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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Managerbob, May 9, 2020.

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  1. Managerbob New Member

    I've been playing on the 20th fast progression server. I recently reached level 41 so i've been at it for a couple weeks. Today I try to log in but it tells me I'm not an all access subscription and I can't play on that server? I've been playing on that server for weeks... plz help
  2. Qbert Augur

  3. Managerbob New Member

    That was temporary?!?!.. FFS.. I didn't know that... way to let new players with no experience know what's going on... I quit again.. Haven't played in 20 years literally. ... I'll never play again.. Thanks for letting me know.. I don't know how to kill the thread but, I consider the matter closed. Thanks again for a quick reply...
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  4. Qbert Augur

    Well, yes, it was a promotion designed to get people to try it out and hopefully decide that subscribing would be worth their while. It wasn't for you, so good luck. On the other hand, most servers don't require a subscription; if you were having some fun, maybe try those out.
  5. Herf Augur

    One would have to work pretty hard to not noticed it was announced as a temporary thing....
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  6. CatsPaws Augur

    SMH how could you be "a new player with no experience" but "haven't played in 20 years"

    Poor guy is more confused than just not reading the promotional ad.
  7. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    You have 2 options, pay to play or earn some PP then buy kronos use them to make yourself all access.
    I have an all access membership, but I use kronos to keep from being charged fees. Honestly the monthly subscription is low compared to what people pay for various other luxuries.
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  8. Pawtato Augur

    Go try Firiona Vie, it’s permanent experience bonus and free up to 105.
  9. ThickHog New Member

    Same here, me and two of my friends came back to the game, two of us bought krono to get some platinum to start off with. Now our characters and the platinum from the krono we purchased are locked behind a paywall... we even bought a bunch of station cash to get backpacks and appearance items, which now we have no access to.

    What a bait and switch...
  10. Nennius Augur

    How so? It was announced that free access to TLP servers would end on May 8th. You could argue (I suppose) that additional announcements concerning the end of this promotional would have been wise, but DPG kept their end of the bargain. You got free access for the period described.

    Out of curiosity, did you really think that the TLP servers were intended to remain FTP? I am really curious. It was rather well announced here in the forums. Was it on the TLP servers? I don't know TBH. I do remember comments here in the forums about the likely storm of protest when this gift promotional period ended. It would seem that those predictions are now coming true.
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  11. ThickHog New Member

    How the hell would I know whats intended to remain FTP and what isnt. Literally not a single one of us knew about this. Most MMOs are a fully free-to-play model these days. Especially when the steam download page is literally called "EverQuest Free to Play"
  12. CatsPaws Augur

    With that kind of money to throw around for Krono ($17.99 each) and Station Cash (unknown amount for appearance items and backpacks) then you should have plenty to buy a month subscription with enough left over to transfer off that server to a free live server.

    How did you make the decision to play on TLP anyway? Most returning players try to get their old accounts back and play free on live servers when they return.
  13. Catastrophe New Member

    You expect a free to play player to google search the server status of when/if there will be a pay wall in the future? I don't know about you but when I see a free to play game I have never once google search the game to see if it will remain free to play. Next time ill scour the ftp game forums to find future updates to a pay wall...
  14. ThickHog New Member

    You are next level big brain, you clearly don't understand the principle of a free to play game. Purchases like krono and appearance items is literally how a free to play game makes profit.. Not to mention that a one time purchase is very different than a recurring payment for each character.

    The simple fact that I as a consumer just got tricked, and items I paid money for are being held behind a paywall now. Sure I have plenty of money to "buy a month subscription with enough left over to transfer off that server to a free live server." for each and every character if I wanted to, but that is not right. Its insane that you think that is the solution.
  15. Nennius Augur

    Did you then spend additional cash on the game? If so, there are scams waiting for you. Enjoy. And yes, I do expect people read about things before they spend money on them or spend lots of time on it. Not to do that is frankly, careless, and possibly stupid. It is just common sense to do a bit of research before spending money these days. The research is just too easy to do.

    "Literally not a single one of us knew about this." You will have to prove this statement. Lots of folks here did know about it. I think your statement is false at it's face.

    I, and lots of folks I am sure, understand that you are angry. To me it's like someone who orders something on-line and doesn't bother to read the description of the product, and then gets angry because it doesn't fit them. Come to think of it, that's exactly what happened. Also, DPG NEVER advertised that the promotional period would continue past May 8th.

    I don't work for DPG, but they were warned here by more than one person that they might be setting themselves up for just this sort of issue. When you give folks something free they feel entitled to believe that it should always be free. I think it would have been wise to have it pop up as a message of the day every time you logged on.
  16. ThickHog New Member

    I, and many others like me i'm sure, were not informed of this and are not trying to act "entitled". Like you said this should have been listed somewhere. In what universe is the forums the first stop when you are trying to play a new (or old) game. Most people, unless you are a very die hard fan, only visit the forums when they encounter an issue.

    Was the information out there? Sure, but did they ever present it to me during download/install, server selection, char creation, or in game during play? NO.. even when I visited the website to spend money in their damn store, it was not there.
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  17. Catastrophe New Member

    Look dude... not everyone is a forum rat like you. I enjoy playing the game not sitting in forum discussions to show everyone how much of daybreak shill that I am.
  18. code-zero Augur

    Is this for real? How did the OP find out about free access until May 8 and miss the May 8 part?
  19. ThickHog New Member

    OP, like I, likely happened to come back to the game during the promotion with no knowledge of its existence.
  20. GNOME_POWER Augur

    I don't know about it.
    it displayed here?
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