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  1. Deathcomestoall Journeyman

    Can someone explain to me what EQ's Hands-off Policy is ?
  2. Captain Video Augur

    Hands Off: If you touch any mob in the game, you will generate aggro. Even throwing a stone in their direction will do the trick. Proceed with extreme caution.
  3. Healiez Augur

    Basically the pnp is out the window. GM's are there to correct issues due to bugs, or people exploiting, training, using nono TPP's etc.

    There are no camps, first to engage doesnt matter, it is whoever does the most dps.

    This is the jist of what hands off means.
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  4. Trance Journeyman

    Response from a GM given to a friend of a guildy (after his epic quest mob bugged and didn't drop any loot):
    1. Unfortunately, CS is unable to provide assistance with any newly released content on Aradune or Rizlona. At this time, the Epic series of quests are currently functioning as intended. We will be unable to spawn any NPCs, or return any items lost during NPC trades. We recommend restarting the quest and completing the steps again, as we currently have a hands-off policy.
  5. Mangloid New Member

    get KSed?
  6. Azurefrost Elder


    It means they will not help you at all, no matter what the issue is with Epics, and sometimes the Archaeologist Quest items. Doesn't matter if the NPC bugged out and ate your items, someone stole your spawned NPC causing you to have to re-farm items, and basically any thing at all dealing with Epic weapon quest.

    This is such a BS policy and an oxymoron to having dedicated GMs. What is the point of dedicated GMs if they won't even assist when the game bugs out or someone unfairly steals your turn-in causing you to lose possibly days worth of time from the items?

    They seem to also have issues banning known botters and those breaking 2-box limit. You have the same set of characters 24/7 farming in Droga (Rokgus, CoS), and Seb (Crypt and Fungi King), but because their third-party program alerts them to say/tell they won't touch them even though they receive multiple reports and all these characters due is farm the same camps 24/7.

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