Help! Old topic needs to be cleared up. Enchanter starting stat points distribution

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  1. Stoney123 New Member

    I realize this horse is beat however I’m still unclear on the true answers. I’m rolling a high elf enchanter on Mangler and need help deciding where to put my starting stat points. Thanks in advance. Would like to hear from someone who actually has a high level enchanter on a top. Thanks
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    There's no 100% "true" answer. Make sure your AGI is 75+ (I think all chanter races will start with this anyway) then most chanters will split some combo of INT/CHA. Or if you want to think past classic/kunark era, you could go STA instead. INT will increase your mana cap; CHA will slightly lower the frequency of charm breaks. Both are reasonably easy to cap with gear by Velious/Luclin at which point you'd technically be better off having spent them in STA for a few extra hp. Then later on all your stats will be capped with gear and it just doesn't matter at all what you spent the points on.
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  3. Pikallo Augur

    This ought to be an interesting thread.

    Different responses will include

    1) Trolling
    2) Charisma and its anecdotes
    3) Not charisma and its anecdotes
    4) HP/AC (agility to cap)
    5) Intellect
    6) it doesn't matter

    I played an enchanter main on phinny up to oow and I can tell you for sure the starting stats do not matter. In fact once stats become easily capped in later expansions, the only stat I had that was not capped was strength - so, in hindsight, I would have gotten more value from going strength.
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  4. Baldur Augur

    If you're going to do tradeskills at all early on go int, otherwise it doesn't matter.

    There is a point like the previous poster said where you'll have all your stats capped as a caster except strength. I think it's through PoP at least where that's the case.
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  5. Evade Augur

    Apparently Cha isnt what it use to be. Your level vs mobs level and magic resist are the biggest factors in charming now.

    I'm going hard AC/HP this time around and my starting stats will be +25agi and 5 int
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  6. snailish Augur

    You can read multiple threads about this from the past two years.

    Or just listen to the posters above my response.

    If your playstyle is intense enough for it to matter... you are going to overgear the eras and have maxed stats pretty fast anyways.

    If you are a dabbler... it still really doesn't matter.

    Str is actually really good for any person that doesn't buy bags and doesn't want issues with weight.

    Int does make first few expacs a bit easier for maxing that if you are a dabbler (if you raid semi-seriously you won't have issues)... but early era gear for casters tilts towards int anyways (will actually be easier when not trying to fit focus effects into the mix as you can choose some really high int pieces in slots you would of had for focus).

    75 agility, make sure that happens.

    Sta is often the best spot to slam the points into, in my opinion.

    Changes to MR resists years ago, and choosing charm targets appropriately really reduces the value in stacking cha. You will get lots of cha on chanter gear by default anyways... plus you get self buffs for cha.
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  7. TLP Addict Augur

    Charisma over rated as above posters have stated.

    Keeping tash and malo on the pet will do more for charm duration than any amount of charisma.

    Next up is having the AC and hps to comfortably recharm without giving your healer a heart attack every time charm breaks.
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  8. ShivanAngel Augur

    Charisma is overrated unless you stack the hell out of it... like get it over 200 stack the hell out of it.

    Agi to 75

    My PERSONAL choice is int, if you get a really nasty pull/repops etc I always liked having that 1/2 more mez's in my arsenal.

    TBH its mostly personal preference...

    Do you want 1-2 more mezzes(int), 1-2 more evasion(agi), 100ish more hp(sta)..... Once luclin roles around it stops mattering as a raid geared luclinite will max all important stats.
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  9. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    AGI to 75> Cha>AGI

    Any other answer is incorrect.

    Also, Gnome is the best enchanter race.

    Of the 4 that are relevant Int is the worst choice. You won't cap AGI/CHA without buffs till SoL at the very earliest and same goes for STA before SoV

    P.S. Shield AC is broken
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  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    All AGI.

    Source: Leveled to 60 with base 75 CHA, charming the entire way. Only thing you need to worry about is -CHA gear for your pet. Forget about +CHA gear for yourself.

    I actually had someone in velks comment that I must have a lot of CHA because my charms last so much longer than theirs. I didn't even bother to cast the CHA buff on myself, it's that "broke."
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  11. Koshk Elder

    Seriously thought this was a troll thread, given discussions the other day. Glad it's not.

    Stoney, you said you wanted to play a High Elf enchanter. That race has a naturally high charisma (90), highest of all enchanter races. Starting Intelligence is a comfortable 102. Agility is already 85, which is 10 points above minimum.

    I think there's a good argument to putting points in Strength (you only start with 55). Just so you can carry more loot. And as others mentioned, Strength is probably the 1 stat you'll max out last. HP's are awesome, but I don't think Stamina gives a good enough return.

    I'd probably drop 15-25 points into Strength, rest into Intelligence.
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  12. Green_Mage Augur

    You can get like +15 Cha day 1 from a stein. There are many easy/cheap Cha items.On top of that, last I checked there was no hard answer on how much Cha helps. We just know that it does.

    Int is not exactly hard but its a little harder to big boosts from cheap items right away.

    For that reason I like Erudite max INT. it's a great way to start naked. You can go Prexus if you don't want to be agnostic -- and it really isn't going to impact your factions in any meaningful way. IDK if later expos there is an advantage to this or not because I've really not played that deep into EQ expos.

    Edit: obviously always make sure you get 75 agi at least. I've also heard max agi is best in the long run. Maybe worth it on Seleos, but I'd just take the starting INT for Mangler.
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  13. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    You must mean -MR pet gear.
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  14. Starshape Lorekeeper

    Played an enc last couple of TLPs. Eventually your starting stats won't matter.

    For High Elf i would go 25 int/5 sta. Increasing agi is fine too. You can live with low str for carrying things.

    Ignore CHA, just tash when you are charming.
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  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Yeah... I'm just so frickin excited!
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  16. Weebles Augur

    If starting stats don’t matter (and they don’t), you might as well allocate them to make the first couple xpacs easier. To me, that’s a little bit of extra int for those nasty pulls where you chain mez, charm breaks twice, etc etc (people will say “good enchanters never oom,” to them I say your puller is weaksauce), and then a little bit of extra strength so you can actually loot some items.
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  17. Stoney123 New Member

    Thank you all so much for insight and advice.
  18. Stoney123 New Member

    Ok would your answer be different if I went dark elf? Just curious because I am more familiar with starting zone. Thanks
  19. Grailer Augur

    Yeah the Stein from ogre guards that are lvl 35? Just log in day 1 and loot a Stein from Ogre guards being chain killed by lvl 45 players .
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