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  1. shroomie Elder

    Nice patch lol. Everything gone. Saved layouts not loading. 4 hours working on house yesterday and spending a lot on items. I guess that's the end of that.
  2. shroomie Elder

    Good news, I'm missing stuff that I've had for weeks/months. Not even in inventory anymore. Clearly an issue with today's patch that will be fixed soon.
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  3. Aaikan Journeyman

    Umm.. Anyone seen my chars anywhere..? All gone...
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  4. shroomie Elder

    No worries they just took some servers down undoubtedly to fix these issues. Good luck!
  5. shroomie Elder

    Happy servers are back up. Appreciate it when my house and yard can be restored now lol
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  6. Utilladar New Member

    Also missing characters. Whassup?
  7. shroomie Elder

    What server?
  8. niente Developer

    Missing characters should be back. You may have to relog if you don't see them. If you're still missing characters you can post here or send me a PM.

    Not sure about missing real estate yet (need to gather info). If you tell me your server, character name who owns the real estate, and/or address (i.e. Wyvernlake, 100 Market Street) that would help.
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  9. shroomie Elder

    PM sent. Thanks for the fast response.

    A lot of us are techies ourselves, I understand not wanting to share specifics to prevent people from crashing things on purpose, but it would be interesting to get some high-level details sometimes about what happened with crashes like this. We are invested in this world and find it interesting!
  10. Utilladar New Member

    My characters are back. Thanks for quickness. :) (were on Povar)
  11. shroomie Elder

    See niente's post above. Suggest sending a PM--that's what I did. Awaiting resolution. Good luck.
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  12. shroomie Elder

    To all those with similar issues, quick update. DB has been communicating with me, they are investigating the issue but no resolution, yet. Anecdotally, it seems the issue of disappearing real estate/items affects only some of us who worked on organizing their real estate in the 12-24 hours leading up to the patch. Most people seem to suffer a "roll back" type effect. I lost almost everything, maybe because I moved plots just prior to the patch. Will post when resolved, or again in a few days with an update if still pending.
  13. Hateseeker Augur

    same here, i had moved plots from one to another within 24 hours of the patch. Funny enough, in the case of a few items i had originally placed at a guild yard but then moved to a house ,they reappeared on the guild yard. Nearly all house items however were just gone. I did hear they were looking at it, but no resolution.
  14. shroomie Elder

    My uneducated guess is the items tried to go back to my previous plot but as I don’t own it anymore, they went poof.
  15. shroomie Elder

    5 days waiting for resolution. Maybe the Friday patch did more harm than good?
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  16. Elthorien Elder

    it has been 7 days,
    my petition for the missing items in my house has been put "on hold"
    zero response from anyone on anything regarding this
  17. niente Developer

    It's still being worked on, it is taking extra time due to the quantity and difficulty of restoring the items in this case. Apologies for the delay.
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  18. shroomie Elder

    To know it’s not forgotten about is all I need. Thank you.
  19. Hateseeker Augur

    I kinda just want my ROF tribute trophies back ,the rest I could rebuild. Although i had a few dozen Alra tiles there, those are a pain to farm
  20. Cideral Lorekeeper

    is part of the time due to figuring out how to re-plant the properties as they were built? because if it helps i could just get an eviction pack and rebuild it myself, it's just that I lost tribute trophies and other things that can't be requested since they were achievement based.