Has Anybody Here Seen The Shadiest Swashbuckler?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    Check in with her later today. Her inventory should be a little bit more full.

    Some days she'll only have one item. Some days she should have more. She is set up in a way to sell a certain VALUE of items per day. Some days that value will only allow for one item.
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  2. Dances Journeyman

    I offered her an Earthshaker and she wasn't interested
  3. Mayfaire Augur

    Woot, thanks for the info Roshen, I appreciate it :)
  4. Soulrheever Journeyman

    Butcherblock just repopped on Luclin. Marcia Attamilgad is now selling a Locket of Escape for 85 Nobles... Regardless of the rarity, I'm not sure a single charge of Bind is worth 9,371,249.49 plat... o_O
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  5. Seychelle New Member

    Not worth it.
  6. Tual Augur

    Gem encrusted ring for 30 Nobles. AC 10. Str 7. Affliction efficiency 3. That can be yours for 3.3 million plat and change, I'm just not feeling it, a BFG maybe, but a ring I'd let rot... lol no.
  7. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    That should be more like.. 1 noble and show up every time. It would entice people to actually use it.
  8. Praxis New Member

    Bristlebane has her selling the "Writ of Dragonkind" for 90 Nobles....... yikes
  9. Hayzeus Augur

    lol... I know. I love the idea of what they're doing, but someone at SoE (Roshen ;)) should really explain what the heck they are thinking with some of the prices on these items. Does SoE really feel that some people will pay 3.3 mpp for that ring... or 9mpp for a single charge of "Bind Affinity?" Or is SoE just trying to punk us out of our plats?

    lol on the surface the very idea of this merchant is so incredibly awesome, but the pricing on some of the items is just.... well... it's making SoE look bad because they've taken a great idea and obscured it with the ridiculousness of the prices. A rational explanation would go sooooooo far to make the playerbase understand what's really going on.

    I'm reminded of the Monty Hall Let's Make a Deal days where someone gives up something awesome in hand for the surprise item behind the curtain... and ending up with a 3-week old dead rotting salmon from the riverside.

    I think we're being punked.
  10. Lorilei Journeyman

    On EMarr, Marcia was in NRo at midnight PST with nothing on her. The zone just repopped at 2:30pm PST, and she has one manastone for 125 Nobles. That's quite a lot to ask, especially when she only offers 2 Nobles to purchase a manastone from you.

    Anyway, good to hear that she has a certain value of items on her. Maybe the next offering will be several items with a total value around 125 Nobles.

    And perhaps I was operating under the wrong conclusion when I thought this was a way SOE was working to get plat out of the game. This particular method won't change much. Still, I'm curious what she'll have next time.
  11. bazinga Elder

    I'm just curious...i have seen people post about "bragging rights" for these items...do you really think something that is purchaced from a vendor 10+ years after it stopped dropping in the game is really something to brag about?
  12. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    Some people work hard in eq farming for a long time to be able to afford some rare items. I have none that came from a vender and I've paid a lot for what I do have.
  13. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    Friendly Proposal:

    -NO TRADE flag on all items.

    -Price range for no-effect armor/weapon items reduced to 250k - 4 million platinum or 2-40 nobles.

    -Price range for effect armor items to 750k - 6 million pp or 7-60 nobles.

    -Price range for weapons with effects to 2 million to 10 million pp or 20 - 100 nobles.

    -Price range for high-demand effects (i.e. unlimited illusions, teleports, utility) to above 10 million pp or 100+ nobles.

    -Buyback increased to 40-50% of item value?

    *Lore or GM Event status could add value whereas non-Artifact or revamp loot remain the same.

    Fun Option: Original items can be swapped for another item - Quest Reward system? Example: Mask of Tinkering for Firestorm Cape?
  14. Hayzeus Augur

    You'd willingly pay 9.3mpp for a rare item that has a single charge of bind affinity or 3.3 mpp for an AE3 item?

  15. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    I don't think Marcia was designed to be a high-end General Supplies/Potion Merchant, or even for thrills. They put her there for the long haul when bored players have millions of platinum floating around in 2-3 years.
  16. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    Correction: Marcia is designed for bored players with TENS or HUNDREDS of millions of platinum in 2 or 3 years.
  17. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    No way, I've paid millions for really rare items before but this stuff is WAY too expensive.
  18. Tual Augur

    It's a cool idea, but I think someone dropped the ball on implementing it. Stuff like the sword from Halloween 2001 would be cool, Runebladed sword of midnight I think it was, I still have it stashed somewhere, I don't know if I'd pay 3 mil+ for it if I had lost it though, but it was uber at the time. There are lots of cool items that don't drop any more but unfortunately the ring doesn't fit the description, IMO of course, others might think differently because it was a pretty uber piece back in '00 or '01 when it was dropping.
  19. Melanippe Augur

    It would be very interesting to learn just which developer came up with this, just as it would be very interesting to know which developer came up with Nobles.

    I cannot help but wonder why it seems that the EverQuest game and its players seem to have become test subjects for various experiments.
  20. Roshen Brand Manager

    Marcia will not offer players many Nobles for their items. She's not designed to take rare items out of circulation.

    This is just one way that platinum can leave the game. While the devs have some additional ideas, feel free to share your own in the thread here: https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index.php?threads/no-real-plat-sinks-in-eq-anymore.213915/