Highest/Most Desired DPS Class?

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  1. dreamer05 Lorekeeper

    Title says it all. Which class currently has the highest DPS output? Which DPS class is most appealing to groups?
    If any could list them in order that would be great too! Never been good at the DPS output numbers.
  2. CaptainSkeet Augur

    The perfect class

    Pulling? Got a bow. Who cares if we get 10 mobs, I can tank it all without a sweat.

    Healing? These bandages will keep me maxed hp.

    CC? Whats that?

    Agro? Taunt never fails.

    DPS? Mobs will be dead in seconds. If not then I'll afk till they are.

    But in all seriousness, different classes will have different DPS in given situations. Burn situations will leave wizard on top, assuming the mob isn't resistant. Long term will have necros on top. Rogues don't care about mana. Monks slap the crap outta anything they want with bare fists.

    Not sure if you are looking for info to start a character or want input from raid level encounters?
  3. dreamer05 Lorekeeper

    Mostly leveling and grouping. I've never tried warrior, I always though they might be kind of boring? Maybe not. I'm slightly interested in necro, but worried about group desirability. You've definitely sold the warrior pretty well though if you were being serious :)
  4. dreamer05 Lorekeeper

    Re-reading I believe you're being completely sarcastic :D
  5. Coach_Kegadin Augur

  6. dreamer05 Lorekeeper

    Yea I like enchanter but there's one every 5 feet on Phinny.
  7. Finley Augur

    Currently enchanter, druid, and necromancer is highest DPS (later two zone dependant). I would guess the next tier would be Rogue, Monk, Magician and Necro (without charmed pet). I am not entirely sure though. I generally will fill my groups with anyone that can fill the role regardless of how well their class can perform. I hate to leave a Wizard groupless and bored because their class has a ton of value in other parts of the game.
  8. dreamer05 Lorekeeper

    Do you find necros to be desirable in groups? No opinion on warriors? I though their dps was higher than rogues for this expansion.
  9. malaki Augur

    Context matters. At max level things are very different than at say level 20 or at level 40. Gear matters a lot, and depends on what zone you're in and what you're fighting.
  10. TowerDefense Augur

    For groups, well geared rogues and monks will smash anything else.

    If youre charming, necros chanters and druids will be best.

    In a raid scenario, depending on the length of the fight, either necros or monks.
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  11. Finley Augur

    I've literally never grouped with a warrior that DPSed, always tanked. As a tank they don't seem to outperform rogues. And yes, necromancers are great in group. Their damage is good and they have a ton of utility.
  12. Kiani Augur

    Definitely. I love necros in my group.

    If they can charm an undead pet, their dps is great, even without the charm, it's good. And as someone else said, they have utility too. People (even some necros) don't seem to realise necros get a ghetto mez. It's only a few ticks, so they can't lock down mobs like an enchanter, but it does a job. Mana transfer can be very useful in groups when things get tricky too - cleric or enchanter running low on mana, necro saves the day.
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  13. Sandy100 Elder

    Necro, most desired class? ha.
    I play a high level necro and LOVE playing him BUT.....

    1. In groups, Necros aren't the most desired class. Yes, we can mez as someone noted but only one mob at a time, and it lasts 15 seconds. Each successive mez has reduced chance of it lasting. We can rez though,which has saved groups from wipe outs. However, so can Clerics and druids who are usually more desired in groups for their healing. We can snare well and root well, which is frankly more desired in groups.

    In terms of dps, our dots take a while to really show their power. In groups, the mobs die so quickly that dots are a waste. Thus, all we have is our pets to do damage. Mages have better pets, DDs ( which do more immediate damage) and also COH ,which is VERY useful.

    Yes, we can charm undead pets,which definitely can boost our dps. HOWEVER,in my experience, charm breaks at the worst possible times and usually doesn't last that long. Thus, I don't like charming pets either in groups or soloing. Besides our specter pet does a great job.

    2. In raids, here is where we should shine. Without question, when we can dot the mobs, we can almost always make the parse and in many case be at or near the top of the parse. HOWEVER, there are two assumptions here: First we don't die too early. If we do, obviously our dps is non existent. Secondly, the mob can't be too immune to our spells. Sadly, many of the top bosses are highly resistant,which definitely can lower our dps. In many raids, the Malee dps characters,such as rogues and monks , lead the parse since they don't have to worry about resistance. Yes , we have a form of malo, but even that doesn't always work.

    Thus, we are left to become mana batteries,which isn't bad but not what a necro was built for. We also can be back up rezzers if the clerics die and we successfully feign death.

    As proof, as a 59 necro, I always have a hard time getting into any group unless the group members know me well. I also play a box with a shaman and SK, When I play my box , I have to fight off the tells for grouping.

    Bottom line: Yes, a necro can add a lot of utility to a raid and group,but I wouldn't say we are the most desired or even necessarily the best dps. It is for these reasons that although many players have started a necro , few players play the necro to high levels on most servers.
  14. Glowerss Augur

    Pretty much everything said in the post above me is incorrect.

    Necromancers are one of the most desired raid DPSers at the moment. Basically nothing is "immune" to our dots in Kunark or Classic (You can land fire dots on Talendor and Naggy at 60). On most fights we're up there with the monks or on top if the monks need to dodge AOEs like in VP. Coupled with our utility, we're an exceptionally good class to have in raids. There's really no such thing as too many necromancers atm :p

    With regards to grouping, you can group in undead zones pretty much from 8-50. We get EXCELLENT undead nukes which puts us on par or equal to mages/wizards with better mana regeneration.

    Additionally, once you can start charming without getting smashed, we become absolutely amazing in group situations. Provided you know which mobs you charm, you can single handedly carry a groups DPS in places like Seb or Chardok. I spent no more than 15 minutes at a time LFG while leveling 1-60.

    Some of this changes in Velious. There's basically nothing to charm, and some raid targets (from memory, it's been awhile) will resist 1 line of dots. However, we're still pretty much a top tier DPS even in Velious, and still pretty desired in high end raiding.

    In the end, I'd recommend playing what you enjoy. If whatever class you want to play isn't good now, it probably will be in an expansion or two. Some classes (like Necromancers) tend to stay pretty solid throughout the game's history, but each class gets it's own time in the lime light.
  15. Nerf Herder Lorekeeper

    Real answer.

    Easy mode? Monk.

    Easy mode, but gear dependent? Rogue (in Velious)
  16. Moranis Augur

    In groups: Monk / Rogue --> Ranger --> SK --> Mage --> Necro --> Wizard --> All others, in that order.
    On Raids: Monk / Rogue --> Necro --> Wizard / Mage --> Ranger --> Sk --> All others, in that order.
    Against Gore: Necro --> Wizard --> Druids or mages? (No one else really does a whole lot against her).

    Most necros and druids don't charm because it's a hassle...especially if you don't have an ench / shaman / mage to debuff the pets MR. Melee DPS almost always beats caster DPS in groups. With exception to necros, casters just dont regen enough mana to dish out serious DPS in grouping scenarios. If you assume you pull 1 toon per minute, with C2 + pots you can regen about 40 mana / tick...which equates to 400 mana per minute, and the average wizard nuke is like 4:1 dmg/mana ratio, meaning you can dump about 1600 damage per mob. At level 60, using kobolds in Velks as my example, mobs have around 10-12k hp...so you're barely making a dent. In that same fight, my monk is engaged for ~40 seconds doing 150dps which = 6000 damage. Unless wizards / mages totally burnout (which lasts about 90 seconds), they can't match melee dps.

    Necros are definitely always at the top for velious mobs because those fights last upwards of 5 minutes. Unless of course they're instructed to twitch the clerics.
  17. Sandy100 Elder

    Glowerss notes, " pretty much everything said in the post above me is incorrect."
    Wrong! I know exactly what I am saying. First many raid boss mobs are belly casters. This means that the necro MUST get up close to the mob to get spells to stick,which of course makes the necro more susceptible to dying. This is particularly true for dragon type mobs. Fayadar (sp). Secondly, Many boss mobs are caster resistant; not all, but many are.

    Where the necro shines is soloing. Yes, we are the best soloers in my opinion, in the game, particularly in open terrain.

    However, if you doubt what I am saying and want to believe Glowerss, ask around in your server. Don't take my word for it. However, I do think Glowerss is right about one thing: Play what you enjoy. I really enjoy playing the necro. It has more utilities and more ways to kill mobs than that of most classes and has GREAT defensive weapons with feign death, , root and mez. It really can be a fun class.
  18. Moranis Augur

    Just for the record, necros don't get harm touch.
  19. Sandy100 Elder

    Whoops, corrected my mistake. I was just playing my SK before posting.
  20. Numiko Augur

    Really it will change from expansion to expansion, with classes leaping ahead and then falling back.
    best to just pick one that fits your style of play.
    want to just melee? be a Rogue or a Monk
    just cast spells? be a Wizard
    want a pet too? be a Mage or a Necro
    want to melee, and cast spells? be a Ranger
    want to melee, cast spells and have a pet? .. wait for Beastlord!