Heroic Character's exp wont go past 39%

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Airdefier, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Airdefier New Member

    On my silver and my free account, my characters are lvl 85 and their exp wont go past 39%, help !
  2. Newtron_Test New Member

    I've yet to see this problem on Test playing around with various "Heroic" characters, or in reading general chat; curiously, have you tried to /testcopy and see if the problem replicates? It would at least possibly rule out or support an access status issue if not (all accounts on Test are flagged as "Gold"). Good luck, and keep us posted?
  3. Derd Augur

    You can NOT testcopy hc's but on the xp problem I've not had any problem with my f2p hc. She's at 57 percent of level. If your still having this problem it is very odd.
  4. Sarkaukar Augur

    Are you using a customized UI? Reset to Default and test.

    Just to make sure, what are the con colors of the NPC you are killing? Are you killing NPC that will provide exp at lvl 85? (have seen stranger things).
  5. Izcurly Augur

    How many mobs did you kill? What did they con? Did you get experience messages when killing them?
    Is your AA slider set to 100% regular xp?
    Are you in a fellowship with sharing experience turned on?
  6. Zenowife New Member

    Multiple threads regarding this stuck XP issue on heroic chars, and no one seems to have come up with a solution as far as I've seen. It seems to just randomly stop you in your tracks with gaining regular experience. Curiously most of the folks I've seen post about it have mentioned hunting in the Grounds, but that could just be a coincidence since of course it is a high traffic hot zone right now anyway. However, once you are stuck with this bug or problem, it seems to persist no matter what zone you try. Submitted a ticket tonight after a frustrating week of experimenting and trying to get it moving.
  7. TSR-AlexS Augur

    We have relatively low queues this week so I would suggest everyone having this issue to submit in a support ticket. We will continue to gather data on the issue.
  8. Zenowife New Member

  9. Derd Augur

    Three rounds is nothing, your getting responses, and as I replied you can ask to escalate the ticket. And with the very small group having this issue ( two threads specifically on HC not gaining xp and it appears 3 or 4 characters) and I since I know of many Hc in my guild that are already lvl 95 to 100. And mine has been steadily gaining xp when I have time to play him. That while it is a huge issue to anyone that it is happening to and definitely worth petitioning and working thru. I don't think I've seen anyone say your imagining things, just that they're seeing your xp gains being normal on their end. As in any bug that has a extremely small sample it appears they're going to try to figure it out for you.

    And please try my suggestion of turning off fellowship sharing, you are funneling xp toward any character in the fellowship that has sharing turned on, or is it off, it's very confusing the way its set up now, and logged in or not as I understand the present system. I may be off on that, we quit using it when they changed how it functioned.
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  10. mhoskiso New Member

    Happening to me as well. Regular, Merc, and AA XP stuck at 0%. If I die, I de-level to 84 then can gain exp till I hit 85, then stuck at 0 again.
  11. Cazmac Augur

    I find Fellowship settings confusing too, although, as a very casual player, the sharing effects do not bother me too much. However, I am happy to share xp or Vitality with my alts, whether they are live or logged.
  12. howtor New Member

    I also saw this issue the other day after I upgradded from a lvl 75 to HC toon. I ended up creating a new fellowship with an alt account enabled sharing killed a few things then left the fellowship. my xp is working properly now
  13. Ordegar New Member

    I am having the same trouble with both heroic characters on my account. Here are a few things I have noticed:

    The problem seems to only be with xp from killing mobs; I get xp from completing the daily hotzone quest for example, but not from killing any mobs.

    When I first noticed the problem on my Magician, I logged into my Monk to see if he also had the problem. At first I thought he didn't, as he got 1% of a level from the first kill, and the second, and the third. But then it stopped and killing the same mobs no longer moved the xp bar.

    The chat says that I got experience from a kill, but the xp bar does not move at all.

    Randomly, killing one mob will give 1% of a level as before, then further mobs will give none.

    This happens in any zone as far as I can tell; I have tried at least three zones.

    This happens for me and two friends. We were fellowshipped. We tried turning off xp sharing and even leaving the fellowship; we tried grouped and solo; nothing changes the problem. I use a custom UI (It occurred to me that it may be a display bug with the xp bar); one friend uses a different custom UI; the other friend uses the default UI; we all have the problem. Today I will try the default UI for testing purposes.

    I did validate game assets in the launcher.

    I use the Steam installation of EQ; my friends do not.

    If I set the AA xp to 100% I do get AA xp; at 10% I get some AA xp but no level xp.

    If I think of anything else to try I will follow up with results here.
  14. Ordegar New Member


    Changing to the default UI changes nothing.

    We did three daily hotzone quests yesterday; we got xp from completing the quests but not during mob kills. It is plainly an issue with xp from kills. In a game where a majority of xp comes from killing mobs this ruins the game for us.
  15. Zakor Elder

    I tried a petition to fix this, as I am killing in the 85 hotzone, as an 85th level character, and with 100% aa xp I am getting 1% aa per kill.

    Here is the result of my petition.

    Firefox can't find the server at help.soe.com.

    But, keep on nerfing those necro pets.
  16. Zakor Elder

    Good god, this is a MONTH later, and still no resolution, but over 50 pages on the solution to the pet tanking problem. You love your customers.
  17. Zakor Elder

    So, a heroic character, with auto-grant enabled...shouldnt this heroic character have the level 55 (Shadows of Luclin) AA for Spell Casting Subtlety?
  18. Riou EQResource

    Nope, people complaining got it take out of the auto grant list