Holly wants to know who'd play on a 2nd server...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Loxias, May 26, 2015.

  1. Elkay Augur

    New server + instancing everything including making raids into expeditions solves all the problems except possibly group-gear camps suchs as FBSS.
  2. Dredlox Elder

    I don't tweet so I'll post here, hell to the yes, screw this crap. Of course we have suggested it numerous times before we even started just based on history but we're dumb I guess.
  3. Denithor Journeyman

    I'd play on a new server after I know what the rules would be.
    Things I'd keep paying for and start over on a new server 100% include:

    1. No griefing/training/KS allowed by 6 box mage groups. Or some established rules.
    2. KUNARK!
    3. No 2 hour wait to play a game when I only have 3 hours to play each night after work.

    Until then, I'll be canceling. This week has been a show and my experience has been ruined significantly - not worth the money or time investment right now.
  4. Loxias New Member

    It did solve the issue in the past. The top guild on Vulak had no relation to the top guild on Fippy, and really, why would they? Very shortly after the people switch over, each server is going to stop caring about the individuals on the other server, and only pay attention to their progression speed in a somewhat abstract but competitive way.
  5. Mardy Augur

    I'll be staying on Ragefire. Last time around I picked Vulak, and my characters went to waste because Vulak died down and they refused to merge the server with Fippy. I'm not going through that again. If I wanted to solo own whole dungeons, I would be playing on EQ Live.

    Now if they say ahead of the time they would do the merge down the road, then I'll highly consider it. Or if they will launch the 2nd server with a more preferred ruleset such as having Kunark opened with classic, I'd move in a second.

    Otherwise, if no guarantees of merge in the future, and same ruleset, I'm staying on Ragefire. The queue issues are real, so I would suggest those that would play on the 2nd server speak up. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
  6. Elkay Augur

    Which is why they should run server vs. server contests. This would also help keep both servers active.
  7. Zirquel New Member

    If it's the same speed for unlocking, I'd switch, even if Kunark unlocks on launch, too (especially if).
  8. Willy Willers Lorekeeper

    Why don't all the hardcores just move to Vulak? They'll catch up in no time.
  9. Zanarnar Augur

    As someone awaiting Luclin, I hate to tell you, its not Kunark that brought beastlords ;) But I do prefer iksar shaman :)
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  10. Adreus Lorekeeper

    If it's the same exact server? Never. I'll let other people roll on that doomed ghost town of a server.
  11. Elkay Augur

    Because there's no rubbing it in people's faces doing that.
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  12. SirRyo New Member

    Given that I can only play for ~30-60 mins at any given moment; I can't afford to wait in queue so I would gladly play on a second server if available.
  13. Adumbral Journeyman

    ill switch
  14. Binny45 New Member

    Beastlords didn't come in until the third expac Shadows of Luclin
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  15. Fyta New Member

    my wife and I would both re subscribe our recently cancelled accounts if a 2nd server was launched. Bottom line to this whole ordeal is that clearly there is demand from a significant amount of customers so daybreak needs to supply that demand with a 2nd server.
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  16. Mullian New Member

    If that is indeed what happened on prior progression servers, then I would be all for the additional server.
  17. Uxtalzon Augur

    A second server only alleviates population woes. It doesn't fix class balancing or zone instancing, so other than waiting in a timeless queue it will be the same.

    Laziness is no substitute.
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  18. Banuvan Augur

    Nope. Making a second server would help with the queue problems but wouldn't relieve any of the other issues plaguing the server.
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  19. Jent Elder

    I'd move. No sweat. I really don't care what uberguilds do. I just want to be able to log right in and play my own way. No queues, living mobs instead of all dead ones, etc.
  20. Aenvar Augur

    Unless they offer free transfers I don't plan to move from Ragefire.

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