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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Daivid, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Daivid Lorekeeper

    Leveled a BST to 80 and it was smooth sailing getting here.
    80 to 81 seems like it took me weeks, I'm on FV, I did my best to get Terror Inf. gear and made sure the rest was updated off the bazaar.

    But yet if I go to feerrott the dream it takes me everything to down one mob. Judging by that, I will be lvl 81 for months.
    Is this normal?
    (Have all access and all expacs)
  2. Dangercat New Member

    That is still a little low to solo in there. Plus the exp from progression there is not the most efficient exp you could get at your level. If you haf either a consistent group or boxed even one other toom i would think sure HoT is a great expac to progress through. But honestly id recommend four alternative routes for your next few levels before returning to HoT.
    A- the dailys from teek or at lwadt hills of shade and oceangreen hills: knock them out every time they are up jntill you can get revamped oldbloodfields one
    B- can do something similar with the dsh fairy tower kill tasks for dah loping plains and hills of shade, amd slme of these can overlap two kill quests from both dah and lopin for example on the orcs.
    C-there is some instances in TBM that are level instancing and i think you would have as much luck with much more reward clearing them then doing HoT st 81
    D- soon as you can get into cotf level instancing HAs same idea as tbm but more exp and a different set of return coin
    Anyhow good luck and hope this helps
  3. Visitor Elder

    Which zones did you grind to get to 80 and 81, Dream Feerott is not easy especially for solo/molo. Normally reds are more XP then yellows are more then evens etc., however, the kill pace makes a big difference. If you have to use max effort to kill one mob, i would suggest a return to previous hunting ground.
  4. Dangercat New Member

    Also forgot to mention especially if you on FV. Make sure you got the best emhanced minion clicky line for your pet as you can afford/use for your level
  5. Borek-VS Augur

    I'd prioritise the 75/80 hot zone kill quests for exp; Loping Plains kill quests (words, etc) are still ok. Otherwise, you should aim to stay in SoF zones to 85; Mechmatic Guardian, Beza and Zeka are the zones to go for.
  6. Picaresque Augur

    Is it difficult to find guilds to join on the FV server? That is definitely your best option at 80-81, getting guild mates to join you or let you join them with higher level Teek missions or Valley kill/grinds.
  7. Gundolin Augur

    I think that 80-83'ish you should be doing the Loping Plain Warg and Orc Quests. Should be fairly easy to Molo in between doing your 75, and 80 Daily quests from Fanklin Teak. Also jump on board anyone running to do their 85 in PoK and you should be able to power through the level relatively fast.
  8. Daivid Lorekeeper

    Thank you for all the responses and Danger for your alt routes,
    I will attempt to answer your questions =)
    - I level 80-81 in this old blood field zone, accessed it through a port in space hehe the mobs (snakes, mini dinos, scorps and snakes were easy to kill even when con'd red)

    - Enhanced Minion V is listed on my earing, clicking it only shrinks my pet (not sure if the EM is passive)

    - I will head to LP tonight and look for these warg and orc quests.

    thanks again guys =)
  9. Rumlebrag Elder

    The enchanced minion effect is used when you CREATE your pet (aka wear it when you cast the pet)

    otherwise the rest have some good advice
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  10. Borek-VS Augur

    And there is no message, nothing, to tell you that your EM has had any effect.
  11. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Best advice I can give you is to start leveling another box or two even if you plan to only use them for mercs.

    It'll take you over a month to reach 100 without boxes, it'll take about 5 days with boxes. You only need 2 and you only need to utilize them for their mercs if you're super lazy.

    Otherwise you best bet is very very very slowly grinding in hotzones or begging high level players for help in the form of PL
  12. Questoften32 Augur

    I advise you to do it yourself without boxing, make this character mean something.

    I salute you for the way you leveled to 80, you got guts, and tenacity.

    No weakling unskilled power leveler here. Use a j1 merc, and occasionally drop in on a group if you like but if you do it mostly yourself you will stick with your character all the more and feel like you really did something.

    I admire you for the way you got to 80. Keep it up.
  13. Khauruk Augur

    The best grind xp that I found while levelling to 85 was Riftseeker's Sanctum. You can plow half the zone while burning lesson and don't need a merc if you have reasonable lifetap weapons and focused para for heals. Heck, with gear inflation from FV, it will be far easier than it was for me.

    Give it a shot for 30 minutes, see how it holds up.

    The hotzones at that level range suck, so I think it may be superior to them. If not that, perhaps some camps in Direwind Cliffs...the HPs shouldn't be too atrocious there.
  14. Stune Elder

    Jewel mobs where good but i am forgetting their levels. There is a nice camp spot i used for years and soon enough too. You can pull till your blue in the face but it maybe 75+ because i forget its level cap on mobs.
  15. Khauruk Augur

    Ahh yeah, I always forget that expansion.
  16. Rumblerum Augur

    Lol, I left ferrott the dream after I got my V merc as a lvl 85 heroic because things died too slowly and it was too difficult for noobish me moloing.

    I went back to SoD and doing all of the progression. Everything is light blue and dies easily lol. Experience is slow, but I don't care.

    One thing I've noticed is that the blues in fields of scale seem easier than a blue-con in ferrott. Things in ferrott have a lot of hit points versus SoD. A ton more for the same con to my level (which is 86) lol. At least it feels that way. I can take three or four blue cons in fields of scale from SoD whereas the same, even from simple lawn trash like spiders, destroys me.

    I don't understand how the con system works anymore or if they just added hps as the expansions came out and kept the cons the same?

    In any case, I get to see more expansions and have a slightly easier albeit slower time. Fields of scale is awesome by the way. Love that zone way more than all of SoD zones that I've progressed through so far. The music, atmosphere, lack of trash mobs, everything.
  17. Aghinem Augur

    Go to Tosk and kill the warboars - just watch the pathing of the Rallosians. The warboars give good exp, they are easy kills, and easily swarmable.
  18. Borek-VS Augur

    More recent expansion mobs are always harder - for any and all of several reasons. But most of the different between Feerrott and FoS will be because most of the FoS mobs are weak cons, same as the Tosk boars.

    While you are under 90, if you want to solo/molo grind, it's best to go back as many expansions as you can and still reliably get light blues. SoF mobs in Mechmatic Guardian, Beza and Zeka will be a good option for you.
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