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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Starxx, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Fluid Augur

    Once again, it isn't that frequent but I run so many quests it happens frequently to me. I forget one item or have it on another character. I log that character in and transport them to the quest NPC. I start killing the NPC/MOB that has the drop. I return an hour later to finish the quest. I've done nothing wrong, but another PC who was doing the same quest /petition and I lose the item.

    Even if the GM could sort through an hour of game logs, time is money. Every scam artist in game would claim the scenario I just said I go through with 'well I handed in all the items but one' get it? Your framing of the problem does not allow for the scam artist to continue being a liar and a cheat. If there exist a reasonable explanation for the situation, the scam artist will claim that is their circumstances which takes you back to square one.

    I do congratulate you on not having a roguish mind or avoiding contact with dirt bags though. It isn't my first rodeo. I've found scam artist can typically lie better then you can tell the truth. They will do stuff like petition you first so it looks like your petition was just a response to being caught. Phrase 'to low to kick and to slimy to step on' comes to mind when I think of scammers. We come into the forum and talk about, they live it every minute of every day.
  2. sieger Elder

    Fluid I'm frankly not really sure what you're talking about. Daybreak/SOE GMs regularly would rectify issues like this going back many years, I'm personally familiar with over a dozen such incidents on various TLPs I have done. They will typically not "complete a quest" for you, what they will do is return your original quest items to you so that you can have a chance to complete it again (this is what they regularly did on Agnarr for people who had Lord Bergurgle crowns stolen or who had Dain Ring turn ins stolen.) Acting like it's reasonable for them not to handle it is frankly silly.

    I'll be honest in the broader community which includes multiple very large guilds where I've been in leadership positions, I've routinely expended a lot of energy really defending SoE/Daybreak/Darkpaw. I'm a software engineer in my real life, and I've worked at large and small software companies, albeit not in the gaming industry. I always felt some degree of kinship with what I know is a small team working under tight constraints. But in the last year or so, I have seen frankly a dramatic degradation in the attitude towards the paying customers from leadership at this company. It is by far the worst time it has ever been to be a paying EQ customer, and I think a lot of it is entirely due to misguided direction and opinions on how to manage the customer base. If I genuinely thought it was just a resource limitation issue I'd be more inclined to be forgiving. I'm not going to write a long list blasting them point by point, but the simple reality is we have seen a decline in the quality of customer care in the game, not just in CS but across the board. Hopefully someone recognizes this will have a long term deleterious effect on the company and we'll see it fixed, but I'm skeptical.
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  3. Tinthalas Tigris New Member

    Respond back, request to speak with supervisor, etc.

    THis e-mail is not your ends-all to the petition. This is an automatically generated e-mail to sort out the individuals who are petitioning for small problems that are not related. Terrible policy, but just progress forward with the e-mails. Do not accept no for an answer.
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  4. Gheed Journeyman

    Man the "just re-do the quest" response is absolutely pathetic. Hey man just re-do your epic quest, we don't help. But hey, if you run into any other in-game problems be sure to petition us again so we can tell you the same thing!!

    Just keep petitioning until you get Dunbar, the rest of them seem clueless about epics
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  5. Accipiter Augur

    Oh, the irony that is your username.
  6. Overcast451 Elder

    Yeah.. if they are going to stay 'hands off' - maybe they should require all of the quest items to be turned in at the same time and be done with this problem for good.
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  7. Bullsnooze Augur

    Yep, and permanent quest npc locks upon turn in for anything you need to kill and loot.

    For some reason Dark Paw believes that people will do the right thing. However their game design allows for people to be straight up tyrants. It almost seems like a sick social experiment at times.
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  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I'm sure permanent loot locked mobs would end up in toxicity too. Spawn a mob you have no intention of killing just to block someone else? Spawn it and leave ot up so the trigger mob never respawns? Jerks will find a way to be a jerk.
  9. Hadesborne Augur

    Just do this ^

    It isn't rocket science. There will be PLENTY of opportunities to hand this thing in to the Natasha that spawns after Scepter/scroll turn in. SHE DOESN'T DESPAWN AFTER MESSAGE TURN IN.

    I cannot be more clear.
  10. Overcast451 Elder

    Yeah - and just last night, I thought.. "Rogue epic purchasable by a level 35.." - I mean, is that the intent? I'm not opposed to people doing 'services' in trade for PP or Krono at all, actually. I buy Krono from DB all the time and sell it for PP. I don't have the time or inclination really to spend hours fighting for Hill Giants in Rathe or farming drops from various nameds for PP. Right now, I can get a Krono for $15 and sell it on Aradune for 12K. I can 'farm' the cash for the Krono at my RL job in a fraction of the time it would take me to farm 12K in EQ, hehe.

    Then I can spend time in EQ, just doing what I want. So I get it.. BUT when the whole thing creates unnecessary roadblocks for those wanting to play the game and quest as it was intended.. they should take action, honestly. If the action is blocking multiquests or maybe allowing for instance-on-demand or re-thinking the way the NPCs spawn/time on spawn - they should at least offer some resolution to the toxic tactics that are used.
  11. Bullsnooze Augur

    Worst case scenario, but that's what I'm talking about. Tyrant players coming up with such a way to harass others. This is something that GMs would be called down to look into and give them the ability to despawn NPCs. That said, when you develop something, you think about it from all angles and any exploits that might arise from deplorable players.
  12. Gherig Augur

    Report the post ... I did.
  13. Mobs New Member

    Recently screwed up my druid epic, handed in my hardened mixture ( about 3/4 way through druid epic ) but didnt have my jade reaver part completed, completed that and handed that in, in the hopes it would complete that section, nope lost both items and with that hrs of not only my time but lots of others. Got GM Dunbar with the sorry we have a hands off approach. Ridiculous but what can you do but unsubscribe, not sure what we are paying for.
  14. bardybard Journeyman

    Why is that ridiculous? Why would you expect a GM to restore your quest for something you clearly messed up?
    Yea it sucks having to redo that quest, but the situation is completely out of your own making
  15. Mobs New Member

    Yes I screwed up but even if i hadn't reply would have been the same.

    Player base would be a lot bigger if they were a little more hands on IMO.
  16. JohnnyBgood Journeyman

    Sucks but the epic quest on this server are far more forgiving than like p99.
  17. Schteben New Member

    Not for nothing, but I thought one of the selling points of Aradune/Rizlona was a more hands on GM approach. Sounds like corporate trolling tbh.
  18. Fluid Augur

    I called a GM once, ~20 years ago. Necro had cast Dead Man Floating on my Ranger and as I exited from Surefall Glade, my character went though the artwork and fell for half an hour. GM responded in maybe a half hour to summon my character back up to the surface.

    That's the kind of stuff GMs are meant to handle. In the original game, if you handed anything to an NPC regardless if it was part of a quest or not, the item was taken. Just last week I accidentally handed a quest reward to a Magician Pet when I intended to hand it to the Magician. Gone, gone, gone! Look, perhaps I could have called a GM and they could check the inventory of the pet and see what had happened and replace the item. The problem with that is, what if I had used the pet to win a tough fight with the item, then wanted the item back? It opens up scams like equipping pets with valuable items and retrieving them if GMs are allowed to retrieve them. Personally I would rather have a GM rescue my character after falling through the artwork in a half hour then two hours because scammers have a way to take advantage of the system and tie up GMs in the process. I think that is what DP wants their GM support to be. One of my bosses used to say "If you want to change the Catholic Church, you had better be the Pope." That applies here. If I had the same situation with falling through artwork today, I would probably just logout and back in at character's origin or use Origin AA.
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  19. JohnnyBgood Journeyman

    Everyone had some NPC eat an item by mistake back in the day.
  20. Accipiter Augur

    I did this once on Phinny, I think in Kunark era. I petitioned and the GM (or CS rep) got the item back for me. So it does happen (albeit 4 years ago). I also looted a no-drop on the wrong character once and got it put on the right character. Comically, I did exact this thing yesterday in Gorowyn and just ate the mistake.

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