Heroic Adventure Exp Scaling Data (pre/post patch) From Test

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  1. Croak Augur

    For as long as I can remember, AAs have been calculated based upon the highest level toon in a group.
    So if you have a level 100 in some way PLing a level 70, if the lv100 gets 2.5AA then the lv70 gets 2.5 AA

    This is also true on doing PoK dailys - a high level toon might get 8AA for killing 5 mobs, and the low level toons with almost no AA get 8AA x their bonus
    No scaling.

    But heroic adventures are messed up, and this was true before todays patch on test server, and are still messed up after. It makes sense to scale real exp (at least a little), but no sense to scale AAs in this way, especially for kills.

    This is data for Gribble 1

    Group consisted of

    lv100 maxAA SK (latent + rof t1 non vis + VoA/HoT/UF augs)
    lv100 8.9k Mage
    lv100 Cleric merc
    lv90 bard 1500-1700 AA at various parts of test
    lv86 wiz 261 - 351AA at various parts of test
    lv86 wiz 262 - 352AA at various parts of test

    Of course if this was a full group of lv100s I would be burning through the instance 3+ times faster.

    People say test is double exp - this isn't true with AA - it is just like a double exp weekend, with AA you get +100%, so if you have no AA bonus, it does work out as x2, but if you have 900% bonus that only becomes 1000%

    Pre - patch

    I don't have per kill data pre-patch


    lv100 6.15AA
    lv90 6.20AA
    lv86 3.59AA

    I was compiling data because I was annoyed that with a HA, it seemed my lv86 toons were being penalized significantly beyond being baggage in a slow killing group.

    After Test Update 11/12/2014

    Per Kill (affected by group of 5 toons + 1 merc)

    Blue cons to lv100 undead ambush and mosquitoes at end

    All set to 100% AA

    lv100 = 13%
    lv90 = 11%
    lv86 = 10%

    Not very many points, but that looks like a very linear scaling down of 1% every 5 levels, so lv75 would get only 8% AA per kill in this group configuration.


    lv100 = 18.48 AA
    lv90 = 12.96 AA
    lv86 = Lost AA due to capping, gained at least 9AA x bonus

    The lv90 with 1638 was only just shy of being capped, earning 89.45 AA for completion


    AA loss due to capping is unfortunate but not something I am going to really complain about, but it is caused by back-loading the exp on completion. Once you get to lv90 / 2kAA it will unlikely be a problem (only 500% bonus then) as long as you use your AAs just before final hail.

    A high level character with very low AA counts is realistic, it is someone who has been free to play or silver up to lv85, 90, 95 who just went all access.

    Some of the newly balanced heroic adventures give more exp for completion, so AA caps will be an even bigger problem resulting in lost reward for your time.

    I hate the AA scaling (both before & after) - I am not sure how normal exp scaling works with HA as that has always been a little fuzzy.

    I would be interested in seeing what data you get

    Example calculation for AA bonus

    toon at lv90 1638AA

    (1- (1638/4000))x10 = 5.9 or 590% bonus
    Test exp bonus = 1 or 100%
    Earned AA for completion 89.45
    89.45/6.9 = 12.96 AA earned without bonus
  2. Mintalie Augur

    Math is not my strong suit. Can you bottom line this for me?
  3. Numiko Augur

    I don't play on test but i do have two of the 2009 "recruit a friend" accounts with the 100% exp bonus so would be getting exp at about the same rate.

    Of course i have not seen the "new" scaling but i can tell you doing the same HA you tested my two "Bonus" characters I would get about 34-36% of a AA per kill.

    They are both over 10K AA's so would not get any of the accelerated AA bonus exp which i do not think you considered.

    The Final hail at the end would result in about 5-6 aa's.

    I would typically get about 18-22 aa's per HA without using lesson depending on if the named pop'ed or not, with lesson it would be about 30-34 AAs per run. (including hail)
  4. Croak Augur


    Not enough data for real conclusions - it may not even go live "as is" - I don't know you or how you play EQ, so how can I give you a bottom line from your perspective?

    It probably doesn't affect a near enough Max Level, Max AA, Raid geared mage who only plays 1 toon,

    For each toon I calculated the exact bonus before kill or final hail, noted AAs before & after, and calculated reward without bonuses.
    For the lv86 toons I couldn't do that because their AA gain went over the 90AA cap, even for a toon with 0 AA to spend.

    17-18% per kill without bonus seems about right from pre-patch
    5-6% for final hail seems low - pre-patch lv100 on test was 12.3AA for final hail, thus 6.15 with no bonus...

    But then maybe RAF is slightly different in the way it works to test bonus
  5. Numiko Augur

    on test do you get a bonus for Quest exp as well?

    On a normal server we do not, my RoF accounts get the same amount of exp for quest reward exp as my non RoF account, the bonus only applies to Mob kills.
  6. Croak Augur

    We get the bonus on quests - comparing your completion exp with mine pre-patch confirms/explains that, and interesting that RaF doesn't get that benefit... makes RaF more like a 100% exp potion than x2 exp day.

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