Fixed Internally Halloween: Digging Their Graves - No graves spawn

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by BloodyDaTrolly, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. BloodyDaTrolly Apprentice

    Halloween: Digging Their Graves

    as per the quest, you are sent to 1 of 2 zones, in my level it is either Loping Plains or Field of Scale,

    the NPC in this case Edmund Strangeways in POK

    sends me to FoS in his text. I go there, spend a good hour along with 2 mates looking for the graves but nothing. I then double check in Loping Plains and same thing, there is no grave spawns.

    please check if the quest has been loaded in correctly
  2. Frothel New Member

    I am having the same issue, been in Field of Scale for 4 hours and killed all the trash multiple times and have seen nothing on the ground
  3. Hegsheoshed Augur

    There are no disturbed earth on track or even in the normal spots in Goru'Kar Mesa either.
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  4. Igorath-Bertox Lorekeeper

    It is not October 14, the 2nd day of the Halloween event and at 2am the graves still haven't spawned. Not gonna sweat it cause of the crap reward... ooo scarecrow merc. Totally worth digging up graves with a 16 minute cooldown only to have wrong mob spawn. Get rid of the damn cooldowns THEN the reward MIGHT be worth the effort.
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  5. disclose Buffz, slowz, & healz.

    Same for me nothing in FOS.
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  6. FrozenWater Elder

    Phew, thought I was going crazy. I can't find anything either (bertox if it matters).
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  7. Nomeregard New Member

    Same issue here, no graves in Field of Scale.
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  8. Toruch Fleshrot Augur

    Same here.
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  9. Oldephart New Member

    None in Loping Plains on BB either
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  10. BloodyDaTrolly Apprentice

    +1 edited to make the NPC name more easily seen. Hopefully a Dev take the time to have a look
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  11. Vizagolas New Member

    I am also having this issue on Tunare.
  12. Knifen Lorekeeper

    Another day still no graves
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  13. Hauntling New Member

  14. Nomeregard New Member

    Broken for me also, no graves in Field of Scale. Would love to see this in the next patch.
  15. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Please click "LIKE' on the first post. There are only 10 "like"s so far.
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  16. Ratalthor Developer

    This will be fixed in the next update.
  17. disclose Buffz, slowz, & healz.

    Hopefully you remove the atrocious timers too on this quest. (Please remove them completely) Otherwise there's no point fixing this quest right now, as no one will be able to complete it until next year with the current timers.
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  18. Igorath-Bertox Lorekeeper

    Unless I'm blind i saw nothing about this quest getting 'fixed' in the update notes. And by 'fixed' I mean 'enabled' like it should have been from the beginning of the events.
  19. Nomeregard New Member

    Quest graves spawn now, but what the heck is this 16 minute reuse on the shovel...Please fix only like 22 attempts per 6 hour quest timer. Very broken.
  20. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Bring friends - been this way

    One way I found was to have a few people - alts - boxes - friends - get the task in same level. The even if one guy gets his drop he can still click the shovel and double the chances of the other guy(s) getting a drop. Just allow the guy who needs it to loot it.

    Just make sure everyone that needs the flesh gets it before turning it in otherwise the person that turns it in can't help dig graves until they can request it again.