on Archery Master instead (30%,50%,100% damage modifier).
  10. ARCHIVED-Dracthia Guest

    You can also change the percent from the command line.

    /alt on #
    Where the # is the percent you wish to go towards AA exp, for example /alt on 30 will set it to put 30 percent towards the AA exp. This comes in handy when you are in a mission in shroud form as the AA percent slider is not avail while in shroud /MM illusion.
  11. ARCHIVED-Zunnoab-Stromm Guest

    Oh my... thank you!! Every time I get a new AA ability I re-max my buffer into 70 again. Now I can make hotbuttons and bind them to keyboard keys to turn it on and off.
  12. ARCHIVED-Ashenwings Guest

    I chose to put my xp to 10% and 90% AA because I want to pick up some useful AA before I venture into zones I never saw the first time around. Right now I'm root rotting in Karnor's and grouping when I can in Velk's. Working out well.
  13. ARCHIVED-Habesis Guest

    The fun part of that command is that you can set your AA % to something other than 10% increments, 95%, 92% etc. just for fun at least
  14. ARCHIVED-Briatta_TheRathe Guest

    Yeppers, my main is level 70, but only 55% in because most of the time I have her set to 98% to AA.
  15. ARCHIVED-flattopsmr Guest

    Briatta I apologize but I stole your sig for my work email, hope you dont mind. I gave you credit though.

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