Honed Wurmslayer Auro + Weaponstance...do they stack?

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  1. Tucoh Augur

    I parsed all this stuff during beta and experimentally confirmed what Triconix and others are saying in this thread.

    As for the how, if you sit down you get hit by the max hit of a mob, and you can track that number with different buffs to see the mitigation amounts changing.
  2. Cerpoxx Lorekeeper

    That's the truth!!!!!
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  3. Koryu Augur

    Wurmslayer Guard is useful for sit-aggro farming Slayers in old content, and group situations when PDH is down (assuming you don't have a real cleric with you, like you would normally have on raids). BFI counters get eaten through pretty quickly because of mob accuracy, and especially for multi-mob tanking.
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  4. Majestia New Member

    being a completely EQ non-technical - is the effect on this weapon worthwhile as a SK with a cleric in group with full buffs? Debating whether I'd be better served with the T2 knight one handed
  5. Brohg Augur

    no, it is not. In particular, the cleric buff Shining Bulwark makes it completely irrelevant. Stay with the massive rune proc on your knight weapon.
  6. Kravn Augur

    And massively better ratio to provide more leech healing. Wurmies suck for knights. Our weapons are MUCH better.
  7. Triconix Augur

    If you want a super simplistic way - that isn't super accurate but good enough for a general idea - do this math:
    **Make sure to not use any SpA 162 abilities besides cleric Vie if you can **

    Go our with a cleric and grind for awhile (a few hours should be sufficient). Open up your parse and get the total number of hits on yourself. Take that number and multiply it by 1750 (Wurmy mitigation). That's how much damage Wurmy would've mitigated without Vie. Let's call that Z.

    Now, take the total number of damage you received in that time period. Divide that by 9 then multiply by 10. Take the different between both those numbers and that's how much damage Vie mitigated. Let's call that Y.

    If you have a rune proc, take the total number of procs and multiply it by the damage mitigated for that Rune proc. If you have the EoK raid wep is 7200 damage. Call that X.

    1. Is X > Z? If yes, don't use Wurmy. If no, refer to Question 3.
    2. Is Y > Z? If yes, don't use Wurmy. If Yes, refer to Question 3.
    3. Is X + Y > Z? If yes, don't use Wurmy. If no, use Wurmy.

    Obviously there are other outside factors, but this is a very general idea to determine if the raw mitigation of Wurmy is beneficial at all.

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