Has Zerker dps changed?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bronut, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Thraine Augur

    rofl, druid chopping off heads.

    it definitely seems like the devs are rollin out the red carpet for certain classes these days
  2. Mortium Elder

    I think zerkers (myself included) are just a little unsure how the class with the biggest utility (heals, rez, teleports, runspeed, buffs) gets to be the highest dps on raids.

    Granted it takes timing, adps etc etc, but the same should be true for the melee dps who take on more risk by being in the face of a mob rather than at distance in relative safety.

    I don't care for nerfs so much as bringing parity back to the mix. Having said all that, in todays raid I spent more time on the floor than I can recall but have been parsing in the top 10 usually.
  3. fransisco Augur

    That is still a round about way of saying nerf druids (even though you say you can spend half the fight dead and still top parses)
  4. kizant Augur

    Nerf isn't a bad word. Sometimes it's easier to nerf one class instead of bringing 10 up. Although, in current EQ I'd like to see a whole lot of you nerfed so wizards can be good again. :mad:
  5. Tolzol Elder

    I don’t believe i said that at all. I like competition and i also said we are still in pretty good shape. I couldn’t care less if they leave druids the way they are all i said was i don’t want to be on the same tier as them and mages atm because I’m not naive enough to think that they won’t be getting nerfed eventually. I mentioned the slight tweak I’d like to see them make to zerkers which would put us and wizards pretty much neck and neck given both have full adps which is how it should be. But if they don’t do it I’m not gonna cry about it lol I’ve played when zerkers sucked i played when we were OP as hell I’ll play when we are middle of the crowd dps. I’m totally fine not winning every parse and I’ll still log in and do what i do no matter what state zerkers are in
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  6. Mortium Elder

    No no, you mistake me. I mean't that I keep dying once per raid for the last week. Bloody annoying! If it's at the start, my dps sucks and I don't parse. Likewise if it's at the end I still parse well.
  7. Skvoid Lorekeeper

    Be interesting to see what good numbers are for a top guild, but the top druid in our guild can sustain 340k dps for fights like queen or prince, seen them burning for close to a million dps too, and is often topping the dmg for a event. The zerkers in our guild often don't have good adps and their DPS suffers because of that, saying that monks and rogues are looking a little better this expansion at least in my guild and on EoK events, so maybe our zerkers just need to improve their rotations.
  8. High Voltage Augur

    Is this now the "nerf druids" thread offically?

    You guys should just try to suck less instead of asking for devs to bring down others ftw.
  9. Littlelegs Lorekeeper

  10. Hitty Elder

    They raised the DoTs damage and they extremely raised the mana cost. I was able to nuke and dot without mana problems before the patch last year with a Druid. Now I do a lot of damage in a short time but have to med regularly. I think that problem is .... again ... as always on the raiders side with raid equipment and raid support.. nerf the raiders! :p


    They are killing game play for the casuals and for themselves because of abusing all with their tricks and their ability to let every class support every other in a tremendous way. If they find out that they could boost a Necro with all other 17 classes into oblivion then its time to nerf these damn freaking Necros with their mega dots if they have the zillion options of a raider. They are responsible for the freaking overtuning of missions and HAs because


    Oh yes.. and a Mage in the forum last time said, that he can do the same. Nerf them too. And Tanks are still the damage cows with 2-handers, please nerf them too because I want to play once in my lifetime an important role. If somebody learns the tricks of a monk then perhaps we can remove their hands and feet so that they are only crawling on their knees but they are still shouting in Monty Pythons' style "i will kill you". Oh and my Wizard made last time a 2.400.000 spike on a mob. THIS IS TOO POWERFULL. Please I want to be weak like a Mercenary on Acid in Chains. No, no - better like the Mercs present in the game today... or better like a Druid Pet. Then I get petting and stroking too, my pelt needs some caress. Then everybody has they difficulties again which they need so much in a game. LiFe is nOt cHalLeNgIng eNoUgh, my prrrecious. I want to be a Druid Pet, pleeeeease. Mama didn't gave me my challenges. Yes, I forgot all other classes but that would get out of hand...

    If I wouldn't had the irony or sarcasm bat I would have jumped long time ago from the highest building while watching the world...

    But seriously - the real problem is like always - Raiders have to much powers. Strip them really for once and for good and then the problem will not be that they complain for too small nerf bats. They will be happy for every bit of help. If a raider is only sitting there and putting his input in form of some orders into the gameplay or dies at start and complains about not being best DPS in their "be the best"-race - no wonder that they get tired of gaming and want to have challenges and search them in the group gaming field. With gear far beyond everybody - even the Ultrarares - I don't wonder. And the group geared people are puking if they shall play this game with there crappy gear. EoK beta was cool. EoK raid gear was cool. Everything was smooth - even the catastrophic TBM missions where challenging but possible to play. In EoK group gear this game in the mission sucked. Now the HA and Missions suck in group gear. I don't want to talk about RoS. So best solution is:


    and now I bet this will give a nice S.h.i.t.Storm, my friends :D
    sorry, I couldn't resist...:p
  11. Tucoh Augur

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  12. Fohpo Augur

    Box zerker update: absolutely tearing it up.

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  13. p2aa Augur

    Like some whiners complained that warriors were topping DPS parses and beat pure DPS classes, and said it was not right that a class can tank and DPS, it's fun to see the same whinners saying it's perfectly fine for a priest class to top DPS and beat pure DPS classes
    Let me tell you, no it's not fine either. No reason to not nerf priest DPS like it has been done for tanks.
  14. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    But Tank mercs blow and Healer Mercs do fine. Therefore it's fine for Druids to fill two roles as it makes them more appealing to fill a group slot over a merc.. Because people would of course drop a tank merc for a human tank, but would hesitate to drop a healer merc for a healer. Now they don't have to and can invite a Druid to fill a DPS slot! I'm sure this is why the Devs made Druid DPS good right now!!!

    But really, are Druids top tier DPS in a sustained DPS raid with adds or in a grind group? Or are they only top tier on a single raid target burn when Twincast is up? These are two completely different aspects of DPS, and each have their benefits. But it's sounding like they excel at the later while their DoTs are being twincasted and rolling on a single target. But dealing with just a regular old group setting I would imagine other DPS classes beat them as their DPS spreads more easily across multiple mobs and isn't so heavily tied to Twincast being available.

    If it helps you deal with this, just think of this as Druid's new form of healing. They evaporate mobs more quickly to prevent the need for healing. In the end I really wish they focused Druids more heavily in the Nuke/ToT Heal lines introduced in Underfoot so they would be the battlepriest, but alas they only have hem one line with a shared timer on a different Resist line and it has a fairly long recast preventing it from being the backbone of your play.
  15. Fohpo Augur

    Weren't you one of the ones crusading for tank nerfs?
  16. fransisco Augur

    Difference is EQ has made it clear for several years that the ONLY role that cannot reasonably be filled by mercs is the tank.
    A mage cannot pet tank missions (pets cannot agro multiple mobs and have no defensive abilities like warriors do). Tank merc for catikki? lol
    Healer mercs can take the place of priests.

    Tanks doing dps class damage means you don't need those dps classes. You can just get more warriors (who will live longer to do their dps).
    Tanks are a dime a dozen BECAUSE they are kinda OP. Guilds just can't get enough priests, so there is no feasible way to replace dps classes with priests. But they can with warriors/sks
    See the difference?
  17. fransisco Augur

    Not tank nerfs, pet nerfs
  18. p2aa Augur

    I'm a warrior, so not really.

    Your merc explaination is not convincing at all. With a real priest, you will do much better than with a healer merc.

    Priest doing dps class damage means you don't need those DPS classes. You can just get more druids, (who will DPS better than pure DPS classes while still keeping their priest advantage).
    Because priests would be rarer than tanks (which you would need to prove), this would justify allowing them to out DPS pure DPS classes ? No, just no.
    If you consider that a tank cannot tank and beat pure DPS classes, then a priest cannot heal and beat pure DPS classes.

    Omg once again this ? I had asked you to prove this, and you have never been able to do it, because I simply never did it.
  19. Sheex Augur

    Don’t forget those schemin’ knights.
  20. IblisTheMage Augur

    So, nerfbowl between zerkers and druids?

    Will most likely end in mage nerf.
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