Help: Steam launcher won't run game on Windows 10

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Eknhomaht, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    How do I get the game to run?

    It won't even run. I've tried compatibility with administrator privileges and disabling the fullscreen thingy. Won't work. Also tried compatibility with win 7 and 8.
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  2. Luminya New Member

    My brother is also having the same issue. He uninstall/reinstall with no luck.
  3. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    It appears there is a game wide issue happening. A lot of folks have not been able to install.
  4. CatsPaws I don't like titles

  5. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    That forum post is for people who can start the game. My game won't even start.
  6. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    That post is for people unable to download and test server and patcher issues, it covers a lot.

    So you were able to download? Is this a new download or have you played on Steam with EQ recently? What happen when you try to log in?
  7. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    I have downloaded the files via steam. The program won't even run. I only just downloaded last night.
  8. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    After you download the game it needed to patch. It could not patch because of the issue that is going on with the DNS servers

    The devs are aware of the issue
    Status: 11/12/2020 8:08 PST - We are continuing to investigate an issue with launching/patching the game.
  9. Naterbater Journeyman

    Any updates on this?
  10. Naterbater Journeyman

    I really like that you can access the membership info and pay for a subscription, but can't download the game to actually put the subscription to use.
  11. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    Ok... there is no pending patch on steam but I assume you mean the game won't open at all unless it speaks with the server?
  12. Eknhomaht Journeyman

  13. Oath New Member

    It's a patching issue. Steam downloads old game files.
    If you look at the icon in the game folder for Launchpad.exe it doesn't show the DBG eye icon. It shows the older SOE icon.

    I downloaded it today and have the same problem on Steam. It is a bummer, man. I feel your pain.

    What you're seeing happen on Steam here is the launcher can't open so it doesn't and closes. This is because the launcher itself is out of date.

    Further proof for anyone interested can be found in log files located in these two places:
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Daybreak Games Company\ApplicationUpdater\.DownloadInfo.txt

    <EverQuest Install Folder>\.DownloadInfo.txt
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  14. Oath New Member

    Presumably anyone with up-to-date game files can still log in using the eqclient patchme trick. Which you can find on the web.
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  15. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    Thank you for explaining it! See I was given just some generic catcall explanation from Customer Service that didn't seem to match up.

    In the past, the Launcher would have to actually OPEN and RUN before downloading the patch, so what you're saying here is that the launcher HAS to connect to the servers to verify it is up to date before running? Because Steam is downloading the older files, and not the newer ones, it just simply won't run because it's not communicating with daybreak servers?

    Or is it just that steam downloaded older files and so the steam files are screwed no matter what?
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  16. Oath New Member

    Yeah, basically. What you see on the screen isn't the first thing the launcher does.
    My guess is that it has to be more out of date than a few patches to do what you're seeing on Steam
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  17. Naterbater Journeyman

    Day three (?) of this issue.
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  18. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    Ok it being THIS out of date explains why there are 2 years of complaints on the Steam Messageboard.
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  19. Lizzbizz New Member

    Having the same issue. Launcher won't start.
    "Devs" Probably forgot to extend certificates or some other crap. :)
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  20. Naterbater Journeyman

    I tried to ask Highwinds (the CDN) what the actual problem is, but they won't disclose information about clients.
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