Hardcore Heritage 2023

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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Hardcore Heritage is turning up the heat once again! These challenges won't be easy, but nothing worth it is ever easy. Everything begins today and ends on July 4, 2023 at 11:00 p.m. PDT.

    For anyone new to Hardcore Heritage, popular zones from the early days of EverQuest get ramped for higher level characters to earn some sweet, sweet loot. Only if you are capable enough to survive until the end!
    Here's the zone schedule for this year.

    Phase 1: June 7 to June 20, characters at a suggested level of 80 and up can cross over to the dark side in Blackburrow, Cazic Thule, and characters at a suggested level of 85 and up can take on The Ruins of Old Guk, and the Estate of Unrest.

    Phase 2: June 21 to July 4, put on the new, fancy loot and head to Crushbone and Permafrost if you're at a suggested level of 90 and above, and then head over to The Castle of Mistmoore and Nagafen's Lair if you're at a suggested level of 100 and above.

    We're also turning things up to 11 in raids in those zones again. Engage the more challenging Emperor Crush, Lady Vox, Lord Nagafen, and Trakanon.
    Here's the raid schedule for this year.

    Old Sebilis: June 7 to July 4, if you're at a suggested level of 105 and above, Ruins of Sebilis beckons and wants to see if you have what it takes to survive. Once that's done, the denizens of Trakanon will call out and taunt you to bring your best and do your worst!

    Challenges and loot galore await the bravest of heroes, do you have what it takes?

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  2. Fenl Bard

    Mischief will miss being able to be level 80 by about a week for this :(
    Wait a whole year to be level appropriate. Will be level 90 around then.
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  3. WeCameWeConquered Elder

    Yeah the timing on TLPs and events is off. Fabled PoP doesn't happen on a TLP until a year too late as will Hardcore Heritage. Would be nice to see the timings tweaked to better align.
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  4. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    No reason not to just leave the HH zones up year round with an NPC to port you from normal version into the HH version at the zone ins. The loot is generally useless on live so no impact there and would let TLPs actually utilize the content at the right level regardless of unlock schedule.
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  5. Bonemelter Nemesis Enforcer

    I disagree, it's one of a few actual events that EQ still does to take away the monotony of farming and AoC's. Most of the other events are vanity or meaningless
  6. Drencrom Secretary of Steak

    It's pretty amazing the TLP people left live to go "back in time" and are upset that they aren't returning to live fast enough. I know a quick fix for that if you're interested. It's a trick I've been using since TLPs came out.
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  7. Ishbu Augur

    Mischief was the first classic start TLP with the shortened earlier expansions from the previous 12 weeks, plus the shortened ldon. That is why your timing ended up being off. The previous years TLPs of Aradune and Rizlona are both 85 right now so it works great.

    There is always a give and take with changes, most people just dont play far enough to realize them.

    The good news is there is still content for you, there is hardcore heritage stuff up through intended level 105 so next year will still be good for you.
  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    What expansions do you need unlocked on TLPs for these ?
  9. Bobokin Augur

    No new HH once again. May as well just open HH Misty Thicket for Level 10 characters.105 was forever ago on live servers.

    Daybreak has done nothing with this since taking over Everquest, but they act like it is something special that they are giving the player base.
  10. Slasher Augur

    HH is nice but the level cap is 120 why do you think people are going to go back and do content 15 levels below them ? Some will most wont. This event would be better if you used the resources to make a new HH zone every level increase expansion.
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  11. Grandmaster Nollo New Member

    WooO i went back and got some Darkened Singing Steel Clickies for me Bard!
  12. Tucoh Augur

  13. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    That’s a horrible idea, no current bis gear should be available only through contested spawns one month a year. Thankfully it’s a nonstarter as it gives away a massive powerup item that could be tied to the next expansion sale instead of given away as a freebie.