Having a hard time everyone. Need some advice. Classic + Does it get better? -- Yelinak

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Grtoski, Jun 25, 2022.

  1. Grtoski New Member

    I've played p99 blue/green, got epics with same class/class, did a little raiding. Couldn't go full batphone because of work, and I eventually got bored, so I thought to give Yelinak progression a shot.

    I had a BLAST the first week. I got my epic done, JBoots, decent gear, etc. I aloved the leveling process. However, I log in now and find it boring. There is nothing to do. I have no excitement to play EQ on the drive home anymore. I miss grouping/lvling/working towards something.

    I'm EST, mon-thur 6 pm tp 11-12'sh. Fri night 6- whenever, and, if i want, can play 20-30 hours easy on the weekend-- if there is content worth doing. The guild I'm in raids twice a week, sometimes three -- a non-dkp night. I can't join a hardcore guild because they are full of my class, and I'm stuck raiding 1-2 nights a week with casuals/semi-hardcore. A lot fo the guilds rate late. however, they are full of my class.

    I don't even feel like logging anymore. I log in, and nothing to do. I don't like alts either. Does it get better with Kunark? I never had this problem on p99 because everything was slower, epic mobs took time, and I joined with Vel.

    I just feel like the only game I like playing is dying quick.
  2. Elskidor Augur

    Try Mischief for now and come back for Kunark and see.
  3. Zanarnar Augur

    umm how did you do that when its still in classic? Otherwise.. ya classic is very limited... kunark gets a lot better in terms of things to do; velious even more so.

    I'd still like to hear how you got your epic in a week during classic.
  4. Arclyte Augur

    He means pre-farm epic

    Take a break until kunark or roll an alt. Classic isn't something you go 100% on.
  5. Vecsus New Member

    I'm in a similar situation. Based on my playstyle I am pretty much solo all the time. So I rolled up a Druid (never played one when EQ was new). I'm currently in my 30s and finding it very difficult to gain exp. there are so few outdoor places to xp and those are heavily camped since there are so few places to level outside of dungeons. thinking about an alt or different server until Kunark - but 4 more weeks is a long time. Other alternative is to just become a taxi service and save up for better gear once kunark hits.
  6. Lumiens Augur

    Swap to a class that the guild you want to join is recruiting for now. Make it a useful box to play with your current main later when a raid spot opens up for it.
  7. c313 Augur

    Seems to me your biggest issue is the fact you're unable to raid with the Guild(s) you want to with the class you're maining.

    One thing I'd consider is seeing if the Guilds offer some form of a Friend/Family position in the Guild where you could get first dibs on a recruitment slot when your class opens.

    Or as mentioned, make a box character of a high need class for said Guild(s) and main swap at a later date.

    Either way, the game is not dying. In fact, from the issue you're brining up the game is actually thriving, so much so to the point certain classes are having dificult times getting tagged into Raiding Guilds. A dying game would accept anyone and they momma.

    Anyways, no. It doesn't get better really. Come Kunark your enjoyment SHOULD be back as there are more stuff to do, leveling, farming, quest .. but eventually you'll find yourself in this same position. The only enjoyment really is Guild experience.
  8. Triconix Augur

    Well classic is awful. There's no sugar-coating it. Nothing to do. Just have to wait until luclin and beyond
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  9. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Kunark is better. More things to do, level to get, raids to complete.

    Seems like you really just need to find a guild that you enjoy playing with. Weird that these "hardcore" guilds are turning people away. I have seen some of their members :confused:
  10. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    Play on a different server in a different era while playing on Yelinak too. You almost certainly won't run out of stuff to do. Aradune, Mischief, or a live server are all good options ;)
  11. Glowerss Augur

    "Nothing to do" is classic era EQ in a nutshell. If you only want to focus on 1 character, no it doesn't really get better until Luclin with AA or OoW in terms of stuff to do.

    If you're not a 1 character only type person, I'd probably spend a bit of time leveling up useful alts that you intend to use later or are useful immediately. I don't think I'd ever play pre OoW or preferably pre TSS EQ ever again, but in Classic generally I'd level something like a druid on an alt account because not having ports is the worst.
  12. Chopsuey Elder

    Have you tried EQ in the 70+ era? Classic EQ is one of the most boring and mundane experiences you can have. You're hitting auto attack or casting 2 spells per minute. If it wasn't for nostalgia, it would have nothing to offer.

    If you enjoy stuff to do and group content outside of raids. Starting really with ldon there are more and more reasons and incentives to group up. And ironically that is when people start to complain about finding groups. It's like when you take away the comforts of running to guk or unrest, people just give up.
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  13. ikarinokamii Elder

    i feel your pain, 8 weeks of classic is too long. 4 weeks would have been perfect.
  14. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Reminder that some people want a year of classic.
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  15. ikarinokamii Elder

    krono farmers?
  16. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    I gotta say though, I love it when people ask for advice on the forums because they're bored but they keep recycling the same couple of zones in the same couple xpacs over and over.

  17. TheDohn Augur

    There's a reason everyone kept saying doubling the length of classic was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

    This is that reason.

    Kunark will give you a few more things to do, but it won't be much better if we're being honest. It's several expansions in before there's a reasonable laundry list to fill most of an expansion's length.
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  18. Triconix Augur

    But what about all those 5 people who said it would be a good idea for 6 months of classic, kunark, and velious?!
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  19. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    I'm sure they're comfortably settled back into P99 by now
  20. Moforyguy12345 Lorekeeper

    I think I can finally say this is the last server I'll start in classic. I just can't keep doing it, 4 times is enough for me. Kunark is so much better than classic. From now on I am waiting till I can make my Iksar instead of always paying 20 dollars to change my race.
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