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  1. TheDohn Augur

    So you're saying you'll have done it all twice, at a painfully casual pace both times, and still have three weeks left to farm a second set of raid gear.
  2. Midnitewolf Augur

    Nope. Don't have a full set of raid gear on my Necro, not even close. Mostly Loam and still a few pieces of cloth from a level 2 decaying skeleton. Hell I had a cracked staff as a main weapon until last nights raid where I won the bid on a Orb of Tishani.

    As far as painfully causal, I would hardly call it that. I usually jump on by 6pm every weeknight and play to at least 11pm. Fridays run from 6pm to usually 1am-3am. Sat on by 11am until probably 3am again, Sunday on from 11am to at least 11pm. So 50 hours a week playing, 40 hours a week working. Can't be employed and be any more hardcore as that.

    Got to remember, not everyone has a static group just waiting for them every day, sometimes stuck 2 hours waiting for a group and some of the groups I get are just total trash. Spent 2.5 hours Sunday getting 16% XP in one level when I had expected probably closer to 2 entire levels, in that time because group after group couldn't get their stuff together. I am also raiding and every min I am raiding, I am not leveling my other character. I am also trying to work on some trade skills which require plat (or spending real $$$ which I don't want to do) and stock up on some krono while they are still cheap to buy so hours spend farming giants in Rathe, trying to out kill steal all the other kill stealers or trying to solo snag a money camp in Lguk with my Necro. Then there is pre-farming the epics for my Necro AND now the Shaman.

    So to correct your statement.

    After 5 weeks of pretty flipping hardcore playing, at least for someone actually employed, I have a half raid geared 50 Necro who hasn't pre-farmed anything but the cloak from sky and a 43 Shaman wearing banded and a few bits low end gear I had gotten with my Necro, with an Alchemy skill of 57 because a 5% combine rate on Conc potions eats through platinum with almost no return on investment and I am out of plat to spend on it. I have only bought, researched spells, a Oracle Robe and two +6 Wis rings for plat and I have managed to buy 1 Kr as an investment so far and am approaching a point where I can by a second one.

    Yeah, I could use another 4 weeks in Classic on top of the 3.5 weeks left, maybe then I would have both my toons to 50, fully raid gears, epic farmed, alchemy to 244 or whatever Conc potions trival at, and 3-4 kr banked. I highly doubt I will have all that done before Kunark drops.

    Now think about a person who works AND has an actual life with a wife/girlfriend, maybe kids, an active social life, etc. Yeah that person is screwed by having only 8 weeks of classic.

    The biggest issue with so many people in this game and in general is they tend to forget that other people have different lives than they do. Just because you or the OP or some other person might get bored of classic after 2-3 weeks and feel like 8 weeks is a waste of time doesn't mean everyone feels that way. In any game, you have to balance the needs and desires of the majority of your players not just hardcore, let's say "dedicated" players who play the game every waking hour and have it mapped out at 100% efficiency so they can do it all within a week. Maybe 4-weeks is perfect for some, maybe 8-weeks is the sweet spot, I know I would be happier with 12-week and I am sure there are some actual supercasuals playing only 5-10 hours a week that wished they had 6 months. Regardless, we have to at least understand that game pace has to try to respect EVERYONE playing, not just our personal desires.
  3. Triconix Augur

    Guess what: Classic raid gear is trash. You dont need to bother with it.
  4. Protagonist Tank

    You're making assumptions that you need to invest more time in this, or that people who are succeeding are investing more time than you. That is extremely wrong.

    You're doing this badly. I don't mean that as an insult or a cruelty. But someone needs to say it to you or you're just going to keep doing.... this.

    Your inability or refusal to build a social network for playing a game that rewards collective behavior would not be solved by letting you pound away for *more* hours. What you're doing already is a bit worrisome - and the constant insistence that the only possible change would be for you to do this even longer/more is really unhealthy.
  5. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Imagine playing this much and only being half raid geared
  6. FranktheBank Augur

    Backing what Protag said, the time you have spent 'playing' just shows how little you are valuing your own time. You make some references to "100% efficiency" while I understand not wanting to be 100% efficient, the less free time you have, the more you should value your time.

    Also, gear is classic, especially on a caster is irrelevant.
  7. Szinga New Member

    You need to seriously re-examine what you are doing in each session. You're putting in an insane amount of hours to accomplish what your normal player accomplishes in a third of that time. Also... it's classic so being fully raid geared is stupid. There are plenty of dropped group pieces in classic that are better statted. You also complain that you sit LFG forever... MAKE YOUR OWN GROUP. Another four weeks of classic will do very little for someone who is so inefficient.
  8. Ishbu Augur

    Ive got news for a lot of you. Kunark doesnt actually have more to do.
  9. Triconix Augur

    You don't think spending 400 hours in classic and not being done with it is efficient? Sounds like the epitome of excellent gameplay.
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  10. Midnitewolf Augur

    Wow so many posts telling me I suck. It is pretty amazing that if a players play style or challenges are different than what you are experiencing they are obviously wrong.

    Yeah I could be more efficient. For example, I could make my own groups but I working in the staffing and recruiting industry and all I do day in an day out is herd cats for a living. I don't want to do that when I am playing EQ. I want to relax, not put a group together from scratch. Hell 90% of the time, I end up taking led on the group anyway and/or scrambling this way and that to find and coordinate replacements just to keep the group rolling.

    But this is kind of a prime example of why I would want classic to be longer. If it was longer, I could relax more. I could set LFG and if it took 2 hours, no big deal, I will just read a book, watch some anime or youtube while waiting. I mean if time wasn't so compressed and I had like 6 months, I could just play a couple days a week and still level my character, get all my raiding done, pre-farm my epic, etc.

    I am not saying I want to do that or classic to take 6 months but what I am saying is what I said before. People have different playstyles including the amount of time they can or want to put into the game. Just because some players can hit max everything inside of 3 weeks and are bored, doesn't invalidate that others can't or do want to play in a fashion that allows them to be ready to move on to Kunark inside of 4 weeks. You have to consider other players and try to find a balance and understand someone asking for 16 weeks of classic has valid reasons for it based on their own playstyle and what they want to accomplish and they aren't stupid for asking for it just because another player gets bored after only 3 weeks of classic.
  11. Triconix Augur

    Putting groups together takes basically zero effort. You also should be more open to creating a social network so you have more static groups because sitting around for hours doing nothing is just a waste of your time. The amount of time you put into classic in just a week is probably the total time I put into the entirety classic and I never felt constrained or behind.

    Except you wouldn't because nobody would be playing on a server with 6 month unlocks. You'd get even less done.
    It's not valid because it goes against one of the primary objectives of TLPs - seeing content at an accelerated rate. 4 months of one of the least developed eras in EQ isn't accelerated. If they want to spend that much time in an era filled with nothing they really aren't the target audience for a TLP. They should either just play on live or go back to P99. That way they'll have all the time in the world to accomplish nothing.
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  12. Captain Video Augur

    Play on a Live server. Take all the time you want, and the content is exactly the same. Your "playstyle" represents 0.1% of the playerbase showing up for TLPs. They're not going to rework the entire TLP concept just to suit you. They've already provided you with a suitable alternative.
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  13. Hobart123 New Member

    Wow, I play a lot less than you and have 6 level 50s, most of whom have either all epic pieces pre farmed and/or mostly planes armour.

    Not saying you suck, but that is some seriously inefficient play there buddy.
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  14. Panikker Elder

    And with this quote this thread is over and done. TLP are fast paced ...cant argue with what they are or meant for or who needs to play there. Enjoy the ride ...,move on to the next one ..a year later. So , the lesson is ...get one class join groups and level up ..its no secret ..6 man groups level faster than soloing on TLPs ...and the zones to level are the same every time ..1 to 8 or 10 starting areas then unrest , GUK, and the Hole ...mostly those are the zones on classic to level to 50 ..on classic ..alternatives are befallen , crocs on ro desert and Sol-a , Sol-b and mistmoore. ..did I forget a regular classic zone for fast grouping and leveling ? (not farming lol).
  15. Aenoan Augur

    What's there to be efficient about? Great ya got some epics. Great you got some 50s. That is not exactly impressive considering how much time you got in classic. Next your gonna tell me your 401k and how many houses you go and your probably semi retired married to some obscure Canadian super model no one knows about.

    Except we're talking about Classic. And no one cares about it. We got AoC and a crap load of other QoL things. It's a crap show of krono farming and bots. The fact people are still the hell out of guk, the hole, and solb makes me question everything everyone says on here, especially about skill and efficiency when they still can't grab the basics of 23yr old zones.
  16. Triconix Augur

    You do realize what I said was sarcasm, correct? 400 hours (almost 17 whole days played) in classic to only have 1 50 char is textbook definition of inefficient. That's the equivalent of square tires on a car.
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  17. Aenoan Augur

    I think its just ridiculousness of these forums and how this games presented now. And a lack of sarcastica font!

  18. Hobart123 New Member

    Wasn't saying it was impressive. Just that having one averagely geared toon with that amount of play, shows he probably hasn't been playing efficiently.
    I mean, thats a lot of play time.

    On another note, you should re-read what you type before pressing enter. Most of your posts are rather difficult to understand due to your complete lack of grammar and shockingly bad spelling.

    Luckly for me, Im semi retired and have lots of time to re-read my posts from one of my many houses. But I must go now and lick some maple syrup off my Canadian super model wife.
  19. Volas Lorekeeper

    ROFL... Im sorry.. have you EQ'd at all? Cause If you want the answer to your OWN question, all you gotta do is log into either of the new TLP's and ask the top guilds what days/times they raid at.

    I mean honestly, if you're going to call someone a liar, at least TRY and have a frame of reference to go off of? /facepalm
  20. Aenoan Augur

    Grammar and spelling. That is pretty rich.