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  1. SunDrake Augur

    It will be ready in time. Perhaps just not the time you were hoping for. Kudos to them for saying we don't have to put something out just to shut people up. Let them play WoW or whatever they are threatening to do. This gives them time to focus on the game instead. They're even saying that they plan on working on server merges? Approve.
  2. Duality Elder

    Hope the server merges turn out well. Is it for both live and TLP servers?
  3. a_librarian Augur

    The right time is Feb/March because fewer casual people want to degen out in MMOs during Summer months. They're leaving money on the table by delaying and most likely it's a technical issue
  4. Runes Augur

    Which one is at Classic still with no one above 50?

    I'm there because Pantheon is trolling worst than DPG.
  5. Zansobar Augur

    Yeah this is super important - they need to merge most of the older TLPs together to reduce the clutter...and multiple Live servers should also be merged to make room for more TLP goodness!
  6. Bard2019 Elder

    you realize it would be an absolute nightmare of a server, right? have you played a TLP? Do you understand how toxic it can be with camping things that aren't tradeable? Now imagine EVERYTHING is tradeable? Bam, box armies sitting on every spawn, everywhere, not just the handful of top selling items, but everything. Classic doesn't have enough other stuff to do for that sort of behavior and pick zones only benefit the boxers as they can now sit on multiple spawns.
  7. Zansobar Augur

    Supply of items would be vastly increased in the economy (since now they are tradeable) which pushes the prices down immensely. Once you get an item you don't have to farm it for your alt so it makes alt-itis less than a fatal disease.
  8. ImaginaryFriend New Member

    While I approve, more or less, what they are doing in general, I feel Dreamweaver could have just come out and said "not for a while" instead of dragging this thread on knowing people were looking into it because they were hoping for one in the next month timeframe.
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  9. wade_watts Elder

    ^ this entirely. Instead of it being a funny lead on, it was just annoying disappointment. I gotta imagine that Dreamweaver isn't really part of the conversations (which seems likely since it was mentioned "not today" again and an hour later Holly posted her letter), or, maybe they planned to do it last week but underestimated the technical competencies they lost in the migration of DBG > DPG and they need to rebuild. Either way, just frustrating.

    Big win for the current subscribers. Big loss for all those ready to resub.
  10. oldkracow Augur

    It's coming out 2nd or 3rd week of May....

    Cya on the new tlp long as the rules are decent enough.
  11. Gherig Augur

    Time for this thread to end. I dread the next 3-4 months being terrorized by the TLP pvp minority who just dont get it.
  12. Dritz New Member

    This is like waking up Christmas morning and finding a lump of coal in your stocking.
  13. Mink Journeyman

    Are you blind? Every cash camp on Mangler was camped 24/7 by boxers and there is no FV loot.
    If you not like FV loot don't play on server, stay on your server you like.

    Big win for Mangler ppl, and big loss for us who want new tlp server.
    Very strange attitude to their customers..
    I don't like 85+ content, so just need to wait another 3-4 month playing wow classic (I not really like wow, but I have no choices). Anyway maybe its good and I can finally leave EQ :)
  14. Paincake Elder

    See? THIS is what I was talking about, but some of you would rather berate someone for "not liking" the "lead-on". And that's exactly what this was, a false hype generating thread. It's kindof like Bethesda teasing ES6, but then saying..."it's a LONG way off". From an ADULT perspective, it's a waste of time. From a childish, fanboy perspective, it's all cheers, and company what we have here in this thread.

    As I mentioned earlier, some of us like to plan ahead. If there is nothing new on the horizon (like soon, not 3-6 months out), then we can make other plans. Such as diving deep into another game, investing time. Or jumping back into EQ on the previously released TLP and again....diving deep into it. Some of us would rather not waste the time that these mmo's require, just to say goodbye to it when the new TLP releases (previously hoping it was "soon"). But rather, knowing the new TLP was to drop within a month's time, one could decide much easier spend the remaining time doing other things/games/etc.

    Because we know for a fact...that when the new TLP does in fact release, it's going to be sucking up some serious time for those dedicated.
  15. Dulu Augur

  16. Dahaman Augur

    THIS is exciting news! This is perhaps the greatest thing that the TLP crowd could have hoped for and I don't think a lot of people get that. Let's just examine what "tech" and "overall game health" could mean.

    The biggest gripe of Mangler is the blatant botters. "Why doesn't DPG do something about the botters?" "It is so evident and nothing is ever done!" Etc. Ad nauseum. It certainly sounds like some "tech" is being looked into to help the "overall game health", which sounds like botting is being targeted for curbing. Fantastic!

    Adding "tech" could also potentially be to add beastlords and berserkers to classic. That would make for a NICE ruleset rounding out. That could be on the table. Many people would love that.

    A whole new XP rate mechanic, a self driven expansion unlocking paradigm, a character TLP server jumping (forward) ability, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg on "tech" ideas.

    Personally, I hope for a TLP style Hero's Journey "tech" addition that adds some really interesting lore quests and tasks for the solo and group game so people have the option to do other things on TLPs in old zones, etc. That would be awesome!

    What "tech" would you want to add?

    THAT is scary news!

    The TLPs are mostly different beasts. There are a few that are similar enough to merge, but the rest will destroy the foundation for many characters and servers.

    Ragefire and Lockjaw seems like the easy server merger and have had merger events in the past.

    Phinny absorbing Fippy and/or Miragul seems semi decent, so long as Phinny is on the same expansion or one ahead of Fippy.

    The rest sound like mixing oil and water.

    The "lower pop" servers being absorbed into "greater pop" servers would make the most sense. Coirnav is a lower pop, so let's take that as an example. Coirnav would either get merged up to Phinny or down to Mangler. Both actions would destroy the 2 years of efforts of playing on the server. The other option would be to merge Coirnav into Ragefire/Lockjaw, making it non truebrox (good), jumping it 1 or 2 expansion (bad) and turning it into 6-month unlocks (disaster).

  17. Ninita New Member

    I would join a tlp server if they made it true boxing but it requires every one to sign up with a government id, it also requires a 60 dollar purchase and 20 a month no cash shop, and no kronor. The payment source must be linked to a post paid cell phone number, or a land line home phone verified by the Id.

    People could also initiate a reset on the server to start again at a certain expansion if 90 percent of the players agree with the vote.

    If you are caught cheating you are IP banned, government I'd banned, and your first name linked to your characters name get posted on thier front page as a cheater. There would also be GMs who are paid to monitor cheating 24 7 in shifts. These gms are not allowed to play the game as a player on the server ever.

    That would definitely show who's cheating or not haha. I bet the tlp I want would be low population since it is my opinion 90 percent of you cheat anyways.
  18. Duality Elder

    Phinny + Rage + Lock + Brekt
    Coir + Mangler + Agnarr
    Selo + Miragul

  19. Dahaman Augur

    Two Options here:

    1. They coalesce to Mangler (which will be approximately LDON), in which Coirnav characters are demoted to level 65 and lose AAs or they are simply restricted from logging in until the merged server hits... DODH? TSS? And Coirnav folks lose a year playing thru content they were enjoying.

    2. They coalesce to Coirnav (which will be approximately TSS), in which Mangler folks would suddenly miss out on good Gates, Omens, and DODH progression.

    Either option would make people righteously and rightfully angry for little to no good reasons.

  20. Creedmonk Augur

    Disappointing to say the least. A lot of us look forward to that restart each March. One can only hope it's due to them working on the next sequel to the Everquest franchise?

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