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  1. shroomie Elder

    Put me on ignore then. This is the bugs section and I will post as often as I want. DB has bungled their response to this and they need to be hammered until we get our items back. I started nice but a month is absurd and inexcusable. I suggest those effected post, petition, and ticket often until action is taken. By their upvote system, DB has implicitly admitted that the more attention bugs get the faster action is taken. MAKE SOME NOISE.
  2. Nennius Curmudgeon

    A month to fix this is a really long time. I don't what's involved though.
  3. shroomie Elder

    If it’s complicated, all the need to do is COMMUNICATE. Haven’t heard squat from them in weeks to my tickets.
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  4. shroomie Elder

    Was reading some old posts about a missing house issue in 2017. Some wrote it took 8 months (!!!) for them to get their stuff back. Predictably same issues then as now—no updates, communication, nothing. Just total radio silence. DB we have been patient, but instead of focusing on fixing Franklin Teek typos how about making this a priority issue?
  5. Draeya New Member

    Exactly. They could be working on this issue and we'd never know it. Silence on their Part doesn't make them look good, and as I said in a previous post, is pretty bad from a customer service standpoint (or something to that effect). Any inquiries on my own ticket have been ignored, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. The point is, how are we to know? We don't. From our perspective, it looks like this is being swept under the rug and we're being ignored. We just want to know what tf is going on.
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  6. Symbius Augur

    Finally heard back from them on mine (after a month) and they claimed it was fixed in the patch. Logged in and all items still missing.

    GM obviously didn't even check to see if any of the missing items in my house were on my character. Pretty pathetic CS. Hopefully others got some or all of their stuff back if the patch was supposed to actually fix something.
  7. Draeya New Member

    Yeah, same here. :( Got my hopes up for nothing.
  8. shroomie Elder

    Items returned! Just received an in-game notice that hundreds of items were added to my item overflow. Check /itemoverflow in game to see if your things have also been returned. Tomorrow I will check to see if anything still missing. Finally! Thank you DB!

    Only now I can't place my house because it says there already is one on the plot...
  9. shroomie Elder

    What the heck I just hit "move out" and rebought the plot. Guess what--crate is empty! Everything gone again! ARRGGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHHHHHh
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  10. Cideral Lorekeeper

    check your item overflows
  11. shroomie Elder

    Nope, now it's a new problem entirely. Response to EQ ticket:

    "No. It's still broken. I will explain. Last patch, all my yard items and some vault items vanished (about 270 items). However, my real estate still showed my house items there -- about 470 items. Problem is since the house is a yard item that was now missing, there was no way to go in to see my house items. So yesterday, the missing 270 items were returned. Great, right? Sort of. It wouldn't let me place a house because it incorrectly said the plot already had a house. It wouldn't let me place a moving crate, because it said the plot already had a moving crate. I figured, "ok, I'll just move out, and all my stuff should be in a crate in my inventory!" Well I moved out but guess what: nothing went into my inventory. Now the 470-odd items that were not missing first time around went POOF into the ether. It's probably easier for you to just look at the logs than for we to explain this."
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'll pass this on.

    I do not have an ETA for you. We may not communicate here, it may instead simply be a fix.
  13. Thomaz New Member

    While putting stuff into my house it disappeared right in front of me. I was able to use find item search and look for "domicile" and it still showed as being in the plot. I right clicked on the house and the house inventory page opened. I put it into inventory and placed it again. All the items were still there.

  14. shroomie Elder

    House still gone. They closed my ticket claiming it was fixed. Unbelievabe. This is outrageous. I've given DB 48 hours to return my items or I want a refund on my all access membership--never another dime if they don't deliver. 5 weeks the limit of my patience. Feel like a fool for bothering to return to this game. Stunningly terrible customer service.



    Way to turn a loyalist into a disgusted customer, DB.
  15. shroomie Elder

    consider yourself lucky. I've been fighting with these guys for 5 weeks. They keep closing tickets despite doing jack squat.
  16. shroomie Elder

    I can help you there--- ETA is apparently "never" based on what I've seen so far. Why exactly is this so bloody difficult, anyway?
  17. shroomie Elder

    2 months, nothing. This is garbage. Biggest mistake I ever made coming back to this S#it show.

    Now I remember why I quit years ago.

  18. haaaalp Augur

    making threats is surefire way NOT to get help
  19. Encephalitis New Member

    Dibs on gear
  20. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    That's right, if the dev's get the slightest hint you're threatening, they will refuse to do anything just to spite you, the actual issue and others potentially affected be damned! :rolleyes:

    Reading Comprehension FTW?? :p