Has any other ranger noticed...

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by gcubed, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. gcubed Augur

    My Speed of the Journeyman AA doesn't seem to affect my "future leap ability" at all. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    We have a "future leap ability?" :p
  3. gcubed Augur

    Yep. For about six months, now.
  4. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I think this in fact made my SoW slower!!

  5. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    I got excited for half a second there thinking I missed something :(
  6. Handpiercer New Member

    how do i make the info of my toon appear when i post?
  7. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Highlight your name at the top of the forum. You should get a drop down box with a lot of choices. Select the one for signature.
  8. Cury Elder

    Any update on the Traveler Achievement reward for Rangers?

    It still gives nothing to Rangers (at this time).
    Future Leap reward is still in an unfinished status.

    Could we get a reasonable date announced for the quest reward (keeping in mind the actual Traveler quest release date)?

    Thanks :)
  9. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    The short of it is that apparently someone didn't talk to someone about the AA so we are not getting one...ever.
  10. Romance Augur