Heroic Beastlord Guide?

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  1. Entalos Softbranch New Member

    While I am not new to the game, having played a 100 shaman/monk/paladin, I have taken about a 6 month break and want to come back. I decided I wanted something new and made myself a Heroic Character Beastlord. The problem is I have no clue what I am doing with her.

    Ive done some research and found a few things to try and get me set up but all and all from spell list to what i need on my bars I am not happen with what I have right now. Can someone give me a run down of what spells i should be using at 85 then 100 so i can see what to work towards? What macros I should be using? What AA I need to be dragging to my bar to actively watch?

    And to give you an idea of where I am atm

    Kick + macro
    /pause 50. /do 1
    /alt act 247
    /disc Foray
    /alt act 986
    /alt act 11080

    /cast 1 (Frozen Venom)
    /cast 4 (Bite of the Vitrik)
    /cast 8 (Frigid Lance)
    /cast 11 (Jagged Torrent)

    Other spells I have loaded
    Sha's Legacy
    Pet Heal
    Pet Delayed Heal
    Feralgia (no idea when to use)
    Yowl at the Moon (again no idea when to use)

    and aa I have on my bar
    Group levi

    and its from this point that I dont know what else I need to do
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  2. Brohg Augur

    Pause 50 is a real strange thing to be on your Kick button.

    Feralgia you cast every time Growl fades, that's about every two minutes. Growl is a big damage mod on you & warder, it should 100% always be active if you're fighting. Moon you cast every time it's up in between Feralgias. Best damage spell by lots. It should be at the top of your Nuke button.

    You should have AA buttons for Paragon and Focused Paragon, and they should both be greyed out all the time because you use them constantly (Focused on yourself almost always, unless someone has recently died).

    You should have AA button for Companion's Relocation, to push your warder to the back of the mob when you're tanking. Your warder can't take riposte damage, but he can be parried & blocked which reduces his damage a lot.
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  3. Entalos Softbranch New Member

    thats was wrong it was suppose to be timer not pause idk what i was thinking
  4. Apex Elder

    I'll pm you my guide
  5. Romance Augur

    Why not just post it? I'm sure there are other new bsts that would love to know what's up. :)
  6. Crystilla Augur

    As Romance says, please make a post/thread with the guide.

    I'd LOVE to be able to add it to my list of class's heroic guides that I have HERE. Up to 11 of the 16 classes so would love to make that an even 12 (and eventually 16).
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  7. Entalos Softbranch New Member

    All Credit goes to apex but I wanted to share what he told me so anyone else in a similar situation isnt lost without help.

    This is a level 100 guide for RoF only, this is when I quit but I recently just came back

    Your spam attacks are: Kick, Pummel (Lvl 100), Feral Swipe (AA), Bite of Asp (AA), Chameleon Strike (AA). You can make a hotkey to spam that looks like this
    /doability 7 (Place kick on the button under melee attack on the Combat Page (Ctrl C))
    /disc Pummel Rk. II (or III if you have raid)
    /alt activate 247
    /alt activate 986
    /alt activate 11080

    You are going to want to keep Bestial Evulsing (Lvl 96) on you at all times, I made a hotkey that is /pet attack
    /disc Bestial Evulsing Rk. II (Again III for raid)

    Along with Evulsing you're going to want to keep Growl of the Snow Leopard (Lvl 99) on you at all times, gives a nice chunk of hp along with a small heal of time but most importantly a 20% damage modifier to you and pet.

    Now for nukes (***NEVER*** use DoT spells) Frozen Carbomate (Lvl 99), Bale's Maelstrom (Lvl 95), Kromrif Lance (Lvl 99), Poantaar's Bite (Lvl 98), Frostrif Lance (Lvl 94). If you don't box (other casters) I suggest hotkeying all these spells to a single key under Options > Keys > Spell Casting. All my nukes are set to 2 and my spam key I mentioned earlier is also 2 so I just spam the single key. If you box casters it can get in the way unless you set everything on the beastlord to something you don't use on other characters, I box a bard on occasion so I just skip over the 2 key to avoid conflict.

    Now for the Burn Order!

    This setup is for all out dps for short times (being in a high dps guild and groups during progression mobs don't last long so I don't have to spread out discs like some do)
    Ruaabri's Fury (Lvl 98), Bestial Alignment (AA), Savage Rage (Lvl 99), Bloodlust (AA), Second Spire of the Savage Lord (AA), Bestial Bloodrage (AA), Frenzy of Spirit (AA). The Hotkey for this will look like:
    /alt activate 245
    /disc Savage Rage Rk. II (or III)
    /alt activate 241
    /alt activate 1431
    /alt activate 443
    This will be one key for your burn you will need a second that looks like:
    /disc Ruaabri's Fury Rk. II (or III)
    /alt activate 127
    During the burn to refresh all your nukes for the second all are down use Forceful Rejuvenation (/alt activate 7003)
    If the fight runs longer than Bestial Alignment (1 minute) and it's not almost over you can hit Group Bestial Alignment (/alt activate 985)

    If you need to split up your burn set into two sections Burn 1 will be:
    /disc Ruaabri's Fury Rk. II (or III)
    /disc Savage Rage Rk. II (or III)
    /alt activate 443 (Bestial Bloodrage)
    /alt activate 241 (Bloodlust)
    /alt activate 985 (Group Bestial Alignment)

    Burn 2:
    /alt activate 1431 (Second Spire)
    /alt activate 245 (Bestial Alignment)
    /alt activate 127 (Frenzy of Spirit)

    Spell Sets
    Heal (Jaerol's Mending)
    Pet Heal (Salve of Blezon)
    Nuke (Frozen Carbonate)
    Nuke (Nak's Maelstrom)
    Nuke (Kromrif Lance)
    Nuke (Poantaar's Bite)
    Slow (Sha's Reprisal)
    Nuke (Frostrift Lance)
    Werewolf (Kesar's Feralgia)
    SE (Spiritual Evolution)
    Fero (Shared Mericless Ferocity)
    AE Nuke (Kromrif Roar)

    Heal (Jaerol's Mending)
    Pet Heal (Salve of Blezon)
    Pet (Spirit of Lachemit)
    Pet Proc (Spirit of Nak)
    Pet Haste (Extraodinary Velocity)
    Pet Offensive (Plakt's Aggression)
    SE (Spiritual Evolution)
    SV (Spiritual Vindication)
    Focus (Focus of Sanera)
    Pet Heal Proc (Empowering Warder)
    Fero (Shared Mericless Ferocity)
    AE Nuke (Kromrif Roar)

    /pause 5, /useitem 24 23 -- (overhaste)
    /pause 5, /useitem 3 -- (form of endurance)
    /pause 5, /useitem 4 -- (might of stone)
    /pause 5, /useitem 8 -- (illusionary spikes)
    /pause 5, /useitem 11 -- (prismatic ward)

    /pause 5, /useitem 20 -- (expanding mind)
    /pause 5, /useitem 24 20 -- (soothing breath)
    /pause 1, /useitem 24 22 -- (storm guard)
    /pause 45, /useitem 24 19 -- (nagafen familair)
    /pause 5, /useitem 6 -- (myrmidon's skill)
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  8. Ravengloome Augur

    I'd read that really awesome post Romance made about burns. Forgot what thread it was on, but it had some very solid advice on burn useage to maximize your combine parse.
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  9. Romance Augur

    Looks good to me, only things I personally would do different is either swap second spire for first spire or use second spire with RF instead of SF since the pet will be swinging faster/procing more with RF, and I'd make GBA it's own key instead of stacking it with SR.

    The post Raven mentioned is here: https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index.php?threads/new-beast-aa.214649/page-2
    About 1/3 of the way down the page, but it's specifically only about burns.

    Apex's info is solid, hopefully he doesn't mind it being shared.
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  10. Stubar Augur

    I agree, Apex, Lifeshriek and Romance are three of the best beastlords I've ever had the privilege of playing with during my EQ career (I said played with! It's not a dig on anyone). You can take any advice from them with confidence.

    Edit: And Tibbers of course. Sorry brother!
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  11. Aldren Another New Member

    For punishment you'll now have to return to the game. See you at raids in a few hours!
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  12. KopeAcetic New Member

    Seriously have to say thank you for this thread and specific huge thanks to Entalos Softbranch. I've been contemplating coming back and trying EQ again and this guide is awesome. Coming back to so many abilities and not knowing which ones to prioritize is incredibly daunting, but this makes it manageable, also like the comments about paragon...I love being utility for a group, not just dps :D
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  13. Brohg Augur

    This spell set not including Yell at the Moon boggles me a bit. 600 mana difference between it & Feralgia cast every three ticks considered meaningless? Maybe the SE slot could be freed up?
  14. Gatash Lorekeeper

    One of the strengths of the class is the great versatility. Though not ideal, we can also tank current content and survive this with healer mercs, provided that the big aggro classes don't feel the need to put numbers before survivability :) DPS isn't shabby, I think slow still has a decent spot in a group, PoS for mana regen, some big dps increases for groups. In the interests of trying to get info in one place for people starting out with the class, since it's often spread out in lots of different threads and not easy to search for...

    Tips on tanking (https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index.php?threads/gortar-was-wrong.209447/#post-3071014)

    1. Have growl up at all times for fights. (those xtra HP are nice as well as the 20 pct damage mod)

    2. Pull with incapacitate (I only use slow on the 2 pull) pulling with slow will actually hurt dps.

    3. Hit one disc (savage rage/bestial alignment/frenzy spirit) it will shorten fight times significantly, however save bloodlust for "emergencies, we have a few skills to spread out over time for better sustained dps.

    4. Keep protective spirit ready, if you are really spiking badly and hit around 40 pct health, that's the time to hit it--if you use that and the fight isn't over hit monkey and keep warder's gift ready.

    5. Be an Ogre---I can not stress this enough. I've been an Iksar, Vah shir and even a barbarian, however I always go back to being an Ogre. It makes tanking soooooo much easier (Edrick...I F-ing hate you for suggesting wood elf...not really! <3). I have my crown clicky for that.

    6. If you've hit all your defensive discs and you're still "in trouble" have a bandolier with weapons that have a life tap on them, hit that with bloodlust and you'll be good for another 20 seconds.

    7. Ac is king, get AC augs with dex (a few agi wouldn't hurt, however I only use one) on them, you will be blown away at how much better you handle tanking. Don't be a baddie and use stamina augs with no AC on them. That's for magelo padding.

    8. Powersources---I use Ethereal all the time now. It has a pretty good amount of AC, and a whack of mana and maxes all of my stats. Saying that, as long as the one being used has AC, it should help quite a bit.

    Personal Tribute and Trophies (Might have changed since but gives a starting basis https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/...ersonal-tribute-question.206636/#post-3034978 )
    Eyes of the Hunter
    Fury of Combat (yes it stacks)
    Hero's Deftness
    Juggler's Grace
    Juggler's Grace II

    Trophy of the Breeding Grounds
    Trophy of the Landing
    Trophy of the Tree
    Trophy of the Waste

    Credit to Stubar for the above, and the burn strat by Romance has already been linked in this thread. There's probably more that could do with being put in this thread but I have to run to work. If I think of any more I will add it later, and don't forget http://beastlords.org/ which has accumulated knowledge over the years.
  15. Romance Augur

    It's recast timer being 18 and it being recast every 18 seconds are different things.

    Last night from Arx 1 to Arx 5, 4364 seconds engaged I cast Feralgia 39 times, mostly to keep growl up. Trash mobs don't last long enough and minis and named are burned. So often times either savage rage is running or the mob wild ramps or my dps is too high to make it worth casting.

    Beastlords, like many classes are tight on spell slots, it will vary from guild to guild slightly and player to player slightly. Personally I mid event buff people with SE and Fero too often to see them as expendable spell slots.
  16. Brohg Augur

    DPS too high for 1.5sec Cry at the Moon. Cr8zy. a'ight, ty.
  17. Apex Elder

    Sorry! I would've posted in here again but I haven't checked the forums :/ I haven't had a chance to play 101-105 so I don't know what all is new and some stuff may have changed. I'll definitely be messing around a bit with some stuff coming up because I'm bored but like Romance said I only use Feralgia for the growl component, I rarely ever used it for the pets themselves, sometimes I would just swap the spell just for growl itself to save the mana.. If they would ever just change the actual cast time on the pets to 1s so it can be hastened to .5s it would be used alot more.. during a burn you can't afford a 1.5s cast time for anything
  18. Romance Augur

    It's basically a dot, 1.5s for ~90k total dmg w/o a bard, ~150k total dmg w/ a bard.
    So if you're over 60kdps w/o a bard or 100kdps w/ a bard then it's a dps detriment.
  19. WooWoo Journeyman

    Do you weave your attacks?
    Spell, spam ability, spell, spam ability

    do you cast all spam abilities at once:
    Spell, spam, spam, spam, spam, spell ?
  20. Brohg Augur

    The point of a spam button is you just tap it all the time, so that whatever's up fires as soon as it's ready. Frequently multiple of them will fire at once because they're all instant, but you certainly don't pay attention to the order or timing.