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  1. Tsolaes Elder

    After Part 4 of my Housing series, a few people commented that they enjoyed the final montage of other people's creations, but that it went by too fast. It was suggested that I make an additional video with all my Housing pictures, as a sort of extended scene to the series. I went back, dug through my thousands of EQ pics, and included every Housing image I ever saved. Then I made new montage at a slower pace, in chronological order from when Housing was new in 2010 to my most recent plot a few days ago. It contains some of the same images as before, as well as lots of others I had to cut out of the Housing series due to time/quality, plus additional glitches and contest pics I took for the EQResource. Enjoy!

    I used a better video editor, so hopefully the images have a higher quality. I didn't record any commentary, mostly since its a pain to record and edit my voice, but also I've pretty much said all I can about Housing. One comment I'll say is that the house with the dwarf children in masks amid what seems to be a murder scene, was one of the most creatively disturbing plots I've ever seen! The final plot at the end is my "Retirement" house, as I was finally able to secure the "Good Lake" in our Housing zone after 10 years of other people living there.

    If you missed the "Is Housing Dead?" series, be sure to check it out here!


    Or if you'd like to see the Fear House event in action, have a look here!

  2. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I love housing its the only place i can do tradeskills and hit the all button and it will actually keep going unlike other zones were its so random. Plus i can let me mounts roam free its great!

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  3. Ranger Dave Lorekeeper

    Very impressive and inspiring. I really enjoy building and decorating my lots. I built one lot into a castle like several in the video. I built a hedge maze on one, with the house floating over head, and the other is just a country estate layout with stables for my mounts. I do think I've done a good job decorating, but some of the layouts in your video definitely make mine look kinda plain. If anyone would like to check them out they are 106, 107, and 108 Park Circle, Cedar Country Hollows on FV.
    I'd love to see a "House and garden" forum for people to share screen shots of their properties and discuss decorating ideas.

    Ranger Dave
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  4. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    have to check it out oneday im on fv.

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  5. Kalabourene New Member

    I loved these videos. I love housing.
    If there are any neighborhoods in FV with active decorators with open lots (1 guild, MAYBE 1 or 2 house) that would welcome me, id love to participate.
  6. Tsolaes Elder

    Thanks for the compliments! Andarriel, it certainly is nice to give our pets and mounts a place to be free! I'll have to stop by your Park sometime, Ranger Dave! I'm on FV as well, in Spruce Bridge Hollows. There was once a Housing forum, but since its not very important to the company, they shut that forum down years ago. Kalabourene, we've got a few plots left in our lands if you would like to grab a plot in one of the best neighborhoods around! Sadly I have taken over 3 of the Guild plots, I used to own the 4th but lost it due to the Great Rollback bug. Someone else grabbed it but it may be available at some point.
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  7. Sheebea Lorekeeper

    See my house on the Rathe. Balrogk. It won 1st place 3x back in the day.
  8. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Was that burning dog poop on someone's front steps I saw?? 1:45 in lol
  9. Vlad Diszno Augur

    nice montage, and to think that those shown here are just the tip of the iceberg of what is/was out there
  10. Tsolaes Elder

    Thanks Vlad! Yes, Jhenna, that was dog poop lol. I think I saw another plot once with a similar set up, and they had some dwarf kids peeking from bushes nearby. I love a good plot that is built into a.. plot!

    I stopped by some houses mentioned here, all very creative and fun to explore!



    Andarriel, I searched for your plot but I didn't see your name on FV's list. Do you own a plot under another name?
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  11. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Oh yea im sorry i actually share a plot with my ranger saitton so look him up ive added some trophies to the yard fiery axe and few others. whats weird is i was just using the house next door for a achievement when i said this is a cool place so put a plot down. i working on eok next so in time a rhino will be roaming my yard :) down to last eok hunter and those green aoe mobs really are a pain.
  12. Tsolaes Elder

    Hey Andarriel, I stopped by your plot to hang with your animals. I wanted to take a nap under the Wayfarer's Tent (since I am a Wayfarer's Elite) but even when I shrunk down, I still couldn't fit!


  13. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    LOL im sorry i shrunk that stuff down it can actually be pretty big hehe nothing major but i put stuff here and there. Now next door different story lol.


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