Housing: Brass Palace/Palace of Embers

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  1. Ecchicon Elder

    It’s been quite a while since new housing options were offered (TDS?). I wonder if it is too time consuming, because it strikes me as the type of thing that players would purchase in a CE package or on the Marketplace.

    For example, The Palace of Embers / Brass Palace layout seems like quite a good option, but is it simply too time intensive? I’m not forgetting past expansions either, but I assume that ship has sailed. Sections of Gorowyn, Kor Sha Lab, and certainly others would have certainly been interesting. Did I forget anything? I guess TBM had many simple yet viable housing designs.

    I wonder how the devs look at these types of things currently. I certainly know they are being pulled in a lot of directions.

    What you all like to see if new housing options were offered?
  2. Rylak Elder

    The marketplace could be a gold mine for DBG if they ever decided to put any effort behind it.

    Just a few ideas listed below:
    - Housing decorations to match current content (like OP states)
    - increase heritage crate turnover as people chase mounts and illusions to every 2 months. Add an option to "buy all" to avoid RNG to gold subscribers (people not on krono)
    - bring back rare fanfare illusions and ornaments. Again people would pay through the nose for these.
    - buyable rechargers for powersources
    - update the heroic character options
    - fix account transfers
    - buyable non-class capability (invisible, gate, etc.) - this cant be considered game breaking anymore

    I'm sure we think of more.

    If more effort was put into the marketplace and microtransactions, DBG wouldn't need to rely on lifetime memberships bubbles to meet yearly revenue targets.

    Investing in the idea generator and programming resource will pay for itself 10 times over
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  3. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    ^this especially
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  4. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Arbitrary and dumb (and I've only used a Krono once, to sub, and that was when I was playing EQ2, cause they were cheap to buy there, for a while).

    Who cares how they got their Krono? All-access is all-access
  5. Phancy Elder

    I am always up for housing items. We need contests though so I know who's houses to snoop out!
  6. Brohg Augur

    yes please
  7. Bobokin Augur

    Considering that half the three room houses don't even have a matching interior, I have my doubts if DBG has even looked at this for EQ. That is a mistake.

    The devs for EQ2 have done better, but they are asking far too much for housing. It is a shame because that is a huge draw for players of that game.
  8. Buri Augur

    LOTRO did a nice job with the housing too, but you pretty much have to play regularly in order to earn enough gold to pay the rent. It sucks to come back after a year or so of not playing, and your house is GONE with everything in it.
  9. Kompacte_of_Test Journeyman

    I wish they would bring back contests, too! I just finished a complete, 71 plot + guild hall development of Adamant Village on Test...come check it out sometime!
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  10. Vlad Diszno Augur

    It is disappointing that they have stopped giving houses with CE of expansions. That certainly was the draw for me to buy CE’s. Kinda wish I had bought more than 3 of the CE that gave the bixie house, I ended up borrowing more of those houses from guildies that didn’t use them. It would be hard to resist the temptation to buy more, if ever available.

    Wonder when/if they will bring out some of the Marketplace stuff from the vault. It has been sealed quite a while and newer decorators are missing out on some stuff. A few items were a bit pricey, but there was also some nice stuff.

    contest or no, I hope to open the doors of my Cavern Cinema around anniversary time. Just gotta whip the workers more to speed them up and make them more efficent with item space. So you might have at least one place to snoop out.
  11. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    The Hermits Hideaway has popped up in baz for sale. I got 1 when redeeming my monthly $5 bonus and took the card pack that gives you 2 prizes. They could do something like that for those of use who were not playing at the time when the collector's edition item was released. But on the flip side, I totally understand those who paid extra for that item by purchasing the collectors edition would feel slighted if it were offered up now.