Having a hard time everyone. Need some advice. Classic + Does it get better? -- Yelinak

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    I do enjoy people that play this game for the 1/12th or so of it....
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    I could play Classic to Luclin ..everyday lol ..those where my golden eras ..dont care about PoP and beyond lol ..The day if ever they do another locked server like agnarr with no POP that would be my server until they close EQ lol ..and no I dont like p99 because there is no luclin lol Everyone has their own special era of EQ..Classic to luclin happens to be mine.
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    This is true, I had 100% fallen out of love with early EQ & did not enjoy it anywhere near as much as the content from GoD onwards.

    Vaniki somewhat changed that equation though, I have enjoyed the classic content as a Berserker more than I ever have before, even with barely any of the abilities that define a Berserker being available.

    @OP yes it does get better, each expansion definitely improves the game in some small way.
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    It's not true. I mean I love HoT thru TDS but I'm not gonna do it over and over and over like person with a mental disorder.
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  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I was referring to his point about having a favourite era, edited the quoted portion to make that clearer.

    I'm still arguably a re-roller, though I went from 99 to 2008 on live then on TLP went from Classic through to CoV here I am on Vaniki doing GoD- live probably.

    So I guess it depends on how short the reroller phase is, typical reroller is classic to PoP but I am sure there are many other permutations.
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    Sounds awful
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    It gradually gets better. With each new expac there are more raids, more old content to hit, more worthwhile quests, more spells and gear to chase. More time sinks. But classic - velious is gonna be rough if you don’t want to box or play any alts.

    Definitely sounds like you should find a guild that better fits your schedule and play style. If you’re looking to log in most days of the week and do stuff like hit OW planes to farm gear and kill minis, or do OW Sky to work on quests, look into Melody of Mischief if you haven’t already. You are the type of player they’re looking for.
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    Does that server even work still? Last I heard they had like multiple spells and spell gems broken for months, people being warped to weird zones,. etc
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    You should be playing on Vaniki server then.
    Can't find anything to do? Well Vaniki is setup so theres more than enough to do, you can't breeze through it, since your 10 levels behind.
    Need stuff to do, well Vaniki server achievements. You gonna beat Yelinak in 2 weeks? One week went by and still haven't beaten Yelinak? Pressure is on.

    Yelinak server is just typical TLP, usually people burnout after a couple weeks, with what you mentioned. Vaniki server is a bit more high tempo, a lot of pressure. Looks like after PoR its smooth sailing though, would be nice if they added more pressure for the mid/late game expansions, TSS and later.
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    Well there is your problem. EQ is at its core designed to be a cooperative game requiring multiple people playing together to progress efficiently. This is why those players who absolutely have to try to put a square peg into a round hole, box multiple characters in the attempt to make EQ a solo gaming experience.

    I don't know that I agree. I have a max level Necro that is raiding but 4 weeks in I decided I wanted a Shaman to be my main instead and I am feeling horribly pressed for time. He is only 42 so on my schedule he is at least 2-3 days away from hitting 46, meanwhile my guild is mostly fully keyed for Sky. By the time he is raid ready, we will only have about 3 weeks left in classic. In that 3 weeks, I have to level 46-50, get what gear I need from Fear and Hate and get keyed all the way up in Sky. Oh and I need to pre-farm my epic with him as well.

    My point being, I would gladly jump for joy at another 4 weeks of Classic just so I could relax and enjoy the game a bit and not feel like I was going to be left behind because I decided to change my main within a month of the server launching. Unlike the OP, I am not getting burnt out because there is nothing to do, but rather because of the furious pace I have to push myself to get where I want to be.

    That being said, I think a lot of people forget that not everyone can or wants to flies though classic at a breakneck pace. Yeah if your an overachiever your going to be find yourself with nothing to do, but other people that for whatever reason can't get everything knocked out in 3-4 weeks, find that 8 weeks is a very short period of time.
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    I don't understand the OP. I hit 50 on the Saturday after server up, and I'm never out of things to do.

    First of all, tradeskills. Faction. Exploration achievements. Earn Plat to buy Krono. You can resell in later expansions for more plat if you just want to inflation hedge. You did your epic pre-farm: great.

    I raid 3 nights a week and I don't have enough time to do all the things I want to do.
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    The forum warriors wanted a longer classic but not most of the players. I think 6 weeks is a good long term Classic eq. It gives people time to hit the targets, get epic work done and get a decent set of planar gear.

    Your super casual is going to want 8 weeks and your super hard core is going to want 4 weeks.

    Most of the guild has just stayed busy by farming keys, gear and epic pieces on off nights. Always something to do in the evenings.
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    I always have fun in eq lots to do but its the social aspect thats fun discord for ablast,if your bored help guildies with what they need to do or go and play another game and come back when kunark comes out.
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    It REALLY doesnt help that most of these "hardcore" guilds are run by 60+ year olds that think raiding on Monday-Thursday at 5pm EST is just the bestest idea ever...

    meanwhile, people with jobs are going "yeah.... uhhh.. can I get a guild that raids on oh I dunno.. maybe a Friday or Saturday night?" and hearing crickets chirp.

    Its why I dont raid any more. Cant find a populated server that actually has a raid schedule for working adults and not retired senior citizens.
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    These boards always make me laugh.

    Using a sock puppet account to try to get people to come play on your dead server.

    Nobody likes GoD+. People like Classic-PoP. Get over it.
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    Speaking of Ace Ventura references, you're talking out your you know what. What guild raids at 5pm EST?

    Guilds don't raid on both Friday and Saturday nights because taking up that much of your members' weekend is a bad idea. Because people with lives, jobs, friends, kids,etc generally do other stuff on the weekends.
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    Huh? OP says he's on Yelinak and wants to know if Kunark has more things to do. Where are you getting the GoD+ / Dead server stuff from?

    Is it because he said Epic is done? I took that to mean the classic prefarm stuff.
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    Don't interrupt his random hate rant! It's quite comical