Help fixing Beastlord Gina Trigger for Alliance & Covenant

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Exxodia, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Exxodia Journeyman

    So a few months back I created simple Gina triggers to alert me when fellow Bst's casted their Alliance/Covenant spells so I knew when to throw dots on a mob. It went like this...

    Search text: {S} begins to cast a spell. <Venomous Alliance
    Time (Countdown)
    Timer Duration 18s'
    Search text: {S} begins to cast a spell. <Venomous Covenant

    It worked perfectly and when my fellow bst's announced their casting in our bst channel, I already knew as my countdown timer successfully went off. However, for the past few wks my trigger no longer works. I assumed perhaps it had to do with an upgrade to their spell rank and I creating a second one, making sure it was for rk. ii, however, still no joy.

    Can anyone shed some light and help me fix the trigger(s)?
  2. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    They changed the format of spell casting messages so they read "Soandso begins casting SomeStupidSpell." instead.

    So you'd want a trigger that looks something like:
    ^{S} begins casting Venomous (Alliance|Covenant)

    That should cover both versions and any rank. Personally, I'd set the trigger for the landed message in case it gets resisted:
    ^{S} is targeted by a venomous (alliance|covenant)

    Either should work. They both have downsides (landed message could be missed due to range in some cases).
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  3. Exxodia Journeyman

    I see! Will try, thanks.
  4. Exxodia Journeyman

    It worked like a charm. Thanks again.
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  5. Mazame Augur

    If you want to get the most out of Alliance you need to have a trigger for when it trigger the fulminate.
    12: Trigger Effect: Venomous Fulmination on Max Hits
    venomous alliance is fulfilled

    12: Trigger Effect: Venomous Resolution on Max Hits
    venomous covenant is resolved!

    The reason is based on how alliance works. When your alliance is on the target the other bst dots are stronger but once 4 dots have ticked or been placed on the target the alliance triggers and the 2 mil+ damage goes off.

    You said you were using a count down but that doesn't work because if a mob is loaded up with bst dots then the alliance will trigger as soon as it lands. or with in a tick or two. so your count down will be counting down even with no alliance on the target.

    By having the Fulmination trigger you know when the alliance has triggered and the next bst can then cast. alliance. If a bst doesn't have the trigger and they cast to soon then they will over ride the current alliance and 1st alliance will not explode for the 2 mil + damage.

    The way I have my trigger set up is 1 to tell me who cast alliance and 2nd one to tell me when it fulfilled.

    So Gina tells me
    Bst 1 cast alliance on X.
    Bst 2 cast alliance on X
    Bst 3 cast alliance on X

    That way if i am bst 3 . When I hear bst 2 has cast I know i am next to cast and when I hear Resolved I know to cast.
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