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  1. Berrb New Member

    played all there slots on each server for Free? ( To cap level) and then decided on subscribing and purchasing expansions?

    I am curious to know, for the simple reason I just want to grind some characters first then sink real $$ here. I have lots of time and this would otherwise keep me away from the Casino... lmao!

    Also I wouldn't mind someone looking to start fresh F2P and work on some characters, I have 4 days off each week from work sun-wed I would much rather play with a real person than have to box a second account... Thanks
  2. Treiln Augur

    1-70 can be done with F2P easily enough. After that, it's going to be a pain for a couple reasons:

    1) Gear. You do not have access to prestige gear. After 70, defiant gear no longer cuts it. A lot of quest and even random mob drop gear is prestige. Without up to date gear, it's going to be hard to progress. Mind you, I'm sure there is gear that is available all the way up to 105 that is accessible for F2P, but I'm not sure where to find it honestly. Sorry =/

    2) Mercenaries: you're limited to Apprentice Mercs. Even T5 App mercs are worse off than T1 Journeyman Mercs. Once you get past level 60 they're practically useless. I guess some help is better than no help but....eh. And unless you're playing a class that excels at soloing, leveling up is going to be slow and tedious until you get to a point where you can find groups.

    3) AAs: with F2P you're limited to 1,000 AAs. If you were to get the useful AAs while leveling, and avoid ones that don't benefit your character (i.e. tradeskill ones and the likes), I think you'll break 1k by level 62-63. Trying to make it into the 80s and beyond with only 1k AAs is going to be a tough journey my friend. Doable, yes, but rough.

    My advice...play some toons up to 60-70 and get a feel for them. See what you like. Once you think you're ready to jump in and buy subscriptions and expansions and the like, buy a Krono instead. This will give you one months worth of a subscription.

    With this you get access to the "auto-grant" AA feature. Pretty much gives you all your AAs for you level (most, but not all). This feature alone is worth the subscription in my opinion. This way you can focus on leveling and not worry about working on AAs. Once your Krono runs out, you'll drop down to Silver membership, and you'll get to keep all the AAs you earned. You may not be able to get any more, but you keep all the ones you've earned.

    Depending on how many levels and AAs you got during that time, you could stay Silver membership and push to level 105 (even as F2P you can get to level cap) and work up theough The Darkened Sea expansion.

    After all of this, or at any point along the way, you can then dumd your money into the game as you see fit :) just figured I'd give you some options on enjoying the game the best you can while staying F2P
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  3. Questoften32 Augur

    Its unfair to let players try, with the limitations that far. That is to the ftp cap.

    The ftp is a try it before you buy it.

    I don't suggest you try and cap anything unless its a molo challenge...trying to is, sort of like fighting a martial arts master with one hand tied behind your back after taking two or 3 Valiums.

    It can be done but few would enjoy it, or be able to complete the fight..

    With that aa plat, merc, gear aug limit, you may not even be welcome in some higher level groups unless its pity, if you keep dying. Or the other guy dose not know.

    If your going to try this I would not advertise to 85+ groups ftp status.

    Means potentially little to no aa, bad gear, and so on.

    Apprentice mercs are next door to useless, they are like an inferior shaman pet.

    There might have been something to say, trying for 60 on one toon, with the limitations in place, on a secondary account, for the challenge...once...but no more.

    Don't be afraid to try the game, ftp is fine for running around blightfire moor's or something.Makes little deference there for most.

    Come to think of it:

    Its also fine for original classic eq content...too bad ftp cant play on a time locked progression server or maybe its not too bad...this is probably the real reason why: the restrictions would not matter, they would never need to sub.

    The restrictions in place would be close to the standard reality, in a locked progression server at classic, they would never meet a challenge that would absolutely force them to at least wish to sub.

    Hence subs only for TLP...QED.
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    Another viewpoint here. I have a few f2p accounts. The biggest drawback by far is the fact they cannot get into general chat. So I miss the drops that are commonly given away for free on my server or the people looking for groups or looking for others to join them and guide events are announced only in general chat.
    The armor issue I think applies if your a raider. I am not. Burned out on that years ago. One of my f2p is a level 101 paladin with boreal armor (stats are around 2300 hp) with some nice augs for non prestige that bring those up by 100-200/slot. I have seen paid accounts with the same so its not true that armor sucks for free accounts. He has many bags and trophies from completing achievements, all tradeskills maxxed and has gotten his artisan seals and will have the biggie when he hits 105 - the artisan prize itself with 3000 to stats.

    They have reinstated the AA unlocker and the Rank II unlocker in the marketplace if you want to raise those limits without purchasing a full membership.

    I think a lot of folks have not played the free accounts to their full potential and like Rudolph they don't let f2p play in their reindeer games. ;)
  5. Questoften32 Augur

    FTP is not a red headed step child, its more, a slow cousin with disabilities.

    Note: (the ftp model not the ftp player)

    Incidentally, 98 with 2300 hp? You may mean 20300. You can exceed 2300, in full flawed defiant with off pieces as well. Must be a miss-type.

    Well, I have a level 30 character I am currently playing in twink gear with 3800 hp, and 257 strength with augs on fv, and I could do better should I wish to do so.

    Just putting that out there as a thing anyone can do if they want to work for it on alts and as a plug for vie.

    You can also go Traditional. I do that too:

    Start with newbie armor quests make your own cultural armor, and augs, work on your aug stone, its fun too and gives a new experiences each time.

    Too bad your forced to start at reach on ftp when the proper home city would make more sense.

    I'm not saying you cant pull it off I am just reminding ftp players, that there game is not the absolute reality of them game, and that they should sub.

    I am not discouraging them from playing, nor poking fun in a sardonic way.

    I am being encouraging, because:

    If a ftp player, can afford a pc with internet access/have the free time to play eq....chances are they can sub if they wish.

    That is a generalized logic that should be true more than it is false, with granted exceptions.

    FTP gives a idea of the game, as a trail, but may discourage players from sticking with it, and that is bad for the game.

    People should sub at least once to see what its like.

    They should reinstate silver if you ask me.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    The full line says "level 101 paladin with boreal armor (stats are around 2300 hp)...with some nice augs that bring that up 100-200/slot" meaning the armor items have around 2300 each stat slot for hp/mana/end and there are augs that will increase those stats. He also has some latent armor which is better and comes in around 2600 each slot. Nothing about a level 98 or his total hp. Sounds like a mis- read! ;)
  7. Questoften32 Augur

    Maybe so, a misread yes, I am in a hurry...and I'm sure you do well, but that dose not serve the purpose of my post very well, not that this is your problem.

    Le sigh...yet the fundamental things still apply ,as time goes by, I'm sure. The message overall, is dead on center in my opinion. That is:

    It dose not invalidate the point, nor did you yet say it did, should the urge come upon you to point this out. :)
  8. DinkumThinku99 Elder

    You will NOT drop back to a Silver membership. If you originally had a standard F2P account before subscribing, you'll be back to a standard F2P account once the membership expires.

    If you already had a Silver account, you'd go back to Silver when your membership expired. But there's no way to get a new Silver account now if you don't already have one.

    Very rarely, somebody will report unexpectedly getting upgraded to a Silver account, but that's apparently due to a glitch in the account processing software; it's not an intended feature.
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  9. Fluid Augur

    One way of many to do it. Create at least two accounts ASAP IMNSHO. One reason is for the great veteran perks, creation date is king. Play single or boxed, but boxed would be preferred/easy mode. Load up on gear from the tutorial, get the best mercenary you can. Run both up to at least 55 and collect as many AAs as you can on a f2p account. When it becomes impossible to advance go All Access on one account. That will give you access to 500 Daybreak cash and if you stored your loyalty points, you should be able to purchase a bag of platinum from the loyalty vendor, 1,500 or 15,000 per bag I can't remember which. At the end of a month, switch to the other account and do the same thing with AAs and bag of platinum. All your money worries should be gone and you will hopefully have enough levels and AAs to open up some very good content.

    Of course you can keep one account all access all the time or both accounts all access. With boxing at this level you should be able to enjoy lots of different zones and hot spots. This is just the cheapest way to maximize your available content.
  10. Treiln Augur

    Ah, thanks for the correction/clarification. I was unaware (clearly lol)
  11. asfasfasfasf Augur

    There is plenty of good non prestige gear. Paragon, Rustic, etc. all available to F2P. The main issue is that playing without AA's makes you pretty gimpy, and F2P with a 250 cap is as good as having no AA. You can still level up though, it just gets harder. But you can just pay and get the boosts, or go without. It is nice that the game lets you play how you want.

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