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    is there a chance we are getting new houses? like bixie, hermit, the tree and the boat houses? by my estimation there hasn't been one since 2014, is there a reason why we haven't gotten any cool houses in expansions since then?
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    Totally agree we need new houses.

    I had proposed an Igloo type house for COV (frozen land) and a space craft saucer type house for the TOL (moon and all that). They went no where.

    It would only involve changing the skin on the outside of a current house. Like Bixie hive is already in the shape of a flying saucer and Hermit could easily have been the Igloo.

    But, alas we are the red headed step children for housing in the Everquest realm

    I think the problem is the louder whiners whined against more housing rewards so now all we get are weapon ornaments. So us housing folk need to speak up!!!
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    i would enjoy the igloo, i bought the snow floors and walls and turned my property into a snowy wasteland xD i love winter maps
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    I returned to the game in 2020 after leaving in the late 00s. I played EQ2 in the interim (as well as a few other MMOGs). I am still friends with many of the housing community of EQ2 and have friends actively playing. It drives me nuts to see how badly the housing in EQ was abandoned after it was started. Five expansions there were additions to the housing and placeables added to the game then... the tiniest of tiny trickles to absolute nothing. Well, not absolutely nothing, each year there are the small handful of placeable travel items added with the heritage crates, a painting and travel item (or two) placeables added with the expansion, and then only items that can be used in other ways, mounts, familiars, and weapon slots. No "furniture", no seasonal decorations, just less than a dozen items.

    Meantime, in EQ2, there are at least a dozen new items added for every event and for the expansion, and even a few items added every few years for the two monthly mini-events. Many of these are just re-colouring or re-texturing, so why couldn't that be done in EQ at the very very least? They could be an optional reward for something (with the Excavator flag) in addition to the normal reward so someone who doesn't want them can just not take them. Or they could take them and sell them for plat or whatever.

    While I would love new houses, I would love to have simple things a lot more, like a wider selection of tiles and preferably not all on the Marketplace. While it doesn't change the interior floor plan so much, it is possible to change the exterior look with what we have now. So much more so if we had more tiles and other things to work with.
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    Yeah, the tiles are pretty limited. I like using Bulwark of Many Portals for the windows. They look like shutters.
  6. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    Because EQ1 players tend to be "whales" who will spend $100 to buy some ten year old expansion they missed just to get a house or whatever when it becomes available for a month, for fear of missing out for another ten years. If they already had 20 houses they like they wouldn't do that.
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    They were only $50 each one for those collectors edition they brought out again for the Bixie Hive and The Wayward Lady and Evantil's Abode. Not hardly a whale considering what others spend in the game.
  8. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    I said EQ players tend to be whales, not that the people who bought those houses tend to be whales. The expansions were split into 2 pieces that added to around $100, you're technically correct that you only had to buy half the expansion to get the houses I think , I didn't bother.
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    Glad to see a somewhat recent housing thread...I'm not on the fourms enough but I always search for housing threads when I do visit. I would love to check out any of your builds if you respond with your address...and of course invite you to visit the Adamant Villages on the Test server!

    I would love to see a new special house, and the suggestion of a UFO or an igloo sounds great to me!