How bad is the new TLP server going to suck?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Runes, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Runes Augur

    If there is even going to be one, but bets are greed will win and one will be announced. Jaded part of me thinks they are holding back on any real announcement by now because they do not want to see a lot of complaining threads ahead of time commenting on the anniversary server.

    I think people do like being able to plan a few days off and the posts asking for some time line are valid because a lot of people do work and like to be able to make the starting days on a new server and need some decent time in advance to make work arrangements. I am in that group
  2. Ghost Of Fippy Elder

    There will not be one until at least next year. So you are safe worrying just how bad it will be.
  3. Skuz Augur


    Try survival.

    Game needs to generate profit & the TLP got the game out of a decline into a growth phase, without that kind of income generation happening the game was at a real risk of closure due to finances, look at how many layoffs took place since SoE sold up, now they actually started hiring on a few more people.
  4. Runes Augur

    I said greed because bringing in a new TLP seems to generate a lot of income but there is no guarantee that will be the choice of revenue stream for the anniversary event, it could be marketing items or an event server or a some other idea that generates income.
    I am hoping greed wins out and it's the new TLP server choice.
  5. Fraggly Augur

    Hopefully the NEW TLP will actually be something NEW. Maybe some people would come back if they would stop with the Phinny clone servers, and it wouldn't be the same player base just jumping ship leaving servers practically empty during the same era, over and over and over and over...........of course the income from Krono sales is probably hard to beat with this model.

    Trueboxers can stay with one of the many, many truebox servers. Different style TLP, please. One that can survive the 70 era and doesn't require progression/voting unlocks.
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The boxer server will be dead and the true box server will be a hit among casuals and all the hardcore boxers.

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  7. nostalgia Journeyman

    I am looking forward to a a new tlp with non truebox ragefire/lockjaw are in the boring expansions,i curently dont have eany active accounts but looking forward to activating 6 of them,i always play 6 different classes.
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  8. Nolrog Augur

    How greedy of companies to put out something people will pay for. Apple making new iPhones, GM making new cars, DarkPaw putting out new TLPs. GREED RUN AMOK.
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  9. HoodenShuklak Augur

  10. McJumps Augur

    My prediction is that they will launch at least one new TLP server with MAYBE one unique difference from the last set of TLP servers. This will draw a not insignificant percentage of the population of Selo and Mangler based on where those two servers are currently in the timeline. No matter what they release it will not be a positive thing for the population of either of those servers.

    Most of the other TLPs will be somewhat insulated from the negative effects, but I worry about Mangler because a lot of the people playing there are the die-hard Classic-PoP lovers who enjoy endlessly starting in Classic EQ over and over. This will be near perfect timing for them as they will have just enough time to get bored with PoP assuming a late march release date for the new server(s).

    Some guilds on Selo, unless something has changed, might have a hard time completing SoF in era just because of the way flagging for Crystallos works. If that happens I imagine that will cause at least some people to lose interest in that server and move to the new one. Not to mention the introduction of Mercenaries will coincide with the launch of the new server. I have not yet decided if that will help to keep some people on Selo or if it will drive some away to the new server. Your guess is as good as mine.
  11. SoandsoForumUser Lorekeeper

    I can only speak for my own guild, but I've never heard anyone express interest in a new TLP or doing classic again, every person even speaking on the topic never wants to see <PoP again and seems pretty 'mangler or bust' about it all. I certainly never want to see Lady Nevederia in era again.
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  12. yerm Augur

    People always say they are sick of classic, say they want to see new expansions, say they want longer unlocks to bis before moving on, say they would never go back to (insert phinnt clone) if a new one launched.

    People are liars.

    They will start on classic and not the advanced start. They will quit before seeing new content to do it, and probably quit the next tlp before seeing new stuff too. They will continually be less active the longer into an unlock and potentially take full breaks or quit at the end of an expansion rather than at ones launch. And they will not just jump into the next iteration of the same recipe, most will also then dump piles of real money into the marketplace and/or krono stores too.

    The reason people keep rolling on new tlps is because they want to. If people wanted to stay on mangler (or coirnav or phinny or...) nobody is forcing them to leave. They choose to leave.
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  13. Zansobar Augur

    There is nothing like a new TLP server starting in's just fantastic fun.
  14. Tymeless Augur

    No people will play where the population is. As long as mangler has a healthy population they won't go anywhere. Mangler's population survived WoW classic attrition and everything else and is still extremely healthy. Yes lack of fresh new blood to the server will eventually cause a dwindling of guilds and population but that's more to lack of catch up mechanics and hard to find groups at low levels than because people don't want to see and do new things. But I can honestly say I will not entertain playing on a classic-velious server ever again other than to farm a few krono for myself to have to use on my real server mangler. If mangler goes belly up I'm either moving to live, test, or playing something else. Yes there are alot of people that play for the classic-pop on rinse and repeat but there are alot of people that i'm playing with that this is their first tlp and this is their last tour of eq they aren't stopping in pop for that tour.
  15. Jontrann Augur

    Most of us have already heard the "no one in my guild is playing the new tlp, we have no interest card" and its ALWAYS a lie", so unless they royally screw it up and pull a miragul again your server will die before it hits GoD and thems the facts of life.
  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Mangler is in for a rude awakening. Not only are they hitting the first big cliff, but it's timed perfectly with, presumably, two new TLPs.

    It will probably have the biggest dropoff. Of course it will still have guilds, but with no unique draw it's just another Coirnav destined to flop with no new blood coming in.
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  17. yerm Augur

    This gets said every time. Its also only been worse since phinny, because the people who aren't gonna bail are still there, while many on coirnav and then again on mangler were those people with proven track records of ditching after pop.

    You say you're not willing to do it again but literally suggest you may go farm krono. So you WOULD do it again... for krono. How many people came to mangler just to make krono for their real server coirnav, then stayed?

    I have no doubt there are a bunch of mangler folks who really are first time tlpers, missed the exact same prior launches, and aren't going to quit to jump on a new tlp unless the server truly dies. They are the minority. The bulk of folks, who have done it before? They'll do it again. The people who used to come here bragging about how their successful rl lets them buy krono and not need to nolife? They won't enjoy ldon+ and will bail. The krono armies who rely on those supermodel banging lambo driving rmt spenders? Gone.

    If you expected to play mangler past 70 after that 2nd round of rulesets where they made it phinny 3.0, well, sorry.
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  18. Tymeless Augur

    coirnav died because of its crappy exp rate. nothing more nothing less. yes mangler will see some people jump ship for the new server, others will not but to pretend mangler will die a fiery death is just asinine.
  19. HoodenShuklak Augur

    It's crazy to think THIS is the tlp that will have every player sticking around. It has nothing unique, it's got the worst automated bots we've seen since the first TLP, and its undoubtedly where the classic hoppers are currently playing.

    Its not going to die, but even Lockjaw has raiding guilds so the bar is nearly unattainably low. Keep in mind, Agnarr a pop lock server, took a big hit in LUCLIN when coirnav, the worst exp server, was launched.

    Tlp'ers want classic, not gates, not omens, not ldon...
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  20. Jontrann Augur

    I remember watching legendarychris stream and he was sooooo sure that coirnav wouldn't die out, needless to say he aint streaming eq anymore LUL.
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