Highest/Most Desired DPS Class?

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  1. Ladysoth Augur

    No, you don't.

    Just plain inaccurate. Once ST lands it's lasting for that 3-tick duration, which may vary slightly depending on the server time the mez landed at.

    Druids can't rez. Maybe you meant paladins. Either way though, apples to oranges; you might as well say "We as rogues can DPS, but so can warriors, and they can also tank, so warriors are better for groups" It's just kind of nonsense. Look at it as a bonus that a DPS class can rez, not as a negative that a DPS class can't heal.

    Okay, well, I'm sorry you had that experience, and to some extent this is personal preference, but Thrall of Bones has a negative resist check, and often are the times I've had it last the full duration without a tash or a malo. Even if you're worried about charm breaking, snaring or rooting the mob you're fighting and having ST on your bar for a quick mez and recharm of your pet has never let me down.

    Yeah, this...kind of applies to everybody, so listing it as some kind of necro-specific disadvantage is kind of weird. Also, as dotting necromancers, we're one of the few classes that can do decent damage while dead. At least for a little while ;D

    There's basically no mobs "immune" in Kunark to our spells. (Or velious) I've landed a full complement of fire dots on Nagafen and Talendor. Poison dots work just fine on VP dragons. Our top monks beat me sometimes, and sometimes I win, but I am always in the top 5 if I'm not #1 on our raid targets.

    That's not the way proof works. There are many other reasons you might not be getting into groups that have nothing to do with your class. I could counterproof by saying "As a necro, when I was leveling I always got a group within 10 minutes of going LFG" like I did.

    Also, things change for everybody at 60. I'm not trying to be offensive, but I don't know if you have the kind of raiding experience that Glowerss and I have, when I know both of us have been 60 and raiding for quite a while in this expansion.

    Kind of like the melees you claim are better DPSers than us? Unless your rogues and monks have some absolutely beast throwing skills.

    Yes, and it is the only thing that keeps us from dominating the parses every single time. Last night on Phara Dar, I had a bad run of resists - 4 pyrocruors and 3 splurts bounced before I got anything to land, and this was after tash and malo. It sucked. Still made #4 on the parse after wasting all that mana and all that time, only about 2k damage behind #1.
    Just as a flip side, on Hoshkar the melees (and everybody) had to joust, and I was getting almost no resists, and the monks were blown away by the necs and wizards, with yours truly at the top.

    Casters have resists, melees have misses. Casters have highly resistant mobs, melees have mobs
    with high AC. Every fight is different. But saying necros aren't either the best or one of the best raid DPSers on a general basis is plainly not accurate; we are.
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  2. Syrup Augur

    There sure are a lot of words posted in this thread, but there only needs to be one.

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  3. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    In no particular order, Monk, Rogue, Wizard, Necromancer, Magician (and later Beastlord and Berserker) are all the primary DPS classes, Depending on the Gear, AA, Encounter, and Expansion those classes tend to round robin through which ones are the absolute best DPS. In most encounters and expansions they are all very good DPS. So decide what other role you want to have and pick the class you want to play. Since all their pet nerfs Mages are now a rare class, as are Rogues. Monks/Necromancers are fairly common (especially among alts/boxes), and expect to be just 1 of hundreds of Beastlords that will be created the day Luclin is unlocked. Berserkers too will be popular, but probably less so due to the delay in when they are released, and the lack of purpose aside from being just a different type of dps class.
  4. Finchy Augur

    so to sum up your post you are basically saying you are not a very good necro? That's the only thing i'm getting from this post. Ehhh we can do all sorts of crap, HOWEVER, i can't do it well so i wouldn't recommend it? c'mon now.

    Now on to the OP....

    I can't remember the last time a druid/chanter/necro pet out dps'd me as a monk in raid or group content. It used to be true prior to epic/bo staff, but now monk dps tops charmed pets. I will tell you from kunark all the way through every single expansion that has been released in EQ, monks are the most consistent dps. Monks never "fall behind". There are a few expansions here and there where other classes get a boost and top us lil more often, but proper played monks will always be at or around the top dps wise, doesn't matter the expansion. Rogues flair up, zerkers flair up, bstlords flair up, wizzys, necros, mages, they all get their time to shine depending on the expansion, but monks are always right there to compete.

    Of coarse i'll be biased towards what monks can do in this game, i've played one for 16+ years, but the above info is in fact true. I originally choose a monk because of Feign Death. I wanted the ability to get out of trouble if something happened. Then I found mend which right now only gives 25% health back every 6 minutes. Later it gives a ton more percentage every what 1 minute with capped AAs? I enjoy pulling, it's what I excel at, and monks have always been the go to pulling class(outside of bards who THINK they can pull better ;) ). They have very high survivability while being able to put up great dps numbers.

    It really all depends what you wanna play though. If you have a specific style your looking to play that you played in other games, you should be able to find a class in EQ that relates to what you may have played in other games.
  5. Kobra Augur

    There is a reason I advise people like you to not play a necro. The skill cap is too high for most people.

    The gap between an average necro and a great necro is quite large. The gap between a great necro and an elite necro is even bigger yet.

    Some people just don't have what it takes to play this class. You sound like one of them.
  6. Kobra Augur

    I would like to put my charmed pet up against your dps. I have a feeling most people are not optimizing their charmed pets as well as they could. I am not going to post it on an open forum though. If any necro/chanter wants to PM me and if I deem you worthy enough I will let you in on some of my tricks.
  7. Trevalon Augur

    Monk is pretty much the answer - they stay at the top of parses for a long time to come and they are more versatile than a Rogue.

    You could also argue Rogue, Necro, and Wizard (Really raid only for wizard) - Ranger gets better come Luclin then can top parses come PoP.
  8. Finchy Augur

    Ya I mean you can send me some parses of your charmed pets...in most cases I see charmed pets ranging the 120-150 range depending on the pet and what they are fighting, which is closer to what an epic monk pulls. A monk with a bo staff (non MoTM buffs) beats even those numbers by a pretty nice amount.
  9. Ducreux Augur

    This is like reading alla comments from 2003.
  10. EQForumAcct Augur

    I agree with you - the 3 charmers will always be highest dps anywhere they can reliably charm. Once enchanters get dire charm, it's even better.

    Currently, through velious, I'd say the next would be Monk/Rogue - constant dps output with big spike dps periodically. After those 2, it comes down to the type of mob. Wizzies would be next but are limited by mana bar - so on fights where they can kill the mob before going oom, they are high dps). On long fights where necros aren't feeding mana to clerics (due to not having a super long CH chain), necros get a lot of dps out of dot-stacking. Mages are OK - it depends on the mob. Only having 2 schools of magic, if the mob is resisty to fire/magic, a mage is near useless. The pet does some dps and can be considered a permanent dot on fights that don't have effects that damage pets...but pets also suffer from the level differences between them and the mob.

    Once Luclin lands, AA's help Wizards immensely to let them catch up to monks/rogues - but again, are limited on fights that last a mana bar or less. Another thing is MOTM caps damage - which hurts wizzies. if a nuke were to crit and do a lot of damage, it'll be reduced down significantly. I don't know if that will change in future renditions of MOTM or what. aggro reduction AAs for wizzies help a ton as it means they no longer have to weave concussion spells in between nukes or stop casting.

    Mages get some DPS boosts (as do Necros) come Luclin as well. Rangers start to really pick it up, too.
  11. TowerDefense Augur

    Yo, the only reason you outdps a necro is either the fight lasts to short (ie we are full raiding) or youre with a bard. Ill amash your face in under equal circumstances.
  12. Accipiter Old Timer

    How so? Dire charm pets, where you can find them, are very weak compared to mobs you would normally charm. Max dire charm is level 46 and you get it at level 59. Admittedly, it's been years since I used dire charm but I remember it being underwhelming very quickly. Maybe there were changes to the AA later. I'd be glad to be corrected on this.
  13. EQForumAcct Augur

    You may very well be correct - it's been a long time, too, but I thought there were things that made DC even better. But that one point, I will definitely accept being wrong on.
  14. Gremin Augur

    Most desired class for me is the ones who know how to play their class, dont tell everyone else how to play their class and is willing to grind xp long periods of time without afk every 5 mins.
  15. Finchy Augur

    whatever helps you sleep better at night ;)
  16. Moranis Augur

    I haven't done anything in VP or ST ever, but I have yet to see a charmed pet out DPS a 60 epic monk or rogue. Some of the high level giants in Kael get close and usually parse better than everyone but monks and rogues (and usually necros). Boltran's only lets you charm up to 53...so while they may hit harder, they're at least 7 levels lower and miss quite a bit against 60+ raid targets.
  17. EQForumAcct Augur

    I always thought the dogs were better dps than most of the giants...and both chanters and druids can charm em
  18. Moranis Augur

    The wolves are near Tormax...we've only really fought arena raid mobs. But they are hit or miss, because they range in level above and below charm limits...Alla says from 52-56, which sounds right.

    If you're doing King T they're solid I bet, but to fight to them, charm them, and drag them up to the arena might be a chore, especially if you're racing to a mob. I honestly haven't parsed myself against them, but I know they hit like trucks.
  19. Kiani Augur

    They can be top of the parse, partly because MotM doesn't seem to affect charmed pets like it affects PCs.

    For the wolves in Kael, it's hard to tell because they all have the same name, and so if you have several druids charming on a raid, all the damage from them goes under one entry on a parse. But they do have sick damage.
  20. PathToEternity pathtoeternity.pro

    If u need any misty thicket picknics send a tell to pinecone the druid on bristlebane server
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