Has Kar`Zok Overlord (in Kor-Sha Laboratory) Spawned Recently?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Micaiah, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Micaiah New Member

    We have killed the place holders for the Kar`Zok Overlord at least 40 times, with about half of those kills being during the current named spawn bonus, and the other half being during the previous named spawn bonus. The place holders we have been killing are the three "a Kar'Zok warrior" at the spawn points shown in:

    We have yet to see the Overlord spawn. Has anyone seen him spawn recently?
  2. Nerkina Journeyman

    I don't think the spawn rates have been upped at all
  3. smash Augur

    It might help to kill the right ph's.

    The ph is not warrior, but cannot recall name.

    From main entrance go up stairs then left and second room on left, its there together with a trash. At the point top of stairs is another ph.
  4. Micaiah New Member

    Ok after 53 kills the named spawned and it was the middle PH (the one almost directly adjacent to a researcher. Dropped boots and a wizard merc shoulder. The information on Eqresource was accurate (well we could only confirm that the middle PH is a correct PH).

    Smash I'm pretty sure you are referring to a different named mob.
  5. adetia Augur

    we didn't have any trouble spawning him the other night in about 40-60 minutes... but as you know, your luck may vary in a huge way with these name spawns!
  6. smash Augur

    Correct i was thinking on Overlord X?, where you replace X with a name i cannot recall

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