Hero's Forge Reforged Video & Contest!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Amnerys, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Amnerys Augur

    Get an inside look at the reforging of Hero's Forge!

    What is your favorite thing about the revamp of the Hero's Forge armor? Leave us some feedback and enter the Hero's Forge contest on our Facebook page for a chance to win one Hero's Forge feature set for one of your characters.
  2. Liliana Augur

    New Shissar armor is fantastic, my favorite set for sure!

    Thanks for the great revamp of Hero's Forge and letting plate/chain and silk/leather mix and match their armors. I no longer look like robocop

    Looking forward to more robes and future sets!
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  3. Leigo Journeyman

    Shissar armor looks pretty cool. Drop rate is a bit low, but it's a nice reward when all is said and done.

    Would be nice to see all ornament types interchangeable, I think the mix would make personalizing characters even more available. Or possibly looking at dye options, while the default colors are nice, if we were able to dye the HF say in 2-3 parts such as base, detail and trim it would have some amazing turnouts.

    Hope to see more in the direction HF is headed in.
    Would be uber if armor ornaments were placeable!
  4. Tobynn Augur

    The Shissar Chain set looks spectacular -- best ornament set available to date. Helms aren't my thing, I have yet to find any helm that I think looks good, but that plate helm does look sweet. Favorite thing atm about Heros Forge is the new Clockwork textures that were pushed client side with the latest patch. Looking forward to the release of that set; the texture bitmaps look killer intricate :)
  5. Nolrog Augur

    Agree with the comments on the Shissar set. Best set I've seen so far. I really like it a lot.

    We need more robes though.
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  6. Yinla Augur

    Ask me again when they have done the robes
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  7. Beimeith Augur

  8. Cazmac Augur

    Even with the new look, I prefer a bit of variety and will sometimes select armour parts to complement what I have, rather than totally replace it. As you can't (yet?) dye HF, you can use it along with dyed armour, to create an individual look for yourself.
  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Elder

    To the entire EQ team -- Thank you for your diligence with HF. I love the HF Reforged armor. Really, really fantastic work!
  10. Citraka New Member

    Great work guys, the reforged look is much better and the new textures too.
    That said the shissar set just blows all the other gear away truely fantastic job on that.

    As mentioned in an earlier post it would if possible be nice to be able to dye/tint the armor even if only
    in limited colour/shade. I'd just love to be able to Darken my SK's shissar plate a little :)

    I know the cross use of the armor augs is a sticky subject some (like me) would love to be able to chain up my Bst, others find it a fundamentally wrong concept, Personally I'm for it so.... pretty please, chain for beasts :)

    thanks tho , again real nice job
  11. Jezzie Augur

    I'm a fan of the new Shissar, love the design would love even more if there were a few variations on the color. I have to say my favorite is the cloth helm (hoodie), made me retire my shamrock top hat. So glad that leather class can wear cloth when it comes to the helm, I'm sure there are a bunch of rangers that would like to take advantage of the new look given the chance.
    It's already posted in bugs but I'm going to add it here, can we please get the scenario fixed where using a polymorph knocks the helm graphic off? I'm hoping it would be a quick fix like the time when wearing a hat made your hair fall off :D

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