Hit level 94, wish I had never re-subbed

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kibblesnkits, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Kibblesnkits New Member

    Everything was fine until I went to Argath. Mobs were killable, skills scaled well, merc was able to keep me alive. Now, as an SK with a shield and J5 merc, I'm getting thrashed. Soloing is barely an option.

    If I had known that this was going to happen, I never would have spent this money or come back to EQ. For the life of me, I can't figure out the rationale for such design. Why are antiquated zones crazy hard?

    Anyway, if the game continues to be like this, I'd like to know.
  2. Roxxors Journeyman

    Just put some thought into it. You moved to a new xpac (basically), you probably have gear from the last one, not the new AAs, not the new spells, ect. It can be a tad hard at first, but not a big deal. If you don't have a guild or a group to help get your new gear/spells, some of it can be bought off the AH. You can also go solo and watch OOC. Lots of times a group kill a named that drops stuff, and nobody can use it, they will call it out.

    Once you get more AAs, new spells, and some of the new gear, it is a lot easier.

    It will come, just give it time...
  3. IblisTheMage Augur

    The walls that come up as you progress are core to the experience of achievement, I believe, even though they are frustrating.

    I have experienced it a number of times, each time I have had to change a lot, get moar AA, gear up, change the group composition,basically re-learn the class for the current level range/expac, and adapt and work hard.

    The rush when it starts “flowng” again, the sense of achievement, it is fantastic. But EQ is definitely hard this way, at least on Live servers.

    Also, you could consider joining a large guild. A few play sessions with higher level toons will give a good xp boost. You are only 16 levels from max level, and 12 levels from Conflagrant gear. If you get guildies to play with, it will fly.

    And Autogrant is your friend :)

    What server are you on, and what is your toon called?
  4. Aurastrider Augur

    Utilize the class section of the forums to get help with spell lineups and disc use. Utilize the bazaar to get gear upgrades at these levels. If you are using outdated gear as you progress into more challenging content it will make life difficult. If you already have not done so utilize raidloot.com to search for gear based on your class, level range and stats you are after. Make note of the gear and utilize sites like zam to figure out where they drop and invest the time and effort into obtaining said gear. This game has roadblocks by design to slow down progression to keep people interested. The issue is if you are not in the current expansion these roadblocks just keep players out of current content longer instead of keeping them in it. Short of getting a power level or finding a group that can mass kill things can be tough at these levels. It does speed up once you get to around 105 imo and then slows back down a bit from 109-110 but its nothing that I would consider snails pace. Just keep with it and utilize the community for advise on how to improve your character and things will get better.
  5. Critts Augur

    VoA was a pretty difficult exspansion. It was categorized by a strong push to make Taking part in content nessasery for progression. The privious exspansion HoT was noatably much much easier then VOA. People where pretty much selling adds to missions in HoT era allowing people to flag group missions without ever leaving POK. So it was designed to encourage grouping rather then soloing or boxing. I would say you may run into another difficulty spike in EoK. TDS was also a pretty hard exspansion to solo in T2 t3 zones. I would say skip Argath and do Vally as you only need one of the two for ture progression.
  6. snailish Augur

    There's no point in 10 (maybe 5?) levels below the cap being a slog to level, AA or gear unless that is the path someone wants --some of us enjoy doing 1-60 with nothing newer than Luclin gear from time to time, or 75 in TSS, etc.

    Just last night in another thread I suggested a "heroic Gloomingdeep" version of the tutorial that would take you from 85 to 100 in a good afternoon. Nice compact zone full of tips (add more if needed for modern 100+ game) and gear that readies you for group/guild/solo action at 100.

    Or just ramp up the quest XP in the Feerrott where you do the little heroic quest chain to the point that doing the chain gets you to 100.

    Both of the above options are an easymode to get to the actual playerbase of population, yet don't stop someone "playing the achievement" if they want to.
  7. Evertrek Augur

    i had to 3box a year or so ago to get that far. hours of grind. getting real groups is the game for most classes. EQ is not a solo game, EQ2 is...
  8. Critts Augur

    I remember when my guild final beat the Living Tribunal. It was hands down one of the best moments I have ever experienced in EQ. I don’t think it would have been that way without all the 45 min raid wipes and difficulty attached to VoA.
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  9. kookoo Augur

    well there are some class who can solo to level 110 pretty easy.
    mage , necro , beastlord and some more.... a friend monk just returned to the game after many years not playing , and he now level 92 and still rocking ( pretty much moloing ) .

    real tank , like kibbles's sk, need a lot more work to upgrade armors and augments and aa's , specially when having harder time to tank , it is usually armors / aa's issue , or not using the right discs , spells. ect.

    a class like mage , where you have to get a decent EM pet focus to be able to tank these mobs ok.
    that is the *easy * way , real tank will tank better than pet class when they get ( decent ) armors , augments and aa's . but need a lot of work .

    if you are in firiona vie I can help you with the TBM armors .

    anyway getting in a big family style guild ( or raiding if you planning to ) get you more chances to get groups, they will look into the guild 1st before going to chat to find a group.
  10. Claudi Elder

    my recommendation would be - go to Rain of Fear. Try out the "easy" (just /con them) mobs first - you can even do the first kill quest from Master Hunter Jilare "Beating the Beetles" - Zone wide drops you can either use yourself or sell at the bazaar. Zone wide drops are like:
    Slot: WRIST
    Purity: 50
    AC: 134
    STR: +23+6 DEX: +27+6 STA: +25+6 CHA: +23+6 WIS: +22+6 INT: +21+6 AGI: +27+6 HP: +1977 MANA: +1920 ENDUR: +1961
    SV FIRE: +45 SV DISEASE: +45 SV COLD: +45 SV MAGIC: +45 SV POISON: +45
    Attack: +19 HP Regen +2 Mana Regeneration: +2 Clairvoyance: +17 Spell Damage: +11 Heal Amount: +11
    Recommended level of 95. Required level of 90.
    Focus: Fang of Discord I
    WT: 4.3 Size: MEDIUM
    Also everywhere you go - start the collections - will net you some AAs.
  11. SteelToe Elder

    VoA upgraded mobs. You don't say which J5 merc you are using or what setting you are using for it. Assuming it is a healer on reactive, you are going to find killing slow going at 94 and forget soloing for the most part from here on out. Gear and augments are very important to the knight class now. Many SKs I played with were fanatical about augments. The 30AC heroic augments from HoT were very important.

    Have you worked progression in HoT? Also, are you in HoT, VoA or RoF armor - visible and non-visible? Stat food? Etc. Gearing tanks is a process and you are at the vulnerable crossover. It gets lots better at 100+.
  12. Eggolas Augur

    Not to forget about weapons. What are you using?
  13. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    "Game allows solo play until new expansion. Game too hard. Regret ever playing. Time to quit." is what I get from his post.

    There are so many ways you are missing the fun of the game. If the expansion is too hard, go back to the previous expansion and grind more AA until you are powerful enough to solo. Every game is like this. If you want easy, EQ is not the game for you.
  14. Gnomeland Augur

    Doing an expansion while you're within its level range - and 94 is within the level range of the expansion you're trying to do - is always going to be hard. You certainly won't be able to do the rare, equipment dropping monsters at that level.

    Don't expect to do blue or better monsters until you're well equipped for your level. Most tanks experience on light blue monsters. Either do that or box.
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  15. Nifty Slacker Augur

    If you are level 94, I would suggest searching for "fear touched" gear in the bazaar. There are also lots of non visibles in bazaar that can boost your stats by a lot, and the required level is 92 to equip that gear. The Fear Touched gear and other lvl 92 gears comes from the rain of fear expansion, which is the expac that comes after argath's VoA, so you can basically skip gearing up from that expansion all together. But like Gnomeland said, you are soloing stuff that's dark blue. It's too hard, and it's not worth it. Find zones with light blues and slaughter them. That's the way to exp (if you are solo).

    I hope you don't give up on eq, I think you just need a different approach.

    I think you should try tier 2 or tier 3 house of thule zones like upper floors maybe? Try it out. I hated VoA...
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  16. Wicked_old New Member

    As an SK, get epic 1.5 or at 94 2.0, is needed, since heroic, grab the 20ish Augs from Feerrott and HoT these will help, at 92 you can get armor from fear, if don't stay up on gear as tank, you rolled the wrong class, reroll mage if you wanted easy. But with right gear and auto grant, SK levels easiest of any tank by, Pally can do well if you follow undead, but will always need merc, you can go mercless with SK. Read up and don't give up.
  17. IblisTheMage Augur

    And this is why Everquest is The Greatest Game Ever Made, I am so happy to be a part of this community.
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  18. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    I have regretted many purchases in life but never something I paid $14.99 for. :D Those Porsche dealers don't tell you what they cost to repair before you buy them - now that's a regret. (j/k)

    Well, yah ok, I do regret re subbing also because now I am addicted. But that's how they get you. You could always play free after all if your not in top end raiding guild or any raiding guild for that matter then free isn't that bad.
  19. So Happy Augur

    Come to test and try it out. You don't need all access and someone will probably give you fear touched gear. If you don't like test server you can pick up where you left off on live. All you have to do is /testcopy your character and it will remain on live but place a copy on test. Run the patcher then change the version in the bottom left from live to test and your copy will be there.
  20. Thraine Augur

    you could always make a few friends, that seems to enrichen the MMO style of play that is EQ