Fixed Internally Hanging when logging out

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Yinla, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This has been going on for months, doesn't happen all the time. Most times when I try to camp to char select or server select the screen locks up and stays black and does nothing until you manually click the cross in the top right hand corner.

    Ocassionally it will take you to the old log in screen and refuse to let you log out from there and time outs trying to log back in.

    First reported here back in June this year. Around the time the chat boxes were added.

    My old machine running SE used to crash when logging out before SE was no longer supported. Something not been updated with Window changes? I now have windows 7 on main computor and windows 10 on the laptop, both crash in the same way.
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  2. Dahaman Augur

    How do I like the multiple times? It's super important!

    The crash resets chat window locations (and only chat windows), resets to windowed mode instead of full screen, and/or resets to original default UI instead of default UI with player info window (the one with the hitpoint/mana/endurance bars) changed out to chose percentages.

    So annoying...
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  3. Baldur Augur

    This has been happening to me since last patch when I do /exit. It's crashing the client and it wasn't happening before the patch.

    I get the crash popup and I've been submitting it.

    I did have hanging on log out on one of my computers at one point recently, but keeping windows and graphic drivers updated and eventually that went away.
  4. rrapidron New Member

    Its happening to me on three accounts on three computers that are not linked. This needs to be fixed for sure.
  5. rrapidron New Member

    I am having exactly the same problem
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  6. rrapidron New Member

    Its driving me BUGGY lol, I have been playing for 19 years and I am about ready to not renew my 3 accounts
  7. That0neguy Augur

    Was just about to post something about this. Good thing there's not that many threads here yet and was able to find this.
  8. JChan Developer

    There seems to be a few things intertwined in this report. Note that hanging is different than crashing and it's important to split those apart so that we can get to the bottom of these issues.

    Yinla (or others) when this happens does it always hang and get in a stuck state and clicking the X in the corner works to close it? Also are you running /camp or /camp server? Does this ever happen when you run /camp desktop? Are there instance when you can't click the X to close and have to force close the exe using Task Manager?

    Baldur, it sounds like you're definitely crashing and you're running /exit. This sounds like a separate bug, will you make a new report for this? Also, does it crash if you run /camp desktop?
  9. Zanarnar Augur

    From my experience (I always play full-screen)
    /camp desktop -- works as expected
    /camp -- works as expected
    /camp server -- black screen, have to kill the eq process
    /camp then hit escape to return to server select -- black screen, have to kill the eq process

    Its been an issue since at least august, I can't recall it happening before then but I also hadn't really played much the previous 6 months.
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  10. That0neguy Augur

    Anytime you try to go back to the server select screen the game screen goes black, eventually times out to the login screen, then wont let you log in till you quit the client and restart. It doesn't matter if it happens from /camp server or hitting quit from the char select screen.

    Closing the window via the X always works for me if you dont want to wait the minute or so for the black screen to timeout and kick you to the login screen.
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  11. Dahaman Augur

    - I play full screen
    - I play first person
    - I use the default UI except for a custom player window file
    - I do not use /camp or /exit to logout, I use ctrl-X to camp
    - I mostly stay at the character select screen instead of logging completely out (bad habit)
    - trying to log completely out too often gets hung on the old old login screen (hence the bad habit)
    --- most of the time, hitting Escape nor the cancel button does not close this old old login screen
    --- most of the time, I cannot close the old old login screen via the game screen at all
    - when it hangs in game (zoning or whatever)
    --- it most often will let me Alt-Tab to select a new window, but will not switch to that new window
    --- it almost never will close out by hitting the X from the Alt-Tab selection screen
    --- it sometimes won't even show windows to select via Alt-Tab
    --- it usually allows me to select Task Manager from the Ctrl-Alt-Del menu, but rarely opens it
    - a sure-fire logout means, assuming I can get the Ctrl-Alt-Del menu is "Sign Out"
    - a hard PC turn off has been required when I can't even open the Ctrl-Alt-Del menu

    These might be a separate issue:
    - it switches to windowed mode 50% of the time after forcing the game closed
    - chat window placement screws up 50% of the time after forcing the game closed and 100% of the time if I have to switch back from windowed mode
    - the player window UI always resets after forcing the game closed

    This happens on two PCs and one Laptop with years difference in age, processors, etc. I run Win 10 as a common thing.
  12. JChan Developer

    Getting forced to windowed mode (in the middle of the hanging / crashing state) and the side effects of that is absolutely a different issue and will be resolved in the next scheduled update.
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  13. Dahaman Augur

    This (other) part is already resolved and will be fixed in next scheduled update!?! Gosh I hope I got that right...

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  14. Thunderkiks Augur

    For myself if I either do /camp server or just /camp to character select and then quit to go to the server screen it hangs with a black screen. If I leave it for a few minutes it will eventually go and say a timeout occurred and I can then close the window. However if I'm in a hurry and don't want to wait the few minutes I have to close EQ via the task manager and then reload EQ. I play in full screen and when it hangs to the point that I close EQ via task manager then it reloads in windowed mode. This happens every time I do either of the above to swap servers. So now I just /camp desktop and reload EQ as it has less problems for me.

    Now intermittently I have issues with my main character and /camp. It doesn't happen all the time so its super frustrating to try and solve. I go and /camp and it hangs with the black screen. Other characters don't seam to do it so I redid my UI files and that didn't help either. I also redid my EQ client file to no avail. I use default UI except for 2 things, player window, and target ring. All my characters use those custom pieces though and have no issues, just my main.
  15. Raytan Augur

    I have a similar problem. Since the patch with the window tabs (which I like by the way) I have a problem camping out. I use a Windows 7 laptop, which I have for about the past 8 years. I do have 4 accounts. I normally just use "/camp" and no other type of exit. I log in using the patcher.

    Since the patch for the chat window tabs, approximately, when I camp I go to the character select screen just fine. I then hit exit, but I will not go to the server select screen to exit game. After exiting character select, I hang in a black screen for a minute or so, then go to the really old log in screen. From there, I can close the window using the "X" in the top right hand corner. No other click command will work. If I let the screen go for another minute or so, I can hit cancel and use the mouse to exit the old log in screen.

    Don't know if this helps, but my copy of EQ installed is OLD. I've been playing a long time. I've no idea if a newer install would see that really old log in screen.

    Anyway, I can not seem to exit the game from in game past the character select. I used to be able to go from the character select screen to the server select screen, then quit game. Now I go from the character select screen, to black screen, to a really old login screen ... then have to task quit or hit the "X" to close the window. Or wait even longer, and cancel out.

    Edit: If it matters, I normally play in window mode, and that doesn't seem to change. The change for me quitting the game seems to have occurred with the chat window's tab patch.
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  16. Natal Augur

    The black screen going to the log in screen (which you can take to windowed mode and quit using the X button) only happens if you have "disable fullscreen optimisations" ticked on in the compatibility window. If you don't, the client goes to a low rez window that covers the entire screen and becomes unresponsive (ie crashed). But, since the window covers the entire screen you can't see program manager and can't stop the client. If you use the windows "change user" function from the ctrl/alt/delete screen you will return to the client still in an unresponsive windows, but at a size that does not cover the screen, so you can use the program manager to shut it down. But, when you restart EQ, you can log in but when you when you server select it remembers where it left off and goes back to the full screen unresponsive window again, and getting out of that loop requires mucking about over and over with the compatibility tool.

    So, it seems that "disable fullscreen optimisations" MUST be ticked to avoid the loop, and to safely quit EQ you MUST first window the client and close it with the X button.

    At least that is what the experimentation tonight suggests. I forgot to close beta this way tonight, and it took about an hour of screaming before I could get the client to work again. It is crazy frustrating.

    What do people who are not reasonably computer savvy do? LoL. Do they just stop playing the game? Because if they encounter this issue they are probably not going to be able to fix it.
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  17. Dega Elder

    EDIT: I play in fullscreen

    I have the same issue. For me this started I believe around the time chatwindows were changed, but I had been gone for a few months and came back for Mangler. The chatwindow resulting in the not being able to get into game due to teh ini was fixed by using AYA reg chatwindows. I am just mentioning the chatwin thing because it was here I also noticed that when I logged out of the game and went from charselect to serverselect to log out you know using the quit button I started getting a black screen and could only get out of it by shutting eq down in taskmanager, getting a small win saying failed devicereset, when closing that I got out.

    Then a few months later my monitor went on the fritz and i had to use my old one for a bit resulting in me having to use a diff resolution. Same thing when trying to quit. After reading some advice i tried to play around with my windowed resolution so it would match my fullscreen, and this is when bad went to worse. Everytime I shut the game down my ui chatboxes would be all over the place and i could no longer shut the game down using the small win *failedresetdevice* since it was gone, resulting in a loop forcing game to start up in windowed mode untill I set my ui up went to default logged out and back in switched ui back to AYA and it would stay set. Still couldnt shut the game down in taskmanger tho with the failedresetwin, but had to /q out of game in order to avoid the game starting up in windowed mode. Then i got my monitor back and went back to my old resolution and the ui was fixed and the *failedresetdevice* was back in taskmanager allowing me to shut the game down that way again since I am still hanging when logging out from charselect.

    sorry for the overly descriptive post :)

    oh and you have a few pages of this in the supportsection
  18. Tininea New Member

    I have had the same issues with EQ not quitting / shutting down / exiting correctly when in full screen mode.
    I first noticed the issue on my main desktop PC, running windows 10, and with an old / mature installation of EQ. Pretty sure I've had this since well before the chat tabs were added to the UI.

    If i play in full screen mode, if i click on the camp button i am able to exit to character select, if i then click on the quit button and try to return to the server select screen, EQ goes to a black screen, sometimes it will time out and give me the old log in screen, other times it just hangs and freezes. At this point i can access the task manager, but it is hidden behind the unresponsive EQ window, i have to open a second "virtual desktop", access the task manager again, and then close the unresponsive EQ.exe. If i then try to restart EQ, once i click on the Launch button, i get taken to a black screen again, EQ hangs and is unresponsive, and i again have to jump through hoops to close the exe.
    I then have to go into the EQ config files, set windowed mode = TRUE to allow me to log in to EQ.

    If i play in windowed mode, which i do now, i have to use the /camp desktop command to close EQ down, if i camp to the character select screen and then try to exit/quit i get the same issue, the screen goes black, EQ becomes unresponsive and i have to jump through hoops to get to the task manager to close the exe.

    I have reinstalled EQ twice on this machine, both times doing a clean install, to new drive locations, rebuilt my character config files, and still the issue remains.

    I also have the same issue on one of my laptops, in that i have to play in windowed mode and use /camp desktop to be able to exit the game cleanly. The laptop is running windows 10, was brought in june, and has had only one fresh install of EQ put on it.

    Slightly separate, but defiantly related to this issue is the fact that UI layouts are not being saved, on both my machines, i am unable to get a full screen UI layout to be saved, doesn't matter how i exit the game, when i enter the game in windowed mode, if i switch to full screen mode, the UI layout is totally messed up, this happens weather i am using the default UI or a custom one. I was under the impression that your characters UI setting and layout was saved, irrespective of weather you were in full screen or windowed mode, when ever you zoned, or camped to character select, but i have tested it a number of times and in both modes, and on both machines, and have been unable to get EQ to save the UL layouts unless i am in windowed mode and use /camp desktop to exit the game. Could someone clarify how the game saves UI and character config info?
  19. Zippie Journeyman

    This happens to me on three separate computers. I can 100% reproduce it every time. One computer is in full screen mode, and the other two are using windowed mode, so which mode you are in seems to not be a factor.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Type /camp and hit enter
    2. At the character select screen click the quit button to exit back to the server selection screen
    3. You never make it to server select. Instead you get a black screen that just doesn't go away.
    If you are in windowed mode when this happens, you can click the X to close the window. If you are in full screen mode, you're pretty much screwed until it times out because the black screen seems to take precedence over the task manager (or any other window for that matter). That's why I choose to play in windowed mode, but the other person in the house prefers full screen mode, and has to just let the computer sit there till EQ times out each time.
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  20. JChan Developer

    Will you PM me your server and character names? Also, does this happen on all characters or just some of them?