Hate Trash Dropping Dragon Loot (Mischief)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Gheed, May 28, 2021.

  1. Gio1999 Augur

    You mean just playing the damn game is exploiting now?
  2. Tweakfour17 Augur

    There is not nearly enough devs to be able to test every single scenario. Whose to say they didn't go up into PoHate and kill random trash to make sure the loot was how they wanted it. Maybe they even killed a lvl 51 spire golem and it was all good, just happened to overlook that a couple could be lvl 52 and eligible for god loot. It was a subset of a specific type of mob, not every single raid trash in hate was dropping dragon loot. Same with the DoN lavastorm rares, a ton of serial TLPers can see that the item is clearly out of era but it'd be easy for a dev used to dealing with items where stats are in the multiple thousands to see an item with low 20s stats and gloss over it.
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  3. Machen New Member

    This. I think we often forget how much context playing the game for 22 years gives us, that the devs mostly don't have.
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  4. TheGoblin Elder

    And then there is Dracoliche dropping nothing. It seems to go both ways.
  5. Kylo Classic Augur

    Yes, the Karens have declared it so.
  6. Astral64 Augur

  7. Magician9001 Elder

    Why you post a pic of yourself Astral
  8. Gheed Augur

    Feelsweird that it was a bug that got fixed. Seems like it is more your guild doing the crying lmfao
  9. Ultrazen Augur

    1. Classic lasts a month, who cares?
    2. Classic loot is garbage, once again, who cares?
    3. The possibility to maybe semi gear more than one character in that months time?? TO THE FORUMS IT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

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  10. Bard2019 Elder

    That's not an excuse. If they're capable of coding they should be capable of testing their code. If for some reason that's not possible, they have a huge fanbase willing to test things for them for free. Unfortunately that's exactly what's happening here. The problem is that it needs to happen prior to the server(s) launching.