Heroic Characters Begin Their Adventures in Norrath on March 12

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  1. sula Augur

    most interesting. if your toon is silver and tries to get the merc quest, they are told that he doesn't have anything of someone of their abilities.
  2. Ralthin64 New Member

    So I have two accounts ( both silver currently) and neither has the option for a free available heroic character ( only to pay for one) I am correct in that silver accounts can claim the free heroics? One of my accounts was created when EQ first went live, the other a few years back both should have the free heroic character correct?
  3. Hedd New Member

    Just to make sure people know. If you create a heroic character on live you cannot test copy the character it says you are not allowed to test copy heroic characters, so be sure of where you will play that character the most before you claim it!!
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  4. aribella New Member

    It seems that my gold account cannot get the quest either Sula, tells me the same thing....nothing for someone of my abilities.
  5. sula Augur

    i agree- test shouldn't count at all- must be a bug. after all, it's not like you can transfer anything to a live server and it kind of messes with the reason for test- to try stuff out in advance
  6. sula Augur

    that's not all it didn't come with. you would expect your gold toons at least to have rk2 spells.
  7. sula Augur

    that really sucks. i haven't tried it on my gold one yet. maybe all the bugs weren't ironed out yet
  8. Cyric187 New Member

    That's because you're not gold member. Only gold members can get the j1-j5 mercs reguardless if it's heroic or not. I know i read somewhere all heroic characters start with a j1 merc but that is false. Bronze and silver members infact do not start with a j1 merc at all.
  9. Elricvonclief Augur

    Wait, what?

    Give facts before you start spouting please, sir.
  10. Khat_Nip Augur

    Keep in mind he did say 'j' as in Journeyman; easy to overlook.
    The heroic char I created on a f2p account came with a Tier-II Apprentice mercenary. Not sure what silver and gold come with.
  11. Cyric187 New Member

    You need facts? I will kindly direct you to the heroic character faq here.


    What specifically does a Heroic Character start with?
    All Heroic Characters will be battle ready, and geared to explore Norrath! They will start with the following:
    • 15,000 Platinum
    • Jungle Raptor Mount
    • Two 24-Slot Bags
    • Spells
    • Thousands of Auto-Granted Alternative Advancement Abilities (AA’s)
    • Full Set of Equipment, including weapons, armor, Power Source and Charm
    • Food, Drink, and Ammo
    • 100 Bayle Marks
    It does not state heroic characters start with a j1 merc at all. So silver and bronze merc restrictions still apply sadly
  12. WiIIiam New Member

    i did a /bug
    /veteran does nothing on a silver heroic (probably too many aa?) (says approved though)
  13. Wespy New Member

    I created my HC, and then crashed. All the UI Hotkey's dissapeered. How can i return them?
  14. WiIIiam New Member

    /say help to npc offering j5 unlock quest in dream feerrot doesn t start quest for some characters (i have nothing for you abilities message)
    rumor says it's because account doesn't own the last game expansion
    is it true?
  15. Zamiam Augur

    yes William .. the bug regarding J5 Merc quest in the dream is because for some reason it only lets Heroic toons who own all expansions to get quest.. its posted on the veterans forums somewhere that a dev responded too. I had the same problem i have 5 accounts 1 has CoTF and others only up to RoF and my CoTF account was able to get J5 quest and complete it while my other 4 were not got same message " have nothin for someone with your abilities" . im sure it will be addressed in tonights patch ..
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  16. Caray Journeyman

    So they let the Silver and Bronze accounts get a free Heroic but no J5 merc, yet they still get all those AA and everything else? Oh here you go have all these AA that you normally shouldn't have either unless you pay to increase the AA cap or go Gold. Seems stupid that the only benefit to being Gold is that you get the merc. At least it didn't let my free account do the merc quest only to find out I still couldn't hire anything above what I started with.
    I'm pretty sure my Gold character came with a Tier 1 Journeyman, but I could be wrong. I also made a Heroic on a friend's old account (which is a Silver account) and the merc on that was a Tier 5 Apprentice.
  17. sula Augur

    there is another benefit to being gold. you can use the rk2 spells, but you have to go get them. you only get rk1 spells
  18. ElectricSheep Journeyman

    Just leave already. You obviously hate soe and the game.
  19. Kryss New Member

    While silver and bronze accounts can get the heroic with all those AA, they will not get to gain any more AA without shelling out an extreme amount of cash. At 250 SC per 100 AA (on special this week for 175 SC) per character to expand the AA cap, my heroic mage would have to shell out almost $60 just to gain a single AA from here on out. So it ends up being SOE'S way to drum up more Gold members by not giving all heroics the unlimited AA or Journeyman merc access. Sure it's a free heroic for now, but I would have expected if someone shells out $35 for a heroic, regardless of the account level, it should come with those things built in for that character only.
  20. Kryss New Member

    Not to mention getting spammed with ads to go Gold with every XP mob I killed last night.

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