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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Adroxia, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Porterz73 Augur

    I think it would be nice to try and have the best of both worlds for these 1 off anniversary raids. The challenge is to make the raids both challenging and inclusive. How could this be done is the question. POW was a unintended patten I think they should follow.

    A.). Increase the duration these 1 off raids are available
    B.). When the raids are introduced make them stupidly difficult. Only the best most organized guilds would have a chance to win .
    C.). Have an intended schedule for nerfing the difficulty of the raid to a reasonable end point. (Say once a week on a set day)

    This way guilds that want a challenge who beat it early can have their fun / bragging rights and have a bit longer farm cycle. As the difficulty drops more and more guilds can be included in the fun of the event. This model would give a nice way to rank a guild for the event.

    Just a thought .
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  2. Klak Augur

    Wish they would do this for all content tbh. Right now all content is just way too easy for the good players. Could make it pretty challenging then yea nerf it as time goes on.
  3. Tadenea Augur

  4. Warpeace Augur

    Crap tastic event, please test before pushing live, oh to late. PoWar all over.
  5. Siddar Augur

    So start fight get emote about auras that haven't spawned yet while a massive mana drain damage dot lands on everyone. Click off the mana drain or buff block it. At 75% four adds spawn and wipe the raid.

    That's is far as I got. Clearly a don't bother with raid unless your guild is at least raiding Arx Mentis.

    Why is there no reward for completing the year 17 achievement?
  6. Heile Lorekeeper

    Yea it should be like the one year...I forget which year or years that when completed everyone in raid could get a aug as reward so we're not waiting 2 or 3 more years just to get an aug like the naggy raid one which I'm sure some folks are in need of that still.
  7. Battleaxe Augur

    They do this for all content. Consider PoWar. It was quite difficult when it first appeared. Some guilds chipped away at it until they eventually won and other guilds decided that they weren't ready for it.

    The earliest finishers were rewarded with gear sidegrades (at best) and some (still) very nice augs. Fast forward and both serious raid progression guilds and a small handful of pickup raids are farming those augs thanks to character improvements made since the raid was released.

    The raid was trivialized too slowly? Um I am talking about PoWar where open zone named drop goodies like Rage of Rolfron - a Circle of Power IV clickie and players complained everything was too hard. Nekked and solo in an instance might be too hard for such items. BUT the events aren't nekked and solo - they are being beaten.

    RvR. If you want the goodies expect the fight to feature a chunky mist of Player Character body parts.

    Make it easier faster? Sure. How about a Circle of Power III clickie. Can make it easier still - Circle of Power II clickie. The game has a spectrum of rewards that includes rare/powerful/hard to obtain down to common/not so powerful/my Ranger alt can solo the named mob that drops it.

    It's (the PoWar raid) become easier fast enough. It started out hard and now pickup raids can do it. I suspect the same will be true of this raid (17th anniversary), the Naggy raid, etc. People will get the items when they can pull themselves over the hurdle. There's no need to lower the hurdle. This is a character improvement game. Improve your character and things get easier. Improve your character fast enough and items will still have value when you obtain them.
  8. Roxxanna Augur

    Which is fine for regular zones and raids, not for Anniversary events. This is supposed to be a celebration, and about the only thing worth celebrating for average Joe is +70%xp.......unless of coarse you've been maxed for awhile.
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  9. Battleaxe Augur

    Are they going to fix regular zones and raids so that non-raiders don't have access to, for all practical purposes, the same augs as hardcore raiders? I don't think so. Therefore I'll gladly take the 2, 3, or 4 augs that non-raiders don't have easy access to even if those augs can only be obtained in temporary once a year content.

    As you point out, Average Joe can celebrate his +70%xp which means nothing at all for non-Average Joe's (but the augs we might get that Joe will not get make up for that. OK, 4 augs with an extra 10AC and 100HP's on each don't mean a lot - except that RvR is given a head nod now and again).
  10. Sindaiann Augur

    The event itself is easy, however just like all content lately it would be nice if it functioned as intended.

    Although in saying that, its almost as if they intend everything to not function 100%, in an attempt to ensure they have something to correct. Constantly. lol
  11. Roxxanna Augur

    Not everyone who is maxed is a hardcore raider.
    Not every great player is in a raid guild.
    Not every player in a raid guild is great.
    Not every raider is in a raid guild.

    These are facts.

    The template for Average Joe is leaning more towards maxed people sitting around with nothing to do. They are getting bored, and they are quitting.
  12. Roxxanna Augur

  13. Triconix Augur

    So they'll attain the items when they're obsolete?

    The PoWar raid is what, 2 years old now? Of course less-than-hardcore people should (are) beating this event, but all but the augs are obsolete. Even the augs are on the brink of being replaced, at least for me.

    If the only thing worth celebrating for the average player is 70% bonus exp, well that's just pathetic considering how there are double exp bonus weekend 5-10 times a year. How is 70% anything special? Oh that's right, it's not.

    PoWar raid and this raid are outliers compared to the norm. Look at past anniversary missions/tasks/events and you'll find that some of the best augs for that respective era were widely available. The content was inclusive, not exclusive. It's much more enjoyable when content can be experienced by all rather than a few. This isn't the Hillcrest country club, it's Everquest.
  14. MrMajestykx Augur

    What the real issue here is DBG left something OUT for the casual, groupers, non AM raiding type folks. No reward type thing for them. The issue is not the raid, for to put some cheesy raid out for the raiders of the game, as the afformentioned people are complaining about the rewards for them, would not be right either. To lay out a event that just anyone can do for the rewards that are given on the current raid would be pretty lame in itself, if you arent raiding TBM how can you expect to win a TBM like event? and complain that the event is too hard when its on par to current raid content when its not content that said prior posters are raiding? Just my 2cp.

    And no, thats not elitism, just a hard truth. DBG made the mistake of putting something out for everyone, and to put some lame duck raid in effect would not be fair to the raiders of the game either. Before you fire away on that and flame away, its a two way street, raiders want something new as well, not something they can one and done is 8 minutes and move on.
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  15. Thraine Augur

    I think MrM has a good point, a little bit of something for both the raiders and the groupers would have been the best course of action
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  16. Warpeace Augur

    Well some Warriors would tell you as a casual you get 70% bonus XP and the augs are for raiders, ignoring the fact they are also getting the bonus XP
  17. Roxxanna Augur

    I'd like to see a class specific mission that gets harder the farther you go in, with steadily increasing rewards. That way you have to be good at your class, no bots, no boxes, no bull-.
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  18. Thraine Augur

    For the record, 70% exp bonus for raiders is pretty much nothing. most of us are max AA within a month of the expac launch anyway. For me an exp bonus weekend is no different than any other weekend
  19. Triconix Augur

    Same can be said with lots of groupers. The point is nil.

    I also know plenty raiders that are taking advantage of the exp bonus for their boxes/alts. Or do those characters not count either?

    The problem is that exp can always be attained - whether it's faster or slower at a given time. Certain items and rewards cannot be attained all the time. They're limited to special occasions and if you miss out, you have to wait long periods of time for a chance to get it the next go around. I don't know of any time period where a person cannot attain experience.
  20. Thraine Augur

    very true, which is why i said earlier ... there should be content for groupers and content for raiders.

    But i didn't bring up the 70% exp thing, im just responding to it with my opinion /shrug
  21. Triconix Augur

    I know what you said, I'm just suggesting not to defend a certain warrior because his thoughts usually are...well, absurd? Irrationale? Senseless? I can go on :)
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