Honour and Blood - Euro Casual Raid guild on Selos

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Silver-Crow, May 3, 2019.

  1. Ajjantis Elder

    Still in high need of shamans. Willing to give free starter dkp to possible applicants. Talk to Ajjantis in-game.

    Also need one more wizard and maybe one more high attendance warrior.
  2. Ajjantis Elder

    We're currently looking for the following classes:
    - 2x Shaman
    - 1x Wizard
    - 1x Cleric
    - 1x Enchanter
    - 1x Mage
  3. Ajjantis Elder

    We finished with Gates of Discord, its good to be back in Tacvi and getting all the nice loot out of it.

    We are still looking to fill some of our key positions with some classes.

    We currently have a HIGH need for:

    - 2x Shaman
    - 2x Cleric
    - 2x Wizard
    - 1x Magician
    - 1x Warrior
    - 1x Bard

    People from other servers looking at this post. We'll help you level and get raid ready, dont hesitate to ask for more details.

    WoW classis is launching but we arent going anywhere, if you need a home, we'll be right here!


  4. Ajjantis Elder

    We are farming anguish and tacvi right now and we still have room for more!
  5. Draztic New Member

    Your guild sounds like it would work well with me. I can't make 100% RA but love having the social aspect of grouping around. I've played several classes at the highest level, but coming back I'm looking to play something new. Do you guys still help with the leveling process?
  6. Ajjantis Elder

    Im sure we can help out with some buffage, we also have people starting new chars from time to time. Worth to give it a shot, you'll like it.

    We have special rules for the attendances, but anyone can actually join raids and get good upgrades. Please talk to an officer in-game or look for Portis who can give you more information.


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