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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Symbius, Jun 30, 2015.

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  1. Symbius Augur

    Holly Longdale, “What we don’t want to do is instance raids, which is what casuals want us to do because they want to fight Nagafen. Casuals shouldn’t be allowed to fight Nagafen… that diminishes the achievement of others. That’s part of the challenge: You have to be better than the other guy; you have to be more strategic that the other guy.”


    Worst thing I've ever seen a member of the "team" say.

    It doesn't take much strategy to wake up in the middle of the night for a few second kill.

    So bad.
  2. rekais910 Augur

    It's frankly a slap in the face to a huge portion of the population.
  3. Marthisdil Augur

    Holly is a moron in this case.

    Most of the people on this server are either RMT folks looking to cash in on the Krono they can farm with their box teams...

    or old-school hardcore raiders looking for a a fun time in an old game that they enjoyed....where they all have grown up, have jobs, families, etc, and most don't have the time to be hardcore.
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  4. Arya1 Lorekeeper

    Yes, so off - base and the boxing comment, another egregious decision on her part. I gave the EQ dev team the benefit of the doubt, but these so -called 'solutions' are ridiculous. Tweet her if you have a twitter account.
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  5. AngorfLadroTholuxeP Augur

    Inb4lock (Roshen already locked the other thread) to say that I obviously agree with you. It was a horrible thing to say that may only make me serve to quit even quicker.

    In the mean-time, I will continue to not give DBG one penny, nor will I buy any perma-camped items, neither with PP nor Kronos. DBG got $14.99 from me, and without changes, that's all they'll ever get. I will continue to fund my account for as long as I am interested with the Kronos of others, payed for with my own hard earned PPs.

    Go to Reddit if you want to discuss it there without the censorship, I guess.
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  6. BestReleaseNA Augur

    The game always rewarded people with more playtime. How is there anything wrong with this?
  7. Lotusfly Elder

    Honestly, people may have aged; but sure as hell haven't grown up.
  8. tarquinn21 Elder

    Casuals don't even deserve to be able to post on these forums honestly.

    Every forum account should be linked to your /played time in game. Anything less than something like 12-16 hours a day and you shouldn't be able to post.
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  9. Zublak Augur

    Welp, pretty much sums up why DBG hasn't done much to cater to the "casual" gamer. Good job DBG. Great CSR.
  10. Banuvan Augur

    Dirty, filthy casuals
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  11. AngorfLadroTholuxeP Augur

    Having time to play != Not wanting to raid because 99% of contested raid boss fights on this server will end with either griefing or getting griefed. That is NOT the game I want to play.
  12. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    As long as this thread doesn't turn into another slam TL thread I don't think he will lock it - that's why he locked the last one. But tempers on these forums are wildly inappropriate.
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  13. BestReleaseNA Augur

    Ok then you dont want to play Everquest. It doesnt matter how much you want to play. All that matters is whether you put in whatever amount of time is necessary to achieve your goal.
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  14. rekais910 Augur

    Actually it hasn't for a long time. The older content has, and that has more to do with it being a new design back then. One that has in fact failed. Many came back to experience the content there may have not be able to experience when they were younger. I know that did that on fippy and while I got to experience the content it came at an extraordinary price and that was I had to deal with trains and all kinds of negative gameplay that came at the hands of other players. Instancing allowed for players to play against the content not against underhanded tactics and in general massive forces.
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  15. Arya1 Lorekeeper

    You mean non-existent CSR

    . It is even more ridiculous that we found out through a 3rd party instead of posting on the official forums.
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  16. Canik Augur

    The problem with the whole thing is that anyone should be allowed to fight Naggy, but only the prepared and coordinated should be allowed to defeat him. It's the encounter that is wrong, not your /played.
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  17. Laeinye Lorekeeper

    Holly's quote is now my signature, wonder how long it will be before the devs ban me or remove it.
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  18. Dark_Intentions Augur

    These bosses are not tactically difficult, so yes casuals should be able to beat them with enough numbers.

    So that leaves versus other players. Without PNP enforcement, a boss rotation is impossible. With [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] mage armies, 2 humans can defeat a fully formed raid that are playing how it used to be played back in the day.

    Ragefire is not a PVP server, and yet Daybreak has set it up to be a PVP solution.

    I've had my limited EQ nostalgia fun, and things like this make me consider leaving sooner rather than later. The top end is a mess. I'm not saying just give me the boss, but I don't see it improving.
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  19. Indigo Augur

    You guys just don't get it, and never will. Holly is right and good for her.
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  20. Risiko Augur

    /sigh ... Just /sigh... Very disappointing.
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