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  1. shroomie Elder

    Not sure why they can’t just give back our houses as they were immediately before the patch that took them away. It is a pretty serious unintended consequence of the patch. I lost many many hours and hundreds of thousands of plat spent on designing my house.
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  2. Nennius Curmudgeon

    A good question. I would suppose (having no actual evidence) that it has something to do with how the data on housing is stored and used. I seems that there is not a sort of folder in their system labeled something like "Shroomie House". If there was I would think it would be fairly easy. Hope it gets put right soon.
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  3. shroomie Elder

    They could ask if we have layout files, which I believe are stored locally. Maybe they are worried those could be manipulated.
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  4. Nennius Curmudgeon

    If it can be manipulated, it probably has been. You may well be right. In any case, given the number of times folks have lost stuff from their houses a change in how data is stored and managed would seem in order. Even if only to lessen the workload for the DPG staff when things are lost.
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  5. shroomie Elder

    Interestingly, I was camped in my house when the servers came back online after the patch. I logged in and was in my house. Some of the latest items I added were not there... like a rollback. But then when I exited my house, I was in my empty yard. With no sign of the house any more. Strange.
  6. shroomie Elder

    Dear DB, it has been two weeks. Can I please have my house back? Thank you.
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  7. Elthorien Elder

    not having my trophies is killing me
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  8. shroomie Elder

    Some good news, DB was able to resolve my billing issue (account was wrong country/currency) so was able to go All Access! Now just waiting for house to be restored. Step by step!

    Edit: although I see it's not showing AA under my name but I logged into the game and it is indeed working.
  9. Madar New Member

    Same here.
  10. Symbius Augur

    This is getting pretty ridiculous. 2 weeks now with an Open ticket and nothing.
  11. shroomie Elder

    3 weeks since this issue began. House still gone. No update for you guys.
  12. Draeya New Member

    Gotta say, public relations on this has been kind of crappy. I doubt any of us expects an individualized response, but some kind of public update as to what's going on would be nice at this point... It's been three weeks since this happened and very little has been said. I'm sure I'm not the only one that can't get a status or whatever on our ticket when we ask about it, and it's getting more than a little annoying. A lot of us have characters that we can't or don't want to play now, because of those missing housing items (especially if you're missing trophies), for fear of them being messed up further once all of this is over and done with (ie characters rolled back).

    Seriously, can you give us anything?
  13. Amaryah4 New Member

    Totally understand that this is a pretty complex issue. Seems when digging through housing files the day before yesterday that the only thing clearly laid out in my log files is the actual placed items in the housing plots and not the items stored in houses. That said, it's still pretty frustrating to have millions of plat worth of tradeskill items, spell gems, pre-made muhbises, ornaments etc tied up in missing houses with zero response from tech support. A simple "hey, we care and are still working on this" would be very much appreciated.
  14. shroomie Elder

    My optimism is waning fast. My guess is everything is gone. Now devs are trying to decide what to give those affected to make us forget about it. Well, I had items in my real estate that are irreplaceable and I highly doubt I can ever find again. So my price is 100 million platinum. Sorry, but that's what it's worth to me. And just like in the real world, value is subjective. If someone isn't willing to pay what you think your property is worth, you don't sell. And I wouldn't sell for anything less. A lot of this value is tied to the real world TIME I spent organizing, arranging, and making it just how I want. And that time is worth more than any pixels and I do not relish the idea of re-making it from scratch (even assuming I can replace what was lost).

    So, DB 100 million plat or re-instate my house. Then you may close the ticket with my blessing.
  15. haaaalp Augur

    100m plat lol. You'll get nothing and live with it.
  16. shroomie Elder

    You are correct lol. I was being tongue in cheek. Just want my house back!

    I think the point of several people posting in this thread is if DB would invest 30 seconds every few days to provide an update, it would go a long way.
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  17. Draeya New Member

    Exactly. And we're not getting that, which is what's so aggravating to most of us.
  18. shroomie Elder

    In 2 days it will be ONE MONTH since we lost our real estate. Unbelievable.
  19. shroomie Elder

    Tomorrow it’ll one month since our real estate went poof due to August’s patch. Really disappointed to not see this addressed in this month’s patch notes. Very frustrating.
  20. haaaalp Augur

    We get it. You don't have to remind us every single day.