Heroes Are Forged - The Hero's Forge Mission Discussion

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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    The mission drops gear for the 125, so what do you think?

    Common sense.

    Just because your 120 doesn't mean you have max AA and gear from previous expansion either.
  2. Metanis Bad Company

    The possibilities were endless, the result is massively annoying. Challenging shouldn't have to mean annoying.

    Don't even bother trying to fix this event. Just give us a replacement that is fun and challenging at the same time.
  3. Sancus Augur

    Each mini spawns and is inactive but attackable for a period before activating/doing mechanics. With enough DPS, you could just kill each during this inactive period before they do anything.

    I've been running this with lean groups to maximize chances at neck drops so I've never tried/witnessed it, but it doesn't seem implausible that a group could do what's being described.
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  4. Cicelee Augur

    When Sancus refers to lean groups, he is referring to the classic De La Soul song "Me, Myself and I"
  5. Derresh Augur

    Even if your group is not strong enough to burn all 3+shalowain, You only really need to burn spider before it ports to save a mountain of time on this event.

    There are several abilities in game to mitigate the kite emote to where you can just ignore them, i usually opt for dragon glyph but things like glyph spray will work fine or atleast allow you to ignore 1 of the 2.

    Despite being able to complete the mission in about a minute, I do agree with a lot of the complaints about the mission in this thread.
  6. Alnitak Augur

    175*3 + 395 = 920 mil HP between 4 bosses.
    To do it under 60 seconds requires 15.34 million dps for entire 60 seconds on average (actually higher - it takes a few seconds to run from boss to boss even if its just a few steps.
    And the spider queen actually teleports into rooms - may take a few seconds to reengage.

    That is a raid dps (sucky, short-roster, pick-up raid).
    I want to see that video of this mission under 1 minute!
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  7. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

  8. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    One thing to understand is that in the group mission, the first person clearing their echo refreshes the timer for the second person - (if they walk into it, etc at that point, they will die, if the timing is bad).

    so plan ahead, and coordinate, whose going first, so the second person knows they are getting the timer refresh and doesnt explode themself.
  9. Derresh Augur

    2 of the characters in this parse are group geared FWIW

    Spazu can do it like 18seconds faster than that FWIW
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  10. Evurkvest Augur

    I would change the following:

    - Slime add often don’t aggro group until you killed slime and start moving around. Not sure if its spawning before slime is dead or after. Either way, annoying.
    - Remove Spider webs.
    - Remove Lich porting.
    - Remove one music thing to kite and reduce the penalty damage for failing drastically.
    - Remove the other AE during Shalowain or reduce it.
  11. Cicelee Augur

    Spider webs makes players strategize and work together. Removing them makes it easy. There has to be some challenge.

    The lich doesn't need to port every 5 seconds. But it should port. Again, adds some challenge. I would say every 15 seconds is more realistic.

    If you know the mechanics and perform well, then you will win. If you just run around and auto attack, you won't. There has to be some level of difficulty with a mission, not just random T1 tank and spank named. I would increase the lich porting to every 15 seconds (even 10 if they don't want to go that far) and call it a day.

    Oops one more thing- the moving auras should despawn on chest open. Having to still run around while looking at loot is bleh
  12. alanus Augur

    You're killing each named, with 1 group, in under 15 seconds each? I am a bit skeptical on that
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  13. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Why is it such a sin to make group missions easier for group players?
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  14. Alnitak Augur

    Actually, spider web in that mission is easy enough if a group uses suitable method.
    In my pet-tanking groups the spider is actually quite simple:
    /target EGG
    /pet attack
    /pet swarm
    and watch sacks being destroyed in a few seconds (they typically have 12 to 17 mil HP depending on regeneration allowed), and then the queen becomes active again without regenerating any notable %.

    Some groups actually use small green slime debuf to slide through webs. Some just position melee members inside rooms. There are a few other odd tricks to use if desired.
    Or simply wait for webmaster spawn and kill the adds.
    The spider queen is not nearly as punishing as the bard is.

    Those auras during bard fight are way too nasty. Too easy to get whiped regardless of group roster or character gear.
  15. Spazu Journeyman

    Here's your crudely made video. Lost my monk between spider and lich - you can see him lock up on the spider's death and do the death loop run down the ramp. I normally have gina on to let me know when AF breaks, but I forgot to load it. Still did the mission in 56 seconds despite that fact.
  16. Alnitak Augur

    Nice, nice, nice.
    Did I view it correctly that it takes level 125 raid geared SK and use of Intensity of the Resolute and automation software to beat this mission under 1 minute?
  17. Spazu Journeyman

    No you viewed it how you wanted to view it, I guess. There's nothing that stops any group of players from producing the maximum amount of dps for their class and doing just what was done there. My sk doesn't even top the parse on that - it's too short. And for your little jab about "automation software" - pretty obviously not "automated". lol
  18. Derresh Augur

    most players are using group weapons, and maybe 30 luck grp non-visibles right now depending on class. So i dont really get the raid geared argument.

    Also with a grp of 6 real players it would probably be even faster
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  19. Zunnoab Augur

    If it's possible to totally bypass mechanics by burning them before they activate that needs to be fixed, in my opinion. The mechanics themselves should be fixed if they are an issue.

    I'll reiterate that this mission is a victim of missing the refinements made to the raid, a problem affecting several missions going back several expansions. The lich adds should be made HP based, both to not be skipped by high DPS and to not become an infinite slog with lower DPS.

    Here's my fix:
    I can think of a number of ways to fix the spider, but the most simple is simply this: make the emote a 10 second warning that the spider is spinning webs. Get in there before the webs are spun and take out the egg.

    Make the lich port and spawn an add every 20% except 0%, in addition to a timed port with no add every 20 sec as well.

    Shalowain absolutely should not target the tank with an echo. Delay the first emote 5 seconds after aggro. Reduce the group echo buff to 20 seconds.

    I think my ideas fix the mission.
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  20. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Nice, set-up. Obviously not automation, just key broadcasting through Icey Bopper.

    Side note, it is fascinating how little real estate gets dedicated to the actual EQ gameplay.
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