How bad did Agnarr drop Phiny population?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by James, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. James Augur

    did phinny take a huge hit in pop drop from Agnarr?
    Thinking of resubbing
  2. NoWay Lorekeeper

    Phinny is in pop for a few months I personally log into for raids and farm on agnarr, when GOD launches population will flow to phinny again.
  3. Nolrog Augur

    Quite a few months. . . .

    Agnarr was not a horrible time for Phini. People who switched will have gotten their toons levelled up on Agnarr and started to raid the same content again that they did not that long ago. Once Gates opens, people will return.
  4. Leftharted Elder

    All speculation, given the fact that DBG doesn't disclose quantity of players.

    Agnarr is king, but phinny is surviving.. Phinny will indeed roller coaster up and down, but never quite reaching as high as it has.

    And then in due time, phinny will be a bit of a graveyard, a new tlp will be announced, and agnarr will begin its slow spiral downward, as phinny has recently begun.
  5. TLP Addict Augur

    Everyone is different. Agnarr obviously took a chunk of population from Phinny but who knows how many will flow back and forth between servers depending on expac unlocks.

    Some are raiding on both servers.
    Some are just here to farm some easy krono to take back to Phinny.
    Some are just here until GoD unlocks on Phinny and will return, some will remain on Agnarr.
    Some people on Agnarr never even played on Phinny.

    Probably a whole bunch of scenarios that I didn't mention because people are individuals after all.
  6. Green_Mage Augur

    I tend to think there is a sizable chunk that just want to play older EQ content and not the new stuff. I seriously doubt anymore than 1/8 of Agnarr is truly here just for a some Kronos for a different server. There are a lot of people just just like playing new TLPs. But I don't really consider that crowd 100% "playing just for some easy krono." I'm sure that is part of the appeal -- but few play this game unless they enjoy it.
  7. Mashef Augur

    Phinny will rebound but hardly like it was. PoP is end of the road for the vast majority. GoD and OoW are fun but after that the game really falls down to 1-3 guilds per server that accomplish anything.
  8. MaxTheLion Augur

    This is all hearsay. The same gibberish we were reading months back. People saying GoD+ sucks and once they were prodded, admitted they had never played the expansions but instead heard it from a friend of a friend that said it was difficult in 2004 and therefor it sucked.
  9. Glowerss Elder

    EHHH I'm gonna go with Max. That's a load of rubbish. The reason why it boils down to 1-3 guilds in later expansions in the past is because there were only ever 1-3 guilds doing end game content, because you know, they'd monopolize all of the content up until that point.

    I'd love for you to point out any other server in the games history that has had 15+ guilds clearing all content in era in each of the expansions.

    Also, I think the game just continues to get better. I'm actually most excited for the level 70-90 eras.
  10. Adonhiram Augur

    Phinny the new Lockfire ? lol
  11. Coppercoz Elder

    I think one difference with Phinny is you have so many people in time gear that moving on to other expansions isn't quite so daunting. Instanced raids certainly helped guilds gear up for time farming. Yes, there will be attrition going forward, but there's a rather large population of well geared toons.

    And, as others have mentioned, we've been in PoP for a long time and LDON is about a month too long. It would've been nice to have GoD drop now.
  12. Finley Augur

    Agnarr brought me back to EQ and back to Phinigel lol.
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  13. Communist Puppy Augur

    It honestly didnt hit phinny that hard interms of population. Most people on phinny are still on phinny, they just play on agnarr to kill time until god opens. There simply isnt much to do once youve been in the content more then 3 months. Looking at what most people who are playing on both, or just agnarr, they are saying, agnarr population is dropping quiet fast compared to previous server populations.

    From the sound of it, a lot of the people who went over there was just to farm some easy kronos in the beginning of the server, the only people who are actually staying over there are a few 6boxers who are going to be doing the raids to sell the raidloot over there.
  14. Moggman Lorekeeper

    GoD launch is in under a month now technically and pretty sure there is 12-15 guilds still downing quarm and ldon raids every week
  15. Adonhiram Augur

    Interesting point you raise for us on Ragefire which isn't yet in LDoN, do major guilds on Phinny do LDoN hard raids on a regular basis ?
  16. -wycca Augur

    There's a ton of LDoN raid spam from all sorts of guilds.
  17. Aegir Elder

    There are some great Focus, Skill and School Mods and AC/weapon/Hp Augs to raid LDoN to build on your EP and Time loot. There are some Visible Armor Slot/BP drops too that may be interesting for Ragefire Guilds to get, as Elemental Planes mold-drops are drastically reduced compared to Phinigel Levels. The LDoN Raids, however, aren't the greatest raidcontent this game has to offer - so you quickly get tunnel-vision as your clear through them.
  18. Moggman Lorekeeper

    my guild does 6 ldon raids every week since LDoN opened, alot of good focus,dmg augs for melee, hp, mana and ac augs and a few decent clickies
  19. Adonhiram Augur

    Thanks guys. Obviously I was having wet dreams about the Ritual Summoning augment, so it might be an option before GoD to have a RS focused pet ;)
  20. Lankie Elder

    I can't speak for the population regarding xp grinding / standing around in PoTranq waiting for raids. But, I checked every guilds DKP page, on average, and grand total of 0 players (raiders) moved from Phinny to Agnarr.

    The ones that moved from Phinny are most likely the ones that couldn't keep up with levelling to reach raid requirements (casuals).

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