Heroic Character - To do list?

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  1. Allara Ivana New Member

    I created a heroic character (Shadowknight) on live. My eventual goal is to build a two or three box team around this SK to play my way up to the recent expansions.

    Does anyone know of a list of content\quests\camps that are 'must-do' for either upgrades or fun lore? My knowledge of the game gets very spotty around Planes of Power.
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    The most concise list is the Hero's Journey or also know as "achievements" Go thru the list and you will see a ton of stuff to do

    Overall I think Bonzz has a great site that lists many of the quests. Although he is a paladin the content is useful for everyone.

    Now and then Almar's has good stuff (like the walk thru for TBM armor is the best) and EQ Resource is a nice place to find the quests with maps to show the mobs. Usually.

    You should work on the others right now also so they can get up to the SK's level soon - plus you will be able to box them now.
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  3. Allara Ivana New Member

    I had not heard of Bonzz before. I'll take a look at Almar too.

    I found the achievement tab and have been browsing that. It looks like the achievements really come on strong in Seeds of Destruction. I also saw that they're adding new classic achievements in April. I'm excited about that.

    Thank you for the suggestions!
  4. Alnitak Augur

    Seeds of D is a bit low for you and the rewards you get in there are at best are Heroic gear level wearable at lvl 75. And since you are playing a Heroic toon it means SoD rewards are almost useless for you.
    On another hand - next expansion HoT (House of Thule) is a bit too much for a single new Heroic character to handle. You can still go to SoD and kill dark-blue mobs much easier than in HoT and get some decent experience, althouguh with almost no gear rewards.
    This brings me to the question of your box crew. If you plan to make those Heroic, then you should do it now and just go fight in HoT. Kill for experience, do questline for rewards and extra experience, have fun in general.
    If you do not want to make your box characters Heroics and plan to start from level 1, then you need to answer the question how your lvl 85 SK will PL your lvl 2 box toons? (reminder, half-level r max 30 levels difference for group experience sharing).

    I personally use shrouds for such PL situation. To understand how it works you need to get familiar with mercenaries (non-existant during PoP). There are 2 sub-variety of mercenaries Adventurer and Journeyman. Ranks 1 through 5. You can do a simple quest in Feerrot the Dream (initial zone in HoT) to unlock J5 mercenary (which you should be done asap anyway), which gives you an option of hiring the best possible mercenaries (bigger, stronger, faster and not wusses - they fight till they die and not run away when in trouble).

    So, basically, J5 mercenaries only exist at level 85 and above (with a few very rare exeptions at level 75+). However, when you shroud you continue using your existing mercenary (although at lower level).
    And that gives you a unique opportunity to PL lowbies - shroud down to appropriate level to group with your boxed toons, pop your J5 tank mercenary and enjoy the show: J5 tank can typically kill multiple red-con monsters at once(perhaps up-to 10 levels above it), including a named. And does so without a heal.
    Shrouds can be selected levels 5 to 70 with 5 level step. So, you can re-shroud to a higher level once your boxes level up enough, say every 5 to 10 levels. By doing so you can do quite a good job - lvl 5 to 40 in one evening or so in Blighfire Moors (next zone from starting Crescent Reach zone)
    you can do 40 to 50 in another evening in Dulak Harbor (hot-zone with extra experience), and then you can head to Vexar, Barindu or Quinmi to level up to 57.
    At 57 you can group with your real lvl 85 SK and do some real grind.
    Lvl 85 SK + lvl 85 J5 melee dps merc + 2 lvl 57 A5 healer mercs + 2 box toons will do very well in HoT.
    Once your boxes lvl up to 70 you can start doing CotF (Call of the Foresaken) heroic adventures for a really good experience reward, as well as expansion coins Mark of Valor to buy really decent gear.

    By that time you'll learn about TBM gear, augs, Teek brother etc. So you'll have lotsa fun !
  5. Allara Ivana New Member

    You're right, that is important to figure out. I'm still deciding while I nail down my class choices.

    I'd like to make a strong two box team that can be expanded with a low effort third box. Here's kind of what I'm thinking now.

    First box - Shadow Knight
    Second box - Shaman or Enchanter
    Third box - Bard or Mage

    Thanks for the other input on PLing. I've never tried the shroud method before as I always went with a druid for regen and damage shield. I'll definitely give it a try.

    If anyone else is in a similar situation to me, I found a playlist on YouTube that details the journey of one heroic crew.
  6. Quatr Augur

    Unless it has been changed in the last few patches, Heroic characters come with armor but no augmentations. At level 85, a tank class like SK can't be expected to do its job in level-appropriate zones unless each piece of armor has a decent AC augment in it.

    There are a few sources of AC augments that you use. The easiest one is the Bazaar where you can get cheap tradable augments (25AC?) for a few slots.

    The primary augment source intended for Heroic characters is the sequence of quests in the first 2 House of Thule zones: they grant 30AC augments for tank classes. You may be able to get a few of them done solo, but it will be rough at 85 with no augments. A box or a group should be able to do them fairly easily.

    Another source of AC augments will be the CoTF expansion. Its Heroic Adventures are always level-appropriate until level 100 and will give you currency, which you will then be able to use to buy AC augments. "Gribble" in Dead Hills gives the easiest Heroic Adventures, which you may be able to single-pull using FD and then solo. Or at least there is no harm in trying.

    Finally, certain mobs in older expansions drop decent AC augments and can be easily soloed at 85 -- see https://www.paullynch.org/eqblog/?p=462 and http://eqshadowknight.net/showthread.php?t=4796 for some really old lists which were relevant around 75-95. Note that some of these augments are sold by the CoTF vendor mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    Later -- much later, when you are 106+ -- you can look at https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/ultimate-lazy-ac-aug-list-please-help-build.75/ and see what you can get at that level.


    Here is an old list of recommended level 85 AC augments originally taken from http://www.evilgamer.net/forums/showthread.php?t=4870 :

    Ears, Fingers, Range: 25AC/25HP - Shard of the Guardian (Shadowy Student in DSK)

    25AC/100HP - Bonegrinder's Bauble Lore an ancient bonegrinder in Field of Scale
    25AC/90P - Feral Eye Lore Jracsza the Feral in Field of Scale

    Primary 1 hander - Jade of the Ether

    Shield: 35 - Frosty Gem of Enhanced Protection - Frozen Nightmares LDON Raid (Groupable or even duoable now)
    35AC Prismatic Gemstone Lore Type: 7,8 dropped by elementals in Crystallos

    Chest: 30AC / 50 HP - Warleader's Pearl Lore Minotar Warleader in Gyrospire Beza or 2500 Faycite

    Legs: 35AC/50 mana/end - Charged Alloy Bolt Lore Station Attendant Sparkbolt in Steam Factory

    Head: 32AC/75HP 5hcha 5clair - Bayle's Heraldic Crest Lore Ocreangreen Collection Arc

    Face: 30AC/60HP - Crest of the Scarlet Legions - Argil Oppressor in Ashengate

    Neck: 30AC/30HP - Forged Froststeel Ingot - Rallosian Acolyte Aemon in Frostcrypt

    Shoulders: 30AC - Jewel of the Stalwart - Royal Cryptguard Zerakt in Valdeholm

    Arms: 30AC/30HP - Illsalin Enforcer Medal - The Last Migration quest in Undershore

    Back: 30AC/75HP - Fragment of Heavy Steamwork Plating - rare drop in Mechamatic Guardian

    Hands: 20AC/135HP 3hagi 3hamt - Blood of the Fallen Lore Blood Kithicor Collection Arc

    Feet: 35AC/50HP - Geartop Gear Lore Type:7,8 - Geartop in Meldrath's Majestic Mansion

    Waist:30 Colepotera Mechanical Beetle Eye Lore 2500 Faycite

    12AC/75HP/18stats/12svall - Wanderlust Guild Lodestone
    15AC/90HP - Valthon's Memory Shard

    30AC Blessed Shard Lore Type:8 rare in Yxtta - note this is type 8 only, only for people with at least one piece of 'raid' gear.
  7. Allara Ivana New Member

    Great list, thank you Quatr!
  8. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    I'm debating with myself if I want to create another mage when the level 100 HC's are introduced. If I make one, my main goal is to get it to level 105. I have a bunch of old raid gear to equip it with at that level and beyond. After that, do some of the old progression and level it up to 120 within a month after creating it.

    Of course, buy the essential AA's that auto grant doesn't cover.
  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    You may want to wait for lvl 100 HCs. I would wager they'll be announced soon, and release with Anniversary. That's just a guess, though.
  10. Shaiken Journeyman

    I am confused, according to their roadmap, heroic lvl 100 characters are set to be released in September. Did they announce they were changing their time frame somewhere?
  11. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Historically Heroic Characters have been associated with Anniversary. I'm probably wrong.
  12. Shaiken Journeyman

    Guess we will all find out when the Anniversary happens :D
    If not September it probably will be otherwise.
  13. kookoo Augur

    heroic char come undergeared : i hope ** if ** there is level 100 heroic boost ,will be better geared .

    EX: heroic neck lv 85 ( on a druid ) 62 ac, 878 hp , heal focus 60 % ( up to level 90 ) .
    TBM armor level 85 ---------------->>96 ac. 1776 hp, heal focus 55 to 75 ( up to lv 110 ) .
  14. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Current heroic character gear is appropriate if not better than it should be for the era they start in. You get T1 House of Thule gear, which is where you start. Most people reaching T1 House of Thule organically would have gear from the previous expansion.