Housing and Storage?

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    Hi all,
    Ok I am a bit confused about storage space in general when it comes to housing. In my guild hall we have the "guild banker" where I can store stuff for everyone. Check.
    I also have the regular banker which gives me access to all my stuffs but can also be found outside the guild hall etc. Check.

    I have so much tradeskill stuff that it's spread around 20 alts. I now have my own house. For a VERY stupid question, how do I store stuff in my house? Do I just DROP stuff on the floor? Are there "storage" crates? What the heck is a vault? I can see I have 0/300 available. Where is the vault? Can I search this vault? I know I can buy a crate yet when I try to place it is glows red. Can I only place "placeable" items which I would normally just stick them to the wall as a decoration? I know I am missing something. If I have 100000's of tradeskill items, is there a way to place them, deposit them somewhere where I can easily retrieve them?
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    Yeah... you don't. Use the banker / guild banker.
  3. Gialana Augur

    I'm sure you already know some of what I'll put in this post, but I'll still try to be thorough.

    Vault is the generic name for non-placeable storage, I believe. I'm not looking at the neighborhood inventory window now, so I'm not positive about the specific names. However, you open up that window (while standing in your plot or house) and then click on an item in your regular inventory. If the item is placeable, several options at the bottom of your neighborhood inventory window will colorize, including "place" and "closet" (if you have a house placed). If you click "place", it will open up the placing interface.

    If you click on an item that isn't placeable, then "closet" should colorize. When you click on that, the item will be moved to the neighborhood inventory window (listed alphabetically), and the number next to "valut" will increase by 1 unless the item you stored joined an existing stack. If the item you click in your regular inventory is in a stack, then you'll be asked how many you want to move after you click "closet." Alternatively, you can hold down Ctrl when you click "closet" to move 1 item from the stack, or you can hold down Shift when you click to move the entire stack.

    The crates you can buy in Sunrise Hills don't increase the number of non-placeable items you can have in your plot. The only storage crates I know of that increase the number of non-placeable items are the Fearslayer's Storage Crate and the Scalebreaker's Storage crate. Both of those are achievement rewards. Both increase your storage by 500, but only 100 can be non-placeable for the Fearslayer's, and only 200 can be non-placeable for the Scalebreaker's. If you have one of these placed in your plot, then you can put items into it through the "crate" button on the neighborhood inventory window.
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    When you click "show all Items"(or whatever it is called), there are several icons on the bottom of the menu(vault, crate, etc), you can drag items to those icons for different categories of "storage".

    Finding all the collectibles in RoS will reward you with a size 500 storage crate: https://achievements.eqresource.com/achievements.php?id=25000000
    There are probably others too...

    Vault is where you can put all the non-placeable items, but vault-size depends on what house you have, I think.

    Edit: Found this handy guide https://everquest.fanra.info/wiki/Player_housing :cool:
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    While you're standing on your plot, hit Shift + i to bring up the inventory window.
  6. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Your crate turns red cause you can only place one per plot/house. Or it could be its too close to the space the house takes up

    That is why I don't bother with crates. That and some charge plat for upkeep

    Just buy another house from the loyalty merchant (those houses will not charge rent) and place it on another plot. Since you do have to pay plot rent then you can buy bags of doubloons from loyalty merchant and use those to pay plot rent. You can own 3 plots but as many houses as you want. And the only thing that is good for is if you have a lot of loyalty points on one character to buy the houses with and then to put them on another characters plots.

    This might explain stuff easier.

    Go to your plot. Stand on plot - you do not need to enter house.

    Go to EQ button - real estate - items (this will bring up the house inventory screen and your character inventory screen all at once)

    Open one of your bags on your character inventory and left click the item you want to put in your house.

    At the bottom of the house window the "closet" will light up - click closet and it puts that item in your house.

    If placeable lights up then you can place that item on lawn or in house. You would pick up the item from your inventory and move it around where you want it.

    You can pay for upkeep with dubloons you purchase thru loyalty also. EQ - real estate manage - escrow and change the drop down to dubloons. This is a cheap way to keep up a lot of houses.

    Many of us have a LOT of houses/alts.
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    Thank you all so much for this. I SHOULD have read the Fanra's info first, had I any sense. I actually DO have the collections done for ROS and have that stupid storage crate.... which was sitting in my inventory somewhere. ARG. I am now happily figuring this out. Once again, thank you.

    How I did NOT figure out the "closet" feature is beyond me.