Hanging when logging out

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Igorath-Bertox, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Troutfest Augur

    Same issue here, one a desktop and other a laptop. If I get as far into the game as character select it will hang with a blank screen when trying to back out. I play windowed so just go up and click the X in the corner to close the window and window closes. Did it when I played full screen also but was a pain to get game closed so now I play windowed.

    Does this every time I exit from character select. If I only get to server select can back out no problem. It will log out from game fine to character select but if trying to back out to the server select menu it hangs.
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  2. Kanjien New Member

    This is still an issue, any news on a fix?
  3. Perplexed Augur

    yes, still a headache and a problem.
    Though I finally got smart and just quit, I do pop in to say "Hi" and it's still not fixed :(
  4. Troutfest Augur

    Further info on this. I still am hanging when quitting the game the normal way, ie camp, quit at character select, games hangs and have to kill the game via window mode closed or taskmanager. Still able to quit from character select if I haven't gotten into game and all ends normally. I also notice that if I log on to my trader character and use offline mode, the game quits normally. Hope this helps to troubleshoot this ongoing issue.
  5. p8aa Elder

    Bump !
    Still a problem.
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  6. lagkills Augur

    Yes it is, unfortunately for you I don't care about the black screen when camping, as I only play on one character and on one server, and there is a quick way to get to desktop to bypass it.
    Fortunately for you I can't f@#!$*& stand the default ui, the most hideous piece of shSo, how to go around fixing resetting ui elements positions:
    Step1. I'm assuming you play in full screen mode. Go to Options then switch to window mode. Then set your window resolution to match your full screen resolution you normally play at. Log out and exit game, and I don't mean /q
    Step2. Log back in, and switch back to full screen. Move your custom UI elements however you want, but before you log out to save the changes, switch to default UI(make sure keep positions intact or whatever that is called option is clicked in). Then exit the game.
    Step3. Log back in, switch to your custom UI and you're done. Well, at least until you want to add another chat window or something.

    So in conclusion, your window resolution must match fullscreen, and at least for me I had to save the updated positions when under default ui when login out(zoning might work too instead)
  7. Kerzon New Member

    I have the same issue. Game hangs when i try to quit from character select screen. I Noticed if i hit the escape key the original login screen appears and then i cant really do anything at that point except alt/tab then close EQ.
  8. Dega Elder

    Same issue here. I had another window also when in manager say device failed reset that i could close and shut the game down that way. After reading some posts here I decided to try setting the window reso to the same as fullscreen, after that it just got worse and everytime i logged in my UI was all over the place. Read yet another post, tried it out with setting up my ui and then switching to default and /q out. Logging back in switch to the custom, and the ui was still the way I set it up this time around. Still have to /q out tho since everytime i log out and try to shut it down in manager it turns into windowed mode when logging back in messing up the ui.

    This is starting to get really old, could we at least get some indication that you are aware/working on it.
  9. Yinla Augur

    Also hanging when I logout.

    Used to be able to log back in using the old log in screen, get to chat and drop the game that way, tried doing that again recently and now the old login just hangs as well.

    The old log in screen needs a logout box!
  10. Malbrowncoat Elder

    Old problem, DB is well aware of it. Just be nice if they would fix it. Been happening since around the time DB embraced the fellow travelers at Google iirc (and the brain damaged bunnies)
  11. Grabatz Journeyman

    Same issue here.
    Please fix it!
  12. Kejsarina New Member

    I'm having the exact same issue. Since coming back in August, it has happened every single time.
  13. Dythan Augur

    yep, I just suck it up and /camp desktop everytime.
  14. Eggolas Augur

    New problem: not only hangs on quitting, but locks up computer such that even task manager won't load.

    Further problem: computer locks up at times trying to zone into guild hall. Never had this problem on this computer previously (years of playing).
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  15. Zorglub Journeyman

    Same here.
    Even /camp desktop may eventually trigger a crash.
  16. random_pawn00 New Member

    Yep -- been an issue for a long time. I re-acquainted myself with ALT+F4 just to get out of it.
  17. Midasa Lorekeeper

    I did an experiment the other day and if I change my UI to default, I do not experience this issue, pressing Quit immediately takes me to the Server Select screen as expected.
    My UI is my own custom one with very few custom files, but there must be something in one of them that is causing this issue. I will do some further research on each of the pieces to try to identify the actual issue, maybe this weekend.
  18. Dahaman Augur

    Same Issue for me:
    - hangs when trying to log out, sometimes going to the old login screen
    - half the time it gets to that screen, I can't even get out of that screen
    - sometimes crashes where I can't even bring task manager to kill it
    - sometimes logs back in as windowed mode even though I always use full screen mode
    - half the time, logging back in shows the chat windows positions all screwed up
    - half the time, it reverts back to 100% default UI

    I run the default UI except for the player character window (the one that shows the hitpoint bar, the mana bar and the endurance bar without much else). That might help to narrow it down if it is caused by custom UIs.
  19. Natal Augur

    I have the same problem. The only solution appears to go to windows mode, then close the window itself (not actually quit the game). If you forget and try to log and quit normally, the screen goes to a frozen full screen window. Trying to bring up task manager doesn't work because you can't see it. Restarting the computer and then the game takes you back to the same frozen screen, it seems to remember and want to resume where it left off, which is in an unrecoverable crashed state. At that point you have to reinstall the game. Which is a complete PITA.

    Running standard UI on a 4K monitor, but at 1440p resolution (otherwise the characters in all the windows are too small to see). 5 text windows and 10 hotkey bars open.

    If you forget to switch the game back to full screen from windows mode when you start, all your windows positions are moved to random places, so you have to move them all back again.

    Are the devs aware of this? There has been no acknowledgement by them, so they even read this part of the board? They only post in the patch bugs thread, so I am guessing not. How can we contact them to make them aware of this problem?
  20. Natal Augur

    For the record, these problems started happening about the time they revamped the UI to include tabs.
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