Heroic Characters Begin Their Adventures in Norrath on March 12

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager


    Heroic Characters give players the opportunity to select any class and start out in EverQuest with everything they need to be successful! In response to both former and current player feedback, we wanted to provide an opportunity for players to return to play EverQuest without worrying about an overwhelming level gap. We’ve also been asked for a way to let players try out high-level classes before committing valuable time to leveling one.

    Players should find it much easier to begin their adventures in Norrath when they start at level 85 with a full complement of gear, Alternative Advancement Abilities, and a unique mount. Regardless if you’re a veteran player that wants to try a new class, a new player that wants to get caught up to your friends, or a player that hasn’t visited Norrath in a long time, Heroic Characters are a great way for you to get in the game!

    And do you want to hear the best part? You can have one for free.

    Players that create an EverQuest Heroic Character between Wednesday, March 12 and Wednesday, March 26, 2014 can have one completely free of charge.

    In addition, if you decide you want more than one Heroic Character we want to make that easy for you also. Heroic Characters will be priced at 3500SC.

    New Race and Class Combinations

    In celebration for the 15th Anniversary of EverQuest, we’re adding two new Race and Class combinations to the game. For the first time ever, players will be able to explore Norrath as a Wood Elf Beastlord or a Froglok Monk. These choices will become available to players when creating characters starting Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

    Rolling a new character and getting them caught up to your friends can be a lot of work. If you don’t want to start one of these toons from scratch, you can opt to start one as a Heroic Character.

    So what are you waiting for? Pick your class and play for FREE at www.everquest.com
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  2. Tarrin Augur

    How does that effect

    "For accounts created before Nov 8, 2013, the free Heroic Character option is available one time per account.

    For accounts created on or after Nov 8, 2013, the free Heroic Character option is available one time per household."

    Is this an additional free one that does not take up the one time per account/household option based on creation date?

    If you are in the one time per household camp, does this current offer (for clarification, the make one between march 12 to march 26 offer) override it and allow you to create more than one per household for that set period of time?

    Is the initial free offer of Heroic Characters for gold accounts only?
  3. Mintalie Augur

    This is fabulous. Thanks, SOE.
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  4. Fanra Augur

    Is that screenshot of the T Rex type mount the "unique mount" that comes with Heroic Characters?
  5. Xegony.Babs New Member

    So this was a side reason about the nerf on powerleveling.
  6. Roshen Brand Manager

    This option is not just for gold accounts.

    The current offer does not override the one per household rule for accounts created after Nov 8, 2013.

    The screenshot shown is the mount that Heroic Characters will receive.
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  7. Dorigen Lorekeeper

    And do you want to hear the best part? You can have one for free.

    But how much is the 2nd and 3rd one?
  8. Roshen Brand Manager

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  9. Draego Augur

    Asking for a clarification please, as the wording implies differently from concerns raised.

    Roshen your announcement to me says the following, regardless of pre-existing account prior to or post creation after Nov. 8, 2013 ANY and ALL players who choose this option between the dates listed, can obtain one of these characters. Is this interpreted correctly?
  10. Putrify Elder

    Question: If I opt to use this on an existing toon, would that character still get the mount and gear? I hope so. And, if so, do they need a certain number of empty bank slots, etc.? Or would the gear be set up as a /claim for that character?
  11. Draego Augur

    Was that even listed as an option? I didn't think so but then again I could be wrong....
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  12. Sinestra Augur

    Have they looked at the pet sizes? I could have sworn that pets got larger once you got higher level, the tree pets are tiny and stay that same size. They look like a bush.
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  13. Mysl Augur

    For the free one, if you are at 8/8 on your account, do you need to delete one existing character to create the Heroic Chanacter?
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  14. code-zero Augur

    I tried it on test and you can convert an existing character to Heroic. Obviously you'd choose something that would actually benefit though
  15. lancelove Augur

    The best part of everquest...after playing for the past 14 years...was grouping with people you never grouped with...and grinding all night! Make it so there is a huge exp bonus for a full group of real people. You've inadvertently created a game of BOTS because there is no bonus for grouping with real people after you added mercs...and no one is looking for group anymore.
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  16. lancelove Augur

    Oh yeah...and add a ton of new aa that you HAVE to group exp to get! HELLO! ;)
  17. Gumnum New Member

    Sorry i have a dumb question to this quote lol so will it really let me get my level 51 cleric to 85?
  18. braedo New Member

    so what exactly kind of gear will the heroic toons have on them?
  19. Lortheus New Member

    Keep ruining the game more and more. Taking all the excitement out of it. New adventurers are going to have skills they have no idea how to use because it was just given to them. They won't have any great tales of that time that the goblins kept training their group in Highkeep. It's just not as fun as taking a character from the lowest of the low all the way to the top. Can heroic characters just be added to a heroic character server oh what like Test. Heroic buff your toon there all you want. I don't think it will be a great normal gameplay enhancement/.
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  20. Rolli New Member

    What im curious about is that your heroic character starts off with a J1 merc with a quest giving you J5 at the end of it - how will this affect free/silver accounts claiming a heroic character?

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