Has your guild beaten the Queen since RoS came out?

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  1. Waldagar Augur

    The open raiding force I raid with is still unable to beat the Queen raid, or, as expected, the Cactus raid. If you are in a guild that was having problems with Queen before the launch of RoS and have successfully beat this raid since the launch of RoS, please post up which new features of RoS made the difference.
  2. S33k3r Augur

    We were able to beat Queen before RoS but we were not consistent and relied on a good turnout of the key classes.

    Since RoS launched we have no issue taking down Queen and the 2 key reasons are:-

    1. Everyone is at 110 and that has improved burns especially as people get their AAs for synergies/focus.
    2. New expansion has improved numbers on raids. People were getting fed up with the performance of AB and constants nerfs to various classes.
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  3. Brohg Augur

    Phoenix Ascending guild on Erollisi Marr server did beat Queen Velazul for the first time just after RoS release, they're doing so on the regular now. http://www.phoenixascending.org/
  4. Gundolin Augur

    We were farming the Queen pre-RoS but got our first win in Kor-Sha: The Kar`zok after RoS. I don't recall any specific RoS spells or ability that helped us. The 5 additional levels of HP and gear helped. But we are still relying on EoK abilities (Alliance) and just have the added punch of the higher levels.

    I have heard that some healers use three remedies now on the Main Tank in their multi-bind to make better use of Alliance. I personally still use only 2 but that thirteenth spell gem has to go to something. :) Might be worth looking at.
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  5. CrazyLarth Augur

    Do you reset the event to start with the Adds you want to start with.

    Do you have an AT to know when to remove the Queen's buff even if the queen is Invulnerable you need to remove it fast.

    Are you making sure the necros have room to put their dots on Queen so the Dots still go off when Invulnerable yes I have seen HP go down on the queen when Invul.

    Pick up raid you have 60% who try to use the ROS spells before they better DPs then TBM spells.

    Are your toons using the best spells - I was still unused 105 spells on Queen till I got my min AA to make my ROS spell better then the TBM R3. make sure when you start using the new ROS you go by the new Slot type 3 for them.

    maybe do a few ROS raid hunters /pick is your friend named get some R2 spells some missing gear for peeps who are missing raid gear. it is a pick up raid right some might be bringing ungeared toons.

    Are you putting two healers in each group on queen

    stick the single healer groups and your peeps boxing or you cant move well in the tunnels to kill the Adds that spawn their- they don't have to worry about Daylight. Plus they can target the mounts that come threw the tunnels.
  6. Waldagar Augur

    Do you reset the event to start with the Adds you want to start with. - YES

    Do you have an AT to know when to remove the Queen's buff even if the queen is Invulnerable you need to remove it fast. - YES

    Are you making sure the necros have room to put their dots on Queen so the Dots still go off when Invulnerable yes I have seen HP go down on the queen when Invul. - YES

    Are you putting two healers in each group on queen - NO, we don't have enough healers.
  7. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Try bunching up not too far from the entrance to the tunnel. set a campfire basically where the adds are standing when the script starts, then have raid force move back 10 steps... to return after script is activated. so then basically, everyone (and i mean everyone!) except the queen handlers are on the fire, and that's where all adds are brought to be killed. have queen just behind the raid a bit. your dps can focus on adds quickly without moving all around if your OT are keeping them steady and picking them up faster, faster you kill the psychos faster back to queen. one other small tweak that may help is to kill the menders whenever up, and obviously the warcasters, but soldiers, and blade guys, if you have just one spawn, stay on the name until the queen calls psychos are coming, then get rid of it while they are pathing in to the entrance. Rangers can be stripping that invulnerability the second it lands with necros going full out on queen all the time.

    If you're running low on healing, try to have it organized, coordinate who is running alliance on whom, and ask the clerics to not rez, let others handle it. Bunching up in one location like I suggested above will help you capitalize on ae heal production, alliance healing, pallies splashing, etc. When folks try to freelance out in the hinterlands, then death is their punishment for being away from the healing core. Its also a bit more friendly to boxers, and makes the doom situation easier to deal with because there is zero reason people can't move the very small distance required - basically into the tunnel hook a left at first intersection, and stop, wait, then return and dig back in. One other thing is that if you are having trouble with folks dodging, simply have one person assigned (if you use teamspeak or ventrillo or whatever) to call out the 4 names as a reminder. it helps. not everybody needs it, but it will help.

    If you aren't already, using coordinated circles will help make a difference if you are close. Using power, guardian, life, mana will give you lots of little help in multiple areas. Figure out who has them and build a rotation of sorts where one person cues the next to go when its time.

    I'm not familiar with your raid force, so what types of problems are you running into with winning? is it that you can't keep your MT up? Add tanks? Lack of DPS? overrun by adds? people not attentively dodging and blowing you up?
  8. Waldagar Augur

    DPS is the problem and DPS on the queen is the root issue. After 15 minutes the queen is above 80% and off tanks start dropping then the adds kill all the DPS. Imagine the furthest spot you can set up from the tunnel. Now imagine how much time is spent getting the syncos to the raid and killed. On the plus side, we have plenty of time to kill adds.
  9. Aurelio Elder

    We have beaten the queen before Ros and also after RoS. Adds die much faster now and we needed now approx 15 minutes to kill her...

    If you need 15 minutes to get her to 80%, your DPS seems to be lacking. How is your raid force geared, how is your raid setup and what the level of your people?
  10. Gundolin Augur

    If the queen is still at 80% after 15 minutes, I'd agree its a DPS issue.

    Nothing great I can suggest to help with DPS. I can say running my straight multi-bind as a cleric on the Queen raid I'm generally able to QM our higher end DPS people at least once per raid to help a little. The queen raid is not a mana intense for healers.

    Our last parse was

    Ranger 1
    --- DMG: 147632716 @ 264101 sdps (268423 dps in 550s) [5.25%]
    Ranger 2
    --- DMG: 145427701 @ 260157 sdps (263934 dps in 551s) [5.18%]
    Monk 1
    --- DMG: 136261075 @ 243759 sdps (247298 dps in 551s) [4.85%]
    Monk 2
    --- DMG: 133821209 @ 239394 sdps (242870 dps in 551s) [4.76%]
    Ranger 3
    --- DMG: 132881348 @ 237713 sdps (242043 dps in 549s) [4.73%]
    Berzerker 1
    --- DMG: 125591906 @ 224672 sdps (235632 dps in 533s) [4.47%]

    We have a Druid who was not there but when he comes his numbers are
    Druid 1 From Previous Queen raid)
    --- DMG: 143511335 @ 220448 sdps (226002 dps in 635s) [4.61%]

    If your DPS classes are parsing significantly below this you might grab a class lead who can help push the numbers up.

    Long post to say very little. Hope it helps at least a little. Good luck
  11. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Just to be sure, you are killing the menders asap, right?

    Those guys heal the queen.
  12. Bigfan Augur

    Warcaster > Mender > soldiers > battle

    If you have shamans, load up dots, men 3 reckless/historian,recourse. Have ros BP for shaman, cast roar when flamesong of ro debuff not on.

    Shaman + pets 131116132 5.22% 366time 358241dps.

    This is a dps fight.
    Don't slack.
  13. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Yep, warcasters needs to die first, as they cast a nasty dot.

    AoE-spells deals a lot of bonus-damage to warcasters. Make sure to use AoEs against them, even if there is only one warcaster.
  14. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    I'll be honest, we beat the queen for a very long time using the back wall, so its very possible, we did it for ages that way, until someone casually mentioned that they fought closer to the tunnel and it was a bit of a lightbulb moment,... and it greatly, greatly shortened our fight even when we werent struggling with the raid. the thing is though, doing it one way because you've always done it that way isnt the best way to move forward, and i can almost guarantee, if you can influence whoever is dictating that positioning, it will help. my guess is you are spending ALOT of your dps window for the queen dealing with getting the psycho and friends into the raid and then killing them off, and therefore not having much time to get any damage in on the queen. the idea is you want to spend as little time as possible on the adds, back to queen, and then adds, etc, back and forth as rapidly as possible, with as little movement as possible. time moving isnt helping your time crunch.

    When we were first doing queen we opened with a burn (but everybody kept a little somethin' in the tank for when warcasters spawn -- tho they weren't as commonly spawned back then as they are now)... and you really should be able to push the queen to its first swap much, much faster then 15 minutes. its a little surprising to me that you are short on healing, but also really short on dps -- are your raids full? (or just have alot of boxing)? Tons of tanks?
  15. Wulfhere Augur

    I think the extra RoS levels and HME were all that was needed. The extra hit points (and AC) add reaction time to EoK raid events. The events become less twitchy. Giving players an extra few seconds to react to damage opens the doors to victory.

    A heal lands where it was too late before, a tank activates a disc and stands for an extra 12 seconds. DPS has time to kill something.
  16. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Gratz!! I'm glad you guys are all winning this raid now! It has to be a frustrating raid if you have inconsistent numbers each raid night, missing key classes, etc. If the raid was truly easy, more guilds would have beaten it at 105. :)
  17. Brohg Augur

    Menders > Sycophants > QUEEN.

    Everything else is a distraction that should only be handled by appropriate specialists.
  18. Bigstomp Augur

    If you hang out in a big pile, ae heals (alliance, shammy splash heals, maybe others) really make a huge difference.
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    We do Warcasters, Menders, Queen, Soldiers, battle, Syco.

    If Queen is active she needs to be dying. The only time I pull DPS off Queen is for Warcasters, Healers & Sycos. Oh and Mounts when they start spawning at 15%.

    We have everything in the tunnel, so the DPS doesn't have so far to run, just need to be careful not to leash the queen. Lots of AE heals and heal wards, with a ranger on dispel. Make sure you have a fast MA who knows what they are doing.

    We never bothered with changing the mobs outside at start, to be honest I find it easier with warcasters up to start, just burn them down before the queen adds her AE not forgetting to place a heal ward.

    Good luck.
  20. Waldagar Augur

    If the fight takes more then 90 seconds, no one on the raid is capable of posting more then 150K dps. On long fights we have a top 10 between 100K - 150K and then it drops off quickly. Usually, the top 10 crank out 40-50% of the total damage. It takes us between 20-30 minutes to kill the Prince with mid-40s to low-50s attendance. The top ten almost always contains 4 hybrids, 4 melees, 1 enchanter, and 1 wizard. From time to time a mage or necro will appear in the top 10.

    It is very sad. Everyone has all the available raid gear slots filled. We can't unlock new slots since we can't get past the queen. You can imagine how well the cactus raid goes with this DPS.